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Re: Welcome new member, David Brody

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  • judi_rudebusch
    Welcome, welcome, welcome, David. For all here in this group- David s book on the Westford Knight is a must read. It does what a good book should - it sends
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      Welcome, welcome, welcome, David. For all here in this group-
      David's book on the Westford Knight is a must read. It does what a
      good book should - it sends you to the computer to investigate
      more. Not many can write in a style that weaves historical facts in
      pages in a novel writing. I am amazed at the hours of research work
      he did to solidly put a firm foundation to his story line.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan"
      <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > Welcome, Dave Brody, of the Boston area. We have spoken recently
      > often of you here...if you go to "Messages", insert your (or
      > name and an assortment of Posts come up. The Search only goes back
      > short time, for members around since the beginnings.
      > http://www.davidbrodybooks.com/media/praise.html
      > <http://www.davidbrodybooks.com/media/praise.html>
      > I don't want to insert other links I found on a search but see
      there is
      > a David Brody who wrote or co-authored a number of history books.
      > Please insert other links if you wish; it gives us a chance to see
      > of your involvements, and introductions to new members or those
      > releasing new book or articles s are a good time to plug people
      > my getting overly commertial-oriented. With so many millions of
      > on the market these days, few are even getting back their
      > costs. But I know with the Davids and many of you here, you have
      > things to say and publicly to as wide an audience is the most
      > way to say it. And groups like this, we get to help reinforece
      > other and join in the resulting synergies and friendships which
      > We are happy to have you as a member here, and I appreciate all
      of your
      > fine comments to work others are doing at Ancient Waterways
      > the Atlantic Conference, NEARA and other associatons you are
      > with. Zena Halperin from NEARA is also a member here, recently
      in the
      > disheartening process of moving after losing her home of fifty
      > near Long Island. She wrote awhile back she will be off-line for
      > time trying to find room for all of her research. She and Jim
      > are close friends and I have seen hundreds of boxes of his stuff
      > over two or three places, only one that he owns, an old 1859 log
      > full of mice near Devil's Lake and the Wisconsin River. Hopefully
      > sees so many fine friends she knows joining or being mentioned
      > We have several Davids as members here so will have to include last
      > names...but I met DAvid Brody at the Atlantic Conference, and most
      > you know I am left of liberal in many things (radical in the sense
      > radish/root...getting to the roots of everything!) and believe in a
      > supplimentary economic system I like to call "voluntary
      > Well, David B apparently does this in part because he brought
      cases of
      > the final edit version of his just-released book to the Atlantic
      > Conference in Halifax last fall to give away free. And that is
      right up
      > my alley (Upon several occasions not too many years ago I crawled
      > dumpsters outside gourmet restaurants in Chicago to distribute
      > and other epicurian discarded often still hot to shy or non-agile
      > homeless people). But helping hand out dozens of free books of
      > was a clean voluntary redistribution treat I was privileged to help
      > with. I see a few reviews of Brody's book at Amazon from Ancient
      > Waterways members: Steve and Stan St. Clair, Judi Rudebusch. Here
      is an
      > Amazon.com link to Cabal of The Westford Knight: Templars at the
      > Tower (Paperback)but I think someone else mentioned a link even
      > than the $12.45 here:
      > http://www.amazon.com/Cabal-Westford-Knight-Templars-
      > 71
      > <http://www.amazon.com/Cabal-Westford-Knight-Templars-
      > 871>
      > Welcome, once again. sorry if there are typos but I am being
      picked up
      > for the Clint eastwood movie in five minutes and am not dressed.
      > Susan
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