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the Picture, and digging for the real truth

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  • hilgren
    Hello Susan and other members and congratulations on your busiest month ever and it seams that 34 is more than all last year together.Wow,lol! This is even
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      Hello Susan and other members and congratulations on your busiest
      month ever and it seams that 34 is more than all last year
      together.Wow,lol! This is even kind of fun.
      When a few like-thinking people put our thoughts and research
      together we are having a great effect. Last year when we met at the
      thor hunters rock site, william had his biggest month ever. Last
      december I joined american runestones and they had their busiest
      month(thank you micheal).Now after spending a month at your site the
      same,,and so I have started my own site and it too is off to a great
      start with 25 members already,,,,(thank you).So I had tested the
      waters,,,and found them deeper than most everyone imagined but then
      found the high ground on the edge of a sweetwater sea where I can stand.
      A few days ago I posted a picture to your site. I had recieved it
      from another researcher as part of their work. That little photo spoke
      volumns. In the last few months I have been trying to explain the
      deeper waters and the message on the runestone to others..I realize
      that most of our site members are not from minnesota and so I am
      thankful for the interest they have shown...and so,,I have tried to
      paint a new picture of the ancient midwest and show that there is
      others painting a similar picture. We are slowly finding each other
      after the loss of our Marion. The little photo had now brought us full
      circle and was the proof that the picture on the puzzle box I had been
      seeing was the right one. Three years ago I started hilgren dot com
      and I was trying to kill 3 birds with one stone,,so to speak,,but now
      I have realized it is more like five birds with one stone,,,,and NOW
      we have many many stones too and are looking to bring down the whole
      flock. LOL!?
      What I am trying to say is that this is like one of those Close
      Encounters of the 3rd kind moments. I am finding others who are drawen
      to the tower(KRS) and have parallel research and this internet is what
      has brought us together and now catapulted us into seeing and
      understanding the ancient world that existed here at the headwaters of
      the great old mississippi river. Marion made me look for the bigger
      picture and then with the higher water mark I discovered this summer I
      began to see things three dimensionally and then Dave made me see the
      picture in color. Scott and Judi were painting similar pictures..
      So the little picture I had received from Judi was of a trip up an
      ancient waterway that is the same waterway written about by the norse
      explores on the kensinton runesone,(KRS). The picture says that these
      two boats of explorers are beginning a 6 day trip up the chippewa
      river to lake Superior and that is the only route from these parts of
      the mississippi to superior. They are headed across the sweetwater sea
      and probably are camping on one of those other islands in stans area too.

      We are closer now to making that connection and finding that ancient
      viking village or that ship in the swamp or the campsite written about
      on the KRS than ever before and then the experts will listen and the
      real truth will be written in those history books. AND,,maybe even
      with josh Bernstein a light will go on....he ducked my question 3
      times when he was doing a call-in interview on a minnesota radio
      station KQRS. He was promoting digging for the truth but when asked
      about the truth to the viking and the KRS story,,he changed the
      subject and would not answer,,, three times...so much for digging for
      the TRUTH,,,he travels the world and yet will not try to see it here
      in his own country,,and be part of this great on-going research and
      help excite the minds of younger kids and bring others to this great
      world of archaeology in our own back yards..

      So thank you for your site and friendship and for all you bring to
      the REAL digging for the truth.

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