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Re: SRAC "River, Rocks, and Time": Falling "Ladder" Or "Shaking Tent Ceremony?"

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  • Chris Patenaude
    Deb, Vince, friends... Because of my own anthropological, epigraphic and science-reading studies and empirical observations (whether they are correct in their
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      Deb, Vince, friends...

      Because of my own anthropological, epigraphic and science-reading studies and empirical observations (whether they are correct in their conclusions or not) i will probably continue to raise my own favorite reflection on 'most things sacred' as having direct relationships. Whether one considers the rites recorded from ancient Indus/Sumer, Egypt, Persia, Scandinavia, China, Africa or Siberia... there is a cohesive glue and pattern of concept that includes them all (in my opinion) at the core base of Universal existence. Because these ritual phenomena 'can' be explained by perfectly understood Physics, it is not difficult for me to "believe" in the actual function of trained Initiates in the various indigenous Traditions as to hands-on healing, 'far-sight' (knowing where game is/will be), internal 'x-ray' like viewing, telekinesis, teleportation, pain relief or even 'curse-casting' to cause illness in another lifeform.

      My convictions stem from the cutting edge study in the fields of Physics concerning Electro-magnetic plasmas, the so called "Electric Universe" theory and the incorporation of the whole of known "reality" to that base matrix. All rituals i seem to hear about described or have witnessed myself, use symbology directly associated with or describing some form of recorded-&-described Plasma Pattern or forms evinced by EM activity in charged ion fields. (lab experiments etc)
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinch_(plasma_physics) <

      In one of Anthony Peratt's papers, he starts with the paragraph:
      "One of the earliest predictions about the morphology of the universe is that it be filamentary (Alfvén, 1950). This prediction followed from the fact that volumewise, the universe is 99.999% matter in the plasma state. When the plasma is energetic, it is generally inhomogeneous with constituent parts in motion. Plasmas in relative motion are coupled by the currents they drive in each other and nonequilibrium plasma often consists of current-conducting filaments."

      In `common speak' it's saying we're all stuck together by lightning sparks. It is usually moving around and never quite the same intensity in any one place than the next parcel of `space'; be the unit-area either microscopic or as big as the sky. With push and shove within themselves being kept at a balance with the static charges, the plasma filaments are constantly creating observable, kinetic currents. So all of creation is consistently on the move and emitting EM fields that can be sensed and recorded.

      The Sun's actions and outbursts are, more & more commonly, being presented in the `popular documentary' tv-programme schedules. These flares and sunspots cast energy into space, often enough straight into the Earth's orbital track, and project themselves as super-strong Aurora at the Earth's magnetic poles. But Dr. Peratt's studies are weaving evidence from Anthropological history into the picture. There's proof that there have been some real, catastrophic Lulu's of solar storms in the past which impacted human religious attitudes about the sky for millennia after the event(s). Here's one example.

      > http://www.alqpottery.com/shield2.html <

      It is only logical to me that if we are all MADE of the stuff, then there are those humans among us who will be more adept than others at being aware of the EM flow between us and the Spheres of Reality. Just as some folks only play the piano to the tune of Chopstix and others are Mozarts, precocious from birth at a talent; so too it would seem logical that there are persons who by proclivity (and then intentional training) could `tune in' to the EM signals and translate the flow in conscious ways.

      Most people, whether they know it or not, can probably `dowse' for bold signals that are created in the soil by water or heavy metal ores. They've just never tried it. In our Euro-based society, we are more often than not taught that such things are impossible and even are coached to fear such natural in-built abilities our nervous systems are quite able to perform.

      Our physical connection to water of any sort is undeniable, and only makes sense that we would feel most comfortable traveling by water. It has been ascribed to some sort of `mystical' spiritual effect to wish to be near flowing water, or be inspired by the presence of bodies of water, small or large. Meditation cup to wide oceans. This can be explained by the Plasma Connection concepts, because we ARE physically connected to the water around us thru our very physical essence. Why then is it deemed odd that the more aware among us should be able to sense and point to it?

      Extrapolate that to a trained Initiate person, and it is not unfeasible that (s)he could perceive whether there was a resourceful river system beyond the one they may be newly exploring, and know quite easily which direction to head for the shortest portage into the next one. Not `magic', not `psychic', just explainable sensory net like sight or hearing. Explained by the Plasma Connection.

      In the Jesuit account of the Kichikouai ceremony that Deb's post linked to, regarding the mini-lodge that the Indians built inside the Priest's cabin, the structure of the thing EXACTLY emulates the appearance of a classic Plasma Event "Column-and-Toroid" structure which ties all things together by plasma conduction. Fierce EM dynamics create tall columns of Aurora-light complete with not just one but often many encircling rings up and down the length of the column. The top most current-shape forms a sphere or ball at the top of the column (ball lightning) and vertebrae-like joints appear like discs and evolve into the doughnut like rings, as the EM field is cranked up in intensity. The really big Events of this sort thunder, howl, shriek and moan. The `Northern Lights' have not always been so tame and `silent'. [Not even that, with EM/radiophones, they can be heard snapping, humming, singing, crackling and growling…]

      The Ladders seen on those various amulets may not be flat, 2-dimensional things at all, but roaring, round, 3-D columns of Aurora, Plasma Event happenings that were being recorded.

      Whether the Shaking Tent ceremony's dynamics were doubted by the Jesuit witness because he had never encountered such an `education' before, and had been trained to disregard anything outside of his own experience as impossible and therefore deniable… it falls to much more need for exploration and study as to whether there truly was some element of verifiable sensory connection between the ritual enactment and the results, or not. Social conditioning on behalf of the participant's traditions may have dictated how they were expected to react to the sensory input. But as odd as the `howling' or displays may appear to our Euro-eyes, it does not negate the possibility of true sensory-perception on behalf of the shamans.

      My thots.

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Vincent Barrows <v_barrows@...> wrote:
      > Please see the following link for an interesting connection between Spanish Hill engravings, and Aztalan, Wisconsin Engravings.
      > My interpretation is Ladder symbols, although the "Shaking Tent" legend is quite interesting.
      > Thanks
      > Vince Barrows
      > --- On Tue, 3/3/09, Deb Twigg <deb_twigg@...> wrote:
      > From: Deb Twigg <deb_twigg@...>
      > Subject: SRAC "River, Rocks, and Time": Falling "Ladder" Or "Shaking Tent Ceremony?"
      > Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2009, 9:11 AM
      > http://sracenter.blogspot.com/2009/03/falling-ladder-or-shaking-tent-ceremony.html
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