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Welcome John Wesley; re: Ancient Earthworks Society

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  • Susan
    Welcome to new member John Wesley from Madison, WI with the wonderfully fun email address. I just, in fact, returned from a weekend in Madison: corned beef &
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2009
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      Welcome to new member John Wesley from Madison, WI with the wonderfully fun email address.

      I just, in fact,  returned from a weekend in Madison: corned beef & cabbage at a State Street Irish Pub, Pipers piping & St. Patrick's Day parade around the Capital square this afternoon. 

      Most of you know that host MinnesotaStan set up this web group at my request when we met at an Ancient Earthworks Society meeting a few years on the UW Madison campus.  Stan was a member of that society and I'd attended a number of meetings at the Science Building  the year I was working at the VA hospital in the city.

      One of our members here, Dr. Jim Scherz is among the founders of the Ancient Earthworks Society in Madison.  I hope Jim or someone from this group will post a history of that group's origins,  including some of the speakers, surveys, writings and other research that occurred as a result of that association over the years.  I've no doubt that group was one of a kind and is remembered as a  highly respected group.  I believe the formal meetings ended a few  years ago though someone named 'Lisa'  emailed correspondence under a group by that name and set up a field trip near the Mississippi River/Iowa border.  In 2006 an Ancient Earthworks Society YahooGroup began, it had more members than the current seven.  I followed messages at that site for several weeks and joined a few days ago in order to post a message to try to persuade someone to notify the original founder of the web group to remove the site's Spam, spammers.  I suggested that two or three members be given the power to act as hosts, co-hosts and overseers of the site---roles  Stan, Vince Barrows, and I play as monitors of this site.

      Ancient Earthoworks SocietyYahooGroup (2006+):  http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ancientearthworks/

      Ancient Earathworks Society, Inc.  original group web site, until 2006: http://www.madison.com/communities/aes/index.php

      I hope the lack of speaker meetings by the original Ancient Earthworks Society and the much later web site formed under that name, now plagued with Spam and semi-porn messages,  will not be the end of a once highly presigious group.

      Closely managed and monitored, the AES Yahoo web group could still prove viable as an avenue for intercommunication with the physical Ancient Earthworks Society and related groups,  articles, photos and continuousing research.....from a prime setting within the Midwest that still maintains some of the continent's most viable ancient effigies and other earthworks.  No regional setting seems more fitting than the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus with the famous Aztalan Mounds, Park, Museum, and famous Rock Lake approximately fifteen miles to  the east.   If the Ancient Earthworks Society web site and/or original group resume their speaker meetings, field trips and correspondence again, please let us know. 

      Included among our membership at Ancient Waterways Society is Steve Stegerwald who is webmaster at Aztalan.  There are a great number of other AWS members who have unique,  yet closely-related backgrounds.  I know most members at this site and it is my hope many of you will introduce yourselves and get to know more about each other.  

      Earthworks, stoneworks, and probably most of the world's oldest human habitation, burial, and sacred sites were predominantly associated with or along ancient waterways.   Stan, Jim Scherz, and I had extended invitations to AES members (the group and web site) to feel welcome to also join our web site.  Ancient Waterways so far appears to be more an 'information association'  than on-line discussion group.  Hopefully opportunities between many through the years will prove beneficial and perhaps beinclusive of the larger association of those of us who call ourselves an Ancient Waterways Society.

       As perhaps countless ancient mariners and socieites before us---I hope we continue in our quests---to live, think, navigate and engage in cooperative exchanges ... along ancient, global,  intercontinental waterways.

      Thanks, Ted for the last two posts you sent to this group.   The attachment on your recent Post I could not pick up,  but I will try to open it via a public library computer. I think the group would appreciate the email and photo you sent me, also some of the drawings you have made, as an artist, that you sent to my emailbos, which I lost when my system crashed and my computer had to be reprogrammed by disks from Dell several weeks ago.

      My computer and visual acuity problem in one eye seems slightly improved, so am increasing online time to thirty minutes.   MSE

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