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Re:The Red Rolls On [Saga continues]

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  • yacrispyubetcha@yahoo.com
    Don, Mike Z, Crichton, All   THANX! We need the smiles! Don, yours is an original line i d not thot of yet! Mike, we beat ya to it 12 yrs ago in 97 during
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2009
      Don, Mike Z, Crichton, All
      THANX! We need the smiles!
      Don, yours is an original line i'd not thot of yet!
      Mike, we beat ya to it 12 yrs ago in '97 during the last whopper flood we fought. Our little village had T-shirts actually printed up during the Recovery effort back then picturing big, Heavenly Gates, labeled "PERLEY" with a large "75" emblazoned at the top. (our Highway 75, the main artery hereabouts) The gates were blockaded shut by a pile of sandbags. Below, the caption read "Closed Due To Flooding!"
      During our 125 Anniversary, a more cheerful logo with our signature 'skyline' of grain elevators, country houses and church steeple had its caption reading 'Our Little Piece of Heaven".
      So, yeah, we're happily aware of our punny options over the decades! No offense taken on that account.
      The waters have begun to receed, but the second crest is still being predicted as soon as this snow starts to melt. The Army Corps Engineers have cracked open the ends of the dike that lays across the Highway 75 to let one lane in and out of our compound. Water to the south of us has slid away from the raised roadbed to allow egress from our town to the main metro of Fargo-Mhd. But it still maintains a swallow-grip on the same roadbed to our north. This is the first moment in nearly a fortnight that i've been able to drive into Moorhead to access the DSL at the public library. Almost like breaking out of concentration camp, the release is sighingly palpable.
      We are on severe water restrictions, yet, inside the baracades. The holes that let us out are only temporary, if the overland melt rises again. Our main water-well pump, which is closer to the river, is still underwater and we cannot use it for fear of contamination. We have a smaller backup-well inside our dikes, but it would not supply free-use were we to start taking showers, baths, wash clothes etc. We have filled water jugs for drinking and the bathtubs for watering the pets, plants or dipping out to wash underwear in the sink by hand.
      Toilets are flushed only when there's an actual poop event. The sewage lagoons, outside town a half mile, are under the flood, so it makes no difference that our lift station has a flexi-pipe pumping out the sludge, over the dike and into the flow of it, just for now. The instant we have our separation lagoons above the waters, we can resume proper containment. So we're all a bit 'furry' around the edges and mud crusty along the cuffs. Everywhere we walk outdoors is either snowbank or mud-covered lanes. There is only one paved road, Main Street, down the center of town. All other town-lanes are dirt-gravel. They freeze at night so that it is easier to walk without the goo, but then they are slick with ice on the surfaces. Ah well, makes life interesting!
      Today i've made my escape in the lull and brought baskets of dirty laundry to get done while i'm here in civilization with actual things called (hallelujah) laundromats! I'm getting pretty tired of wash-cloth cleanups. When this is over, i can't wait for a loooong soaky bath to get the crap out of my pores. Water water everywhere but not enuf to jacuzzi! (ha, as if i had one!) (hey, maybe i'll make hubby take me to a motel when this is all over and i'll just live in the hot-tub all weekend...hmmmm!)
      Spirits are high. We're safe, bonded more than ever as a community with shared resources. We serve hot meals at the Fire Hall every day with food donated by all the households. One big Pot Luck open 24/7 for the watch crews, Natl Guard guys, the county volunteers and townsfolk. Squirrelly "hat hair" is the fashion statement and if you DONT have some mud on you somewhere, you aint contributing hard enuf, eh!
      Thanks again for your cheer and support!

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      Dear Chris,

      What a mess! We all are thinking and worrying about you folks up there. All I can think to do is give you a small laugh. Like the rest of the country you are in danger of being "in the Red."

      All the best,

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      Date: Monday, March 30, 2009, 5:37 PM
      Reading about the ramps one is tempted to make a comment about the "Perley Gates", but given the seeriousness of the situation I will not do so.

      Michael A. Zalar


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