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FW: Professional Beach Bum

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      Investigating pre-Columbian contact, lost races, ancient astronomy, navigation, and migration, cultural oddities, associated diffusion evidence and the truly unexplainable. Oh, and the odd musician, band, or comedian may stop by. Some are really odd…

      Hello Loopers, Yoopers, and Scoopers 


      Possum Holler News


      I've applied for a new job! You can help me get that job, too. Just click on the link below, watch the 1 minute video, and cast a vote for me, the best candidate for the best job in the world--Rick Osmon, professional beach bum!.






      This Week on the Oopa Loopa Cafe


      Tune into the Oopa Loopa Cafe this week when my guest will be Susan Olsson. Olsson spent several years on the Old Silk Road following the trail that Jesus and Mother Mary are claimed to have traveled on their journeys to India. She made international headlines when she was caught in the Afghan War, yet chose to remain and document many of the sites and relics that were at high risk. She acquired international notoriety when she became the first and only person in history given permission to obtain DNA from several graves for comparison and confirmation of their identities. News of her work appeared in "Times of India" and Fortean Times. At the eleventh hour, the project crashed to a halt by militants.




      Two Years of the Oopa Loopa Cafe

      If you missed last week, we celebrated the two year mark for the Oopa Loopa Cafe. We had some excerpts, paid tribute to friends lost, and discussed some ongoing efforts.





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      Rick Osmon, aka Oz

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