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Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Hooked X; Leuthner & other KRS

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  • Chris Patenaude
    Hi Stan, Thanks for your vote of confidence in my ability to pull rabbits out of my hat. The last direct contact I had with Margaret Leuthner’s (say
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2009

      Hi Stan,

      Thanks for your vote of confidence in my ability to pull rabbits out of my hat. The last direct contact I had with Margaret Leuthner’s (say “Lightner”) family was 2 yrs ago. It is up to them to first sort out what they may consider personal correspondence from her research contacts and work files. Her book library in itself was a treasure. I’m hoping they can find it in their hearts to share it with the public rather than keep it all ‘in the family’. Her son Dan, my most recent contact, had told me he’d let me know when the children and grandchildren (now adults) were ready to have someone more research-savvy come put the rest of it in order. So far the wires and airwaves have been silent.


      The material assets, estate and papers of course belong to the family. What ever Margaret had in her will is not legally binding, but up to family discretion. In any case, I’m not sure I’d be the one most able to catalog or even make heads or tails of her files anyhow. Dan, her son the lawyer, was moderately involved with his Mom’s projects and would have understood her ways of thought rumination better than I ever could. What will be done with her work? I don’t know.


      Margaret and I had many sessions together, and I did various illustrations for her in preparation for publication, but the three or four directions she was going all at one time never solidified into anything actually printed with both our names on it. So I have no handle to suggest or ‘insist’ in the least way that I please have access to her files other than as a cohort of hers, that had next to no interaction with the rest of her family.


      Stan, I appreciate the suggestions about uploading things, but what I have for text is not complete, just the sections that involved what she wanted illustrated. My illustrations without her text are just ‘nice pictures’ without any educational value. For all my art skill with photoshop and/ or classic media, I am still a very rudimentary internet operator. I’m lucky I can do some Googling and open my e-mail. As co-director at The Equinox Project, I handle the incoming queries, but my lead Director, Rod Schmidt is the webmaster. So I’ve never created a website myself, rather just sat in the auto-shift driver’s seat after the gizmo has been invented for me to use! lol


      At the same time that I was working with Margaret, I was working with Michael Zalar as his graphic layout and illustrator for his KRS FAQ booklet still available at his website

      >   http://www.geocities.com/thetropics/island/3634/index2.html   <


      That is, if he’s made up a batch lately. I sent him all the original discs.


      I notice Mike has let his domain-name claim lapse at “Greywacke Press”. You can certainly contact him for copy availability  of his FAQ booklet at the snail and e-mail info at the website. He’s given me permission to print a batch if I get enough orders from north of Alexandria in MN (as 'territory') or on my own outside of the tri-state region. (MN/ND/SD) to make a run to the local printshop worth while. But even at $6 apiece, I’d have to get a 200 ct order ahead of time. I don’t see that happening.


      Should anyone here at AWA wish to see a sample printout of the KRS rune-variation font I made for Margaret, let me know by private e-mail and I can send you a  ,jpg. offlist.




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      Chris, I found your comments re Ms. Leuthner and the "Hooked X" most
      interesting.  As a former academic researcher, I can fully sympathize
      with the agony and frustration of having original work that is
      unpublished and unrecognized.
      It would be wonderful (for her and for the field of research) if some
      of her research could be peer-reviewed and published for critical
      comment.  Whether you could establish priority would depend on how
      detailed/dated her notes were (or perhaps just by the existence of
      abstracts or letters to editors if full manuscripts are not available.)
      Depending on the state she left her work in, it may not be possible
      for you to get her work into academic journals.  If that's not
      possible, please consider putting at least some of it on the web where
      it can be accessed by search engines.  The work you did as a graphic
      artist could be uploaded as simple images to a variety of storage
      sites that are catalogued by Google.  And the textual material could
      go to a place like Scribd (http://www.scribd.com/).
      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Patenaude"
      <yacrispyubetcha@...> wrote:
      Scott Wolter did not 'discover' the Hooked X. That distinction belongs
      to the late, brilliant cryptographer Margaret Leuthner who spent the
      last 40 years of her life, to her dying day, working on the Kensington
      Runestone and it's epigraphy. I personally was working with her in the
      last 4 years of her research, cut short by medical complications, not
      retirement from the effort. 
      She had me, as a graphic artist, create a working font of the extant
      variants of Futhark runes as worked into the KRS message. She and I
      discussed the different 'hooks' and marks on far more than just the
      "X"s. (The letter G)
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