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A Gebofal Inclusion

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  • asymp2013
    Having recently completed transcribing Liber Loagaeth into the Enochian font, yesterday I recieved information regarding further usage of it for those wishing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2011
      Having recently completed transcribing Liber Loagaeth into the Enochian
      font, yesterday I recieved information regarding further usage of it for
      those wishing to entertain the Gebofal initiation process...of course,
      don't take my word for this, check it out with your angels etc.

      To fully 'activate' the hyper-dimensional algorithm of Liber Loagaeth
      one must intone aloud each 'name' of the letter of each table when doing
      the Gebofal Rite. One must, of course, have a completed copy in the
      Enochian font, to be read from right to left. One intones the 'name' of
      each Enochian letter after reciting Prayer of Enoch and the appropriate
      Key for the table, starting with Key One, leaf/table two etc. This
      requires that one has memorized the names of the 21 Enochian letters and
      can identify the script and read them off comfortably....table two would
      begin at top right, for example, " Un, Pa, Gon, Tal, Un, Veh, Na, Un,
      Van, Med .... etc. " Once both pages of the table has been read in this
      manner one will go into meditation upon/within it, probably having been
      very well induced into a rather intoxicating altered state. It is left
      to the mage to determine how to include this process into the rite
      should one choose to do it 3 time a day (as Aaron suggests )...or
      perhaps doing it only once per day, or perhaps splitting it up 2 or 3
      times a day. This is between you and your G.A. how to devise the
      logistics of the rite.

      This is a time consuming operation of course, to read all 4802
      characters in both pages of a 'leaf ', but will really jump start the
      algorithm neurologically as it causes highly radiant synapse discharge
      patterns in the brain. I was also made aware of the fact, after
      having been thinking about the old 'hemi-sync' phenomanon/effect of
      using two different sonic frequencies introduced through stereo
      headphones (causing a heterodyne effect that syncronizes the left &
      right lobes), that there is a sympathetic effect when intoning the names
      of the Enochian letters in conjunction with looking at the letter
      itself. This begins the alchemical process that results in 'inductive
      linkage' , which is related to a higher order of 'brain tasking' and
      'plasticity', resulting in the reprogramming of neural pathways, and
      consciousness of course. [ see The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch,
      J.J. Hurtak ]

      I also remembered a very curious document someone gave me back in 1972,
      of which I still have in my possesion. It is titled Scan and Pursuit
      Movements of the Human Eye, by P. Bennett, published by College of
      Optometric Vision Development at the University of Madison, Wisconsin.
      Anyway, to summarize, it showed that the 137 million light sensitive
      elements in the human eye are dependant on a scanning system to feed the
      photon information through the merely one million nerve channels to the
      appropriate brain centers for optical transpondence. The scanning
      process is based on a Phi spiral, where each eye scans by switching on
      light receptors in a spiral pattern, following the precision of the
      Golden Mean Phi spiral, and then sending that encoded information along
      for further processing. This happens very, very rapidly of course. Each
      eye will scan in opposite spiralling directions, counter-rotating like
      Merkaba. Add this to the equation of scanning the Mother Tongue Enochian
      letters while intoning the names of each letter (which are further
      acoustic analouges of the 64 codons of DNA) and you begin to get an idea
      of the dynamics involved in this process.....

      Under these circumstances consciousness atunes to a higher fundamental
      level of spacetime hyper-geometry implicit in the brain-mind-DNA
      complex. When the quantum coherence (in microtubules) is stimulated
      thusly, the algorithmic information is heterodyned, inductively coupled
      to the spacetime hyper-geometry in the universe at large, the Torsion
      Field of pure information (gnosis), where the relativity of space time
      is punctuated by scalar laws and exotic vortex physics. Being
      holographic, fractal and entangled, it doesn't dissipate but merges with
      the scalar syndrome laws of cosmos.

      I end here with a resolution to another stickler that has been on my
      mind; and that is the missing column in leaf 36 B. It has seemed odd to
      me that the coherence of the symmetry of all tables except this one (and
      table 49) all contain a grid of 49 X 49. 36 B is 48 columns by 49
      rows. the 'broken symmetry' / 'asymmetry' nagged at me. Then,
      paradoxically, in reference to the functioning of a hydrogen bomb, I ran
      into the following which settled the matter for me: "...But the
      likelihood of all the conventional explosives firing at exactly the same
      instant to achieve such symmetrical compression is very small; there
      will be minute nanoseconds' of difference between the firing of one set
      of explosives versus another, and this means that a slight asymmetry
      will be introduced into the shockwaves compressing the core. That
      asymmetry could concievably induce vorticular, rotating structures in
      the core as it burns into a plasma, [ note: Dan Winters and Vincent
      Bridges will refer to angels as 'plama beings' at times ] and those
      structures in turn may be strong enough to endure into the fusion
      reactions in the secondary." pg. 34, The Grid of the Gods, by Joseph
      P. Farrell.


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