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Re: Photo Section-Steve St. Claire & Char Bruns

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  • Susan
    Charles Bruns (Ottawa, Duluth, & Florida) sent four very interesting looking photos recently in the Photos
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2009
      Charles Bruns (Ottawa, Duluth, & Florida) sent four very interesting looking photos recently in the Photos  link...click into the  4/01/09 Artifacts  link.   I hope Char will send an accompanying Post to the group giving information on each and approximate location: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_waterways_society/photos/album/164331162/pic/list.
      Also, looking at the Photos section, I see I had missed the five phtographs on the main Photos  page that Steve St. Clair had sent with Post #857 on the Hooked X  with "See Steve St. Clair's post of Jan. 29th" but I don't believe the post made reference to the photos.   So, if anyone else missed them.....
      So, thank you too, Steve, for sending these and particularly interesting after Scott Wolter's interview last week on Coast to Coast AM Radio that has a listener audience of millions internationally.  Photos include the Hooked X symbol: Spirit Pond Mapstone in Maine, Narragansett, RI, the Norway Stone (presumably Norway?), and Rosslyn Chapel. 
      Thank you, Steve and Char for taking time to put these up on the web site.
      If AWS members here have interest in some of these things, please comment, make  inquiries, greet newcomers, etc. as you feel comfortable.  I am probably the least knowledgeable of any in the group, get tired of my droning on and on, yet I hate to see some of your excellent posts, ideas, and personalized contributions to this group go unacknowledged.  I am merely an interconnector, catalyst at best, try to mostly do web searches seeking previous data, links, research done by others that may relate to the subjects, articles some of you bring  up.  I realize members here have many other work involvements, discussion groups, organizations, and I am not necessarily looking for discussions.  But mostly hoping for interest and mutual support by members in acknowledgement toward the efforts of each other, too.
      I have found many YahbooGroups tend to be almost dictatorships of hundreds of member-supporters, yet 'run' by a single host.  Data, discussions, even 'loyalties' oftentime seem to get extremely biased toward the host's viewpoint(s).  As you can see with our host/founder and two co-hosts, we avoid that here, I"d like to think we as a group are all co-hosting.  Three of us are empowered to administrate, bump spammers, etc. but we pretty much keep this board wide open within the guidelines of subject matter, respect/courtesy toward others, etc.  I know the subject of "ancient (global) waterways" is broad....
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