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Re: Hooked X,. My minor in global peace studies efforts here

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  • Susan
    Thank you Terry and (founder of this Ancient Waterways Society web site) MinnesotaStan, for thought-proking letters here. I think Stan has made some excellent
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 3, 2009

      Thank you Terry  and (founder of this Ancient Waterways Society web site) MinnesotaStan, for thought-proking letters here.

      I think Stan has made some excellent suggestions and solutions based upon decades of academic research experience, and it is my sincere hope too, Chris, that  you are able to explore some of those avenues he mentioned so as  to publish some of the work you and Margaret did together for so many years on the Hooked X and other areas of research.   There is plenty of room to further add to the missing pieces which have stayed obscure for a century.  To quote the astute AAPS slogan from their Home Page....The Ancient Artifact Preservation Society...Bringing together Diverse Pieces of the Ancient American Puzzle 

       Though the KRS and runic script is an area of research I know very little about, I trust that sincere and astute researchers looking at all viable, incoming data are wise enough to determine what will fit and what will not, and get to the heart and roots of some of these things.

       I'd spent several years writing to, camping with, and transporting KRS researcher Marion Dahm to conferences, meetings, to sites along SW Lake Superior and ancient W.  Lake Michigan shores.  And with so many of you newcomer members and onlookers at Ancient Waterways Society, I need to get into even more serious study about these avenues of research. 

       The past week or so I  also received personal emails from several older researchers from 'Scandinavia' , New Zealand, Canada and the UK  who had plenty to say about runes,  and two or three on what is called the "hooked X'..... all from varying perspectives and uses of the symbol.   Interesting as it all seems to be, it would seem from my perspective that it is a hot potato similar to the old 'who discovered America' subject.  And not to be "arenas" of study but "avenues" of research.  As the main focus of this group here...common, amicable "international waters" that we navigate here together seeking our common bond and purpose.    And that soundness of mind, diplomacy and 'heartfulness' need to be kept always in the forefront.  I am privileged to have every one of you here at this web site as members.

      Inexperienced as I am in such things, it has been my good fortune to be not only a participant but a background assistant with the ongoing work of the Atlantic Conference.  I was and still am am  'culture shocked into the realities that I once use lived under.  Issues such as the  archaic "Who Discovered America" or "Who was First" ways of investigating  the Old and New World(s) were not even raised as issues among any of the speakers nor side-talks throughout the three+ day conference and following week of post-conference field trips with Terry D.  I still see such senseless topics raised in  international magazine artcles and TV documentaries.  Though peoples have lived and navigated  unknowablye countless tens of millinnea within the Americas and trans-continentally.  People from all over the world sitting in Nature and academic rooms together, amicably  bringing in loftier, more sensible  subjects to investigate.  

      The " Hooked X"  too, seems to have been known and used for an indeterminable  length of time in various regions of 'Scandinavia',  and likely in the Americas beyond the KRS.   What I like about what Steve St. Clair, Scott Wolter, the Davids, Zena, and others are doing, and hopefully Chris, too, is that through each of your writings, that  is this Hooked X exploration and the KRS situation is finally coming to light openly, publicly, and evolving  civilly....finally,  after well over a century.  Despite decades of fears, superstitions, negativities,  victimizations, isolated and the many  narrow religious contexts in which runic writings have been viewed  are finally being put aside.  And this work is going forward.

      I personally am glad to see things like the "Hooked X" and other runic symbols surrounding the Kensington Runestone being put into scientific scrutiny in contexts such as the  geology and chemistry of the KRS and inscriptions, the  trans-Atlantic geography, extensive examination of the sociology, archaeology, and history , writings, interviews....across and between both continents.  Perservering,  going forward and out in the open.  Not 'mere' and 'more' micro-level examinations of multiple, ambiguous interpretations of the  symbology ad infinitum.  Instead we are seeing evolving macro-level contexts of the Hooked X and other inscriptions,  along with the many other factors associated with the KRS still forthcoming.

      I look forward to all of the ongoing   information on this subject, and Scott's book coming out this Spring.   I have heard several of his talks, and if some of you recall whe and friends were scuba diving near Copper Harbor last May, Scott was kind enough to drive over to Lakeside Resort in Eagle Harbor, MI to speak both Friday and Saturday evenings when twenty or more of us met at the Lake Superior resort for the three day informal weekend gathering set up in honor of the Pennington's filming.

       I also look forward to articles,  books, talks from many of you here on this subject.  And I thank those of you who try to provide kindly and sound suggestions and feedback toward each other's work.  Judi Rudebusch the past several weeks  has been most helpful in helping greet new members with whom she is acquainted  of research I am not so familiar. 

      As with the two new member Davids here....with David Goursward's 55,000 word unpublished book on the Westford Knight and David Brody's recent book on the same subject...both gentlemen remain complimentary and  noncompetitive of each other..as you may recall from David Gousward recently:

      Two books with entirely different perspectives on the same
      site - the absolutely best possible thing for that site, which needs a
      higher profile and more local support.


      Experience tells me this kind of mutual,  rather than competitive regard will reap further synchronicities and rewards for all of us tuned into such intentions and diligent pursuits and sharing of our work. All who seek more accurate and higher avenues of understanding of these subjects.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "minnesotastan" <minnesotastan@...> wrote:
      > Chris, I found your comments re Ms. Leuthner and the "Hooked X" most
      > interesting. As a former academic researcher, I can fully sympathize
      > with the agony and frustration of having original work that is
      > unpublished and unrecognized.
      > It would be wonderful (for her and for the field of research) if some
      > of her research could be peer-reviewed and published for critical
      > comment. Whether you could establish priority would depend on how
      > detailed/dated her notes were (or perhaps just by the existence of
      > abstracts or letters to editors if full manuscripts are not available.)
      > Depending on the state she left her work in, it may not be possible
      > for you to get her work into academic journals. If that's not
      > possible, please consider putting at least some of it on the web where
      > it can be accessed by search engines. The work you did as a graphic
      > artist could be uploaded as simple images to a variety of storage
      > sites that are catalogued by Google. And the textual material could
      > go to a place like Scribd (http://www.scribd.com/).
      > Stan
      > --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Chris Patenaude"
      > yacrispyubetcha@ wrote:
      > Scott Wolter did not 'discover' the Hooked X. That distinction belongs
      > to the late, brilliant cryptographer Margaret Leuthner who spent the
      > last 40 years of her life, to her dying day, working on the Kensington
      > Runestone and it's epigraphy. I personally was working with her in the
      > last 4 years of her research, cut short by medical complications, not
      > retirement from the effort.
      > She had me, as a graphic artist, create a working font of the extant
      > variants of Futhark runes as worked into the KRS message. She and I
      > discussed the different 'hooks' and marks on far more than just the
      > "X"s. (The letter G)

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