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The Schaefer & Hebior mammoths (SE Wisconsin near Lake Michigan)

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  • Susan
    All, Probably because several Ancient Waterways members live within the state, it seems we talk a lot about Wisconsin here. This group would surely welcome
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      Probably because several Ancient Waterways members live within the state, it seems we talk a lot about Wisconsin here.  This group would surely welcome and be further expanded with the input of descriptions, maps, scientific data, stories, etc.  of early historic and ancient sites along ancient waterways and regions of the world some of you members from other regions are familiar with, have researched, or are interested in exploring further.
      Near Lake Michigan in SE Wisconsin north of the Illinois border, the Kenosha (Wisconsin) Public Museum has a permanent exhibit on display,  the Schaefer Mammoth which was excavated by the museum and significantly 'documents the earliest interaction of mammoth and man east of the Mississippi River.....the actual Schaefer mammoth bones are set in a special floor display exactly as found on the Schaefer farm in Paris, Wisconsin. Further research on the Schaefer mammoth bones tells us that this site is one of the oldest sites of human habitation in all of the Americas...'  http://www.kenosha.org/museum/exhibits.html
      Article re: the dig and decades-long investigation:
      The And there is an older date of 14,500 years ago for the Hebior mammoth w/evidence of butchering marks.  Excavated in Kenosha County, Wisconsin during the mid-90's it the largest, most complete mammoth excavated in North America. A life-size replica of the Hebior mammoth was purchased by the Friends of the Museums for this exhibit.
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