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Another two adena Tablets + free PowerPoint Viewer downloads

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  • Susan
    Thank you, Vince, for the links you sent on Caldwell s article w/photos on the two Adena tablets from (OHIO ARCHAEOLOGIST Volume 47 No. 3 Summer 1997).
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 8, 2009
      Thank you,  Vince, for the links you sent on Caldwell's article w/photos on the two Adena tablets from (OHIO ARCHAEOLOGIST Volume 47 No. 3 Summer 1997).  Apologies to the group again for being computer-illiterate.  Computer class #2 is tomorrow at the public library (Basic MS Office).  My family gave me a router for my birthday this week, too,  and with their help and tonight's free PP downloads,  my laptop is now accessing DSL through a very old desktop that I just cannot discard, as has been long suggested.
      April 1st  Vince had put into our Files section his upcoming Powerpoint presentation of Rock Art of Wickes, Missouri that he'd been scheduled to give before the Missouri Archaeolgical Association next week when he and his wife are back visiting family for the holiday.  ( http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_waterways_society/files/ )
      Lee, myself and others said they had been unable to open the PP file, so tonight on a Search, I came across two free Microsoft PowerPoint viewers (2003 & 2007) and downloaded both of them successfully into my laptop [does anyone know if I should take one off?].   Vince's excellent presentation w/color slides are well worth taking time to download either of the free Microsoft viewers below. 
      Years ago during an unexpected, brief,  and my only time in Missouri, I rented a car aiming toward MO and Arkansas wilderness sites.  Happened upon Mastadon State Historic site in Imperial, MO where Vince was scheduled to talk next week.  The park was closed and I had climbed down alone into the spooky, Jurrasic Park-like ravine as nightfall was descending.  Needing to finish this exploration, I'd seriously been contemplaing driving there from Chicago next Monday after a holiday gathering so as to hear Vince's presentation. Thank you for letting us know of the cancellation, Vince.   To see the presentation he was to give, click into our Files .  If unsuccessful, try one of the free downloads:

      Download Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2007 free:


       or, PowerPoint Viewer 2003:
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