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First two Enochian keys and GD opening of the Veil

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  • een_the_beguining
    Greetings! Does anyone know of any written record of how Mathers (I assume it was Mathers) derived the Golden Dawn Opening of the Veil from the first two
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2010

      Does anyone know of any written record of how Mathers (I assume it was Mathers) derived the Golden Dawn "Opening of the Veil" from the first two Enochian Calls or whether there is any record of that? I am assuming there is no record, but I am not sure.

      In _Golden Dawn Magic_, p xviii, Pat Zalewski writes:

      "It was related in the paper Concourse of the Forces that within the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn, at the Zelator Adeptus Minor Grade [this is a subgrade of the Adeptus Minor grade–Eds.], Adepts were introduced to another part of the Enochian system. This dealt with the Four Elemental Kings whose names were derived from letters on the circumference of the Holy Seal—the Dei Aemeth, the main Seal used by Dee and Kelley during their slaying sessions with the crystal shewstone. As far as the published papers of the Golden Dawn show, no other early work by the Golden Dawn on the Enochian System, other than the Elemental Tablets, the Enochian Calls, and a rudimentary attempt at an Enochian vocabulary/dictionary, is known to exist (see Secret Inner Order Rituals of the Golden Dawn for details)."

      The above suggests to me that, at least at the time Mr. Zalewski wrote this book, there was no in-print account of how the GD shortened the first two calls into the opening of the Veil (since there were only the Enochian materials he mentions above, and they don't include such a history). Is this correct?

      The same thing would seem to be true for the SIRP (Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram, aka Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram): I've always been told this came from Mathers, but no one could explain how they knew that. It uses the shorthand opening of the Veil, and also certain Enochian names, though its never explained who came up with it or why they did it that way. With some study of Enochian one can easily make certain assumptions about how and why, but it is not explained in print until long after the Rite exists in oral teachings. As far as I am aware, this Rite also does not exist in the writings of earlier esotericists who influenced the GD, such as Fred Hockley. Is that also the understanding of those of you here who have studied this history? Does anyone recall reading someone making this assumption in print, rather than teaching it orally?

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