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Angus Grady; Logan Wylde; the Pranic Vampire

You read the first book, filled with lies to protect Angus. Spirit of Arachula; you read his adventure and saw his new appearance from his powers developing.
Cheryl Pillsbury
May 26, 2008

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Mar 6, 2008

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Dec 21, 2007

Book two announcement

Angus Grady; Spirit of Arachula will be out in May of 2007. The second adventure from his journals. Read and enjoy then send me an e-mail of your review.
Apr 26, 2007

New Link

A new link has been added, check it out
Jan 24, 2007

Newsletters/Fan Club

Hello fellow members;for the past year, I have released a newsletter each month filled with all the books I have written, insight about our wonderful leaders
Dec 6, 2006

Re: The Fan Club

Well you can send a money order or check for $20.00, it's a yearly fee, you will receive the newsletter, pencil, and a card to identify your membership. The
Cheryl P
Nov 6, 2006

The Fan Club

How do i join the fan club?
Wearvyn NyteScribe
Nov 6, 2006

Re: Angus Grady

Hi Everyone, It's also available on Amazon too! Angus just hit the *big time*! Big congrats! Thanks David ...
David J. Duncan
Mar 28, 2006

Angus Grady

Book is now available on www.publishamerica.com, search with my name and there it is. Happy reading.
Mar 28, 2006
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