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Fwd: Atlantic Conference 2009 (email from Steve St. Clair)

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  • Susan
    Many here tuned into the Oopa Loopa Cafe radio program Thursday and heard the first of the public discussion on the proposed October, 2009 on-line/Podcast
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2009

      Many here tuned into the Oopa Loopa Cafe radio program Thursday and heard the first of the public discussion on the proposed  October, 2009  on-line/Podcast Atlantic Conference.  With permission from Ancient Waterways Society member Steve St. Clair, here is the initial post sent last week to the Atlantic Conference committee.

      Below is the Atlantic Conference web site which Steve said would be updated within two weeks.  Check the various links, youtube of the halifax conference, etc. to see where you might find of interest.

      We hope many of you here will want to participate,  possibly host (or assist) with a small or larger group gathering for the one or two weekend ' virtual' conference online that we will all tune into and keep track of each other together.  Volunteers and ideas are welcome:

      From: Steve St Clair saintclair1398@...

      Subject: Atlantic Conference 2009

      Ladies and Gentlemen,  (Note new email address for these subjects)

      I've been kicking around the next Atlantic Conference and have a
      proposal I'd like you all to ponder.  Some of you know of this via
      phone calls in the last few days.

      As we all know, the last conference was successful in bringing
      together very different cultures to explore the same question. There
      was a congenial atmosphere of friends working together to explore that
      question. And I think we all left Halifax hoping there would be
      another AC very soon.

      Since then, the global economy has begun its meltdown, making travel
      to conferences far less likely for participants and speakers alike. I
      had hoped our second conference would pull in double the attendance of
      the first, but that is now quite impossible - unless we take advantage
      of technology.

      With Niven, Mark Staveley, Rick Osmon, Scott Wolter and Michael
      Thrasher, I've begun to think about the next Atlantic Conference as a
      web-only event, global in scale, accessible and allowing full
      participation from anywhere in the world.

      Rick hosts a weekly show called Oopa Loopa Cafe which some of us
      participate in regularly. He's already graciously volunteered his show
      as the 'conference venue'  and we're working out the early logistics.

      The Format - Like the last time, speakers will present and
      participants will have a time to ask questions. Anyone can offer other
      ideas or alternative views to the speakers in such a way that all
      participants will be able to clearly hear it. The entire event will be
      captured for future viewing.

      Pod groupings - I plan to ask friends of the AC to host pod meetings
      in their areas where like-minded researchers can gather to hear the
      presentations, ask questions of the speakers and chat with other
      participants.  Susan, I'm sure you'd like to host one, I'll have one
      for the New York area, Mark will surely host one in Newfoundland,
      D'Elayne and Richard in Nova Scotia, perhaps Niven in London, others
      in Norway, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and pretty much
      anywhere else the Queen's English is spoken or can be translated. I'm
      hoping the other groups out there like the Midwest Epigraphic Society
      will gather their members to tune in.

      The Technology - With a combination of Blog Talk Radio, U-Stream,
      Skype and SlideShare (hosted Power Point site), participants will be
      able to get online to hear the presentations and follow the power
      point slides at the appointed times. They'll be able to call a number
      and be in a queue to chat with the presenter and everyone worldwide
      will be able to hear the questions and answers. Those who don't want
      to call in can text the question directly and instantly to the
      moderator who will ask it. This technology will make the conference
      free or nearly free for all participants. As such, we expect an
      extremely high turnout.

      The Timing - In order to allow ourselves proper time to set it up (and
      time to promote it amongst colleges) I propose the event happen in
      early October 2009, perhaps the weekend of October 10th (the following
      Monday is Columbus Day).  Given the accessibility of this, and the
      lack of any need to travel, we will likely have many speakers - thus,
      we may want to break this out over two weekends.

      Next Steps -

      (1) Think it through - Should we do this?  It takes a lot of time and
      energy, even for a web event.

      (2) Volunteer committees get formed - Contact Committee, Promotion
      Committee, Event Committee, etc. We're gonna need committed and
      well-directed help.

      (3) Website gets updated

      (4) Calls for speakers should go out by March.

      (5) Papers due by June at the latest.

      (6) A manual for how to participate gets posted and a test event
      happens so that all participants can test their technology and we can
      have a dry run. This will be a great way to promote the event also as
      we can introduce many of the speakers and have early questions.

      (7) PR for the event begins before Columbus Day.

      (8) But first, I think we could all exchange a few emails together to
      explore this and see if we want to press ahead.

      Email me your thoughts and please CC to all.




      ~~ Susan English ~~
      THE ATLANTIC CONFERENCE: http://www.atlanticconference.org/
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