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Shahnama: Conflicts of Faridun's Sons

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  • Neal Robbins
    Irij ruled Iran in a fair and just way. The country prospered greatly during his reign. But eventually Irij s father Faridun grew old and problems arose. His
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          Irij ruled Iran in a fair and just way. The country prospered greatly during his reign. But eventually Irij's father Faridun grew old and problems arose. His son Silim became greedy for more land and power. He sent a messenger to his brother Tur. It said, "My brother, we should not let Irij continue to be the king of Iran. We must work together to put him out of power."
          Tur received the message. He then told the messenger to inform Silim that he was also in opposition to Irij. Tur said, "Tell Silim that I agree to an alliance against Irij."
          When Tur found out that Tur would cooperate with him, he left Rum with an army. Tur rode out of China with a large number of troops. The two brothers met and and discussed what they should do. They sent a man to give this message to Faridun. It said, "You must convince Irij to resign from his position as king of Iran. He has been disrespectful to you. If you do not persuade him to leave the throne, we will come with huge armies and slay Irij. Iran will suffer from our invasion."
          Faridun soon got the message and became angry. He told the courier to tell Tur and Silim this:
          "You are saying terrible things. You are sons of Ahriman (the main evil spirit according to Zoroastrian theology). You had better become more spiritual and not have such evil thoughts."
          After the messenger left, Faridun summoned Irija and told him about the plans of Silim and Tur. Irij said, "I will go to them alone. I believe that I can convince them to give up such bad intentions."
          Faridun wrote a letter saying that Irij was the rightful king of Iran. He gave it to Irij and told him to go to Silim and Tur.
          Irij rode forth and reached the camp of Silim and Tur. They immediately began telling Irij that he did not have the right to be the king of Iran. Irij told them that peace was preferable and that they should not fight. Tur drew a dagger and stabbed Irij to death. He then cut off Irij's head. He sent the head to Faridun.
          When the head arrived, Faridun was on his horse. He gasped at the grisly sight and fell from his horse. Faridun cried bitterly over the fate of Irij.
          Faridun now had to take over the duties of being king of Iran. After a while, Faridun sought to find a husband for the daughter of Irij. She was a very beautiful woman. It was soon agreed that she would marry Pescheng when he became of age. Pescheng was an infant who was related to the past king Jamshid. Faridun named the boy Minuchihr.
          When Minuchir reached manhood, Faridun gave him a splendid throne. Minuchir became king of Iran and royalty from other countries came to the coronation.
          Silim and Turan soon learned that Minuchihr was the new king of Iran. They did not feel inclined to fight a war against him. So they sent word that they approved of him as the ruler of Iran.
          This made Faridun angry when he found out about the message that Silim and Turan had sent. Faridun sent a messenger who informed Silim and Tur that Minuchihr was going to lead a military campaign against them. Silim and Tur became scared when they learned about the war that would take place.
          Tur and Silim led their armies against Minuchihr's forces. A great battle raged until sunset. During the night Tur led a small elite striking force to try to capture Minuchihr. However, the plan failed and Minuchihr seized Tur and decapitated him. He sent Tur's head to Faridun.
          Silim heard about Tur's death. He decided to recruit and powerful Div to fight against Minuchihr. Minuchihr defeated the Div in a wrestling match. Silim was now terrified and hid from Minuchihr. But Minuchihr found Silim and killed him. He beheaded Silim and carried the head on a spear.
          The troops of Silim fled in terror. One of the soldiers was sent to Minuchihr to ask for peace. Minuchihr said that if Silim's troops laid down their weapons, there would be peace.
          Minuchihr went home and Faridun greeted him. Faridun brought a boy named Saum before Minuchihr. Saum was the son of Neriman. Faridun told Minuchihr to raise the boy to become a great man. Minuchihr agreed to do it. Soon Faridun died and Minuchihr mourned. Minuchihr was now the full fledged king of Iran.
      Neal Robbins 

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