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Seeing more Elephant- Barnesville (OH) Track Rocks elephant petroglyphs

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  • Susan
    To add to the archives here....picking up on a previous theme Seeing the Elephant started by Rick Osman (Oopa Loopa Cafe program), Vince Barrows, and Stan
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      To add to the archives here....picking up on a previous theme "Seeing the Elephant" started by Rick Osman (Oopa Loopa Cafe program), Vince Barrows, and Stan last November... I ran across another Midwestern Epigraphic Society article, two elephant (mastadon ?) petroglyphs were discovered at Barnesville Track Rocks: http://www.midwesternepigraphic.org/elephant01.html


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      Date: Sunday, November 16, 2008, 1:44 PM
      Susan, Ted, Rick, all
      The above link shows several examples of the symbolism of elephant/ Mastodon/ mammoth symbolism. 

      Susan, Thank you for the excellent links on the pipes and mounds that depict elephants. I favor this Charles Putnams account of the pipe discovery and analysis. 

      Also, Thanks to Ted Sojka for sending a few photos of excellent cave drawings from Iowa that depict a Mastodon head, similar to the styles depicted on the other examples. This is consistant with the Break at the base of the Davenport pipe neck.  

       The following link shows distribution of all mammoth/mastodon finds in Illinois. 

      So it seems that these animals were  far more common than previously thought. The presence of the motifs on Adena tablets places them into more recent times than previously thought (circa 3000 BC-500 AD). 

      Another excellent example of mastodon finds with clovis spear points embedded is from Mastodon State Historic Site in Missouri.

       This seems to raise more questions than answers. For example;

      1. Were tusks/ remains found in such great quantities in the surrounding states?
      2. When was the last mammoth living?
      3. Could Natives have been depicting the animals from skeletal remains that they found?

       This link placed mammoths up to 4000 years ago in siberia. During this time period, Adena people were firmly developed in Ohio and Illinois. 

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