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Re: The Seasteading Institute

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  • Susan
    Rick (Oz), All, Yes, this is related to waterways indeed, and I was absolutely enthralled with the post, your thoughts on it, and seemingly viable options in
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      Rick (Oz), All,

      Yes, this is related to waterways indeed, and I was absolutely enthralled with the post, your thoughts on it, and seemingly viable options in regard to 'Seasteading'.  From a brief Search, it looked as though the  Seasteading Institute  ideas are being picked up and utilized by others from across the world.

      Though not Libertarian-inclined myself and trying to get away from the idea of  'nations' as one article on 'floating nations' suggests. That does not keep me, nor very likely many at this site,  from considering the possibilities of the Seasteading Institute's evolving exploratory  work and applied technologies, and finding thought-provoking.  Seems to be based soundly upon engineering and scientific principles,  with viable options inclusive of all or most  'social  systems' within families as well as organizations and communities.

       Without a doubt to me, this work  draws from  parallels far back into antiquity.  Including, no doubt, writings and legends of long term survival on arks, boats, floating communities from early historic and ancient cultural traditions, and especially legends and writings passed down about pre- and post-flood legacies via all or most of the world's great religions. 

       I like the fact of people, strangers, even, can come together in web sites such as ours, in coastal bars/restaurants such as in the French Quarters where seasoned old mariners who liked the ideas about Katrina Houseboats and described ways how to relocate or  'hunker down'  sea vessels prior to hurricanes and storms.   And ideas and sound scientific data move across  the world through folks such as you all, via the Internet at sites such as this, where we carry these ideas forward.  People  coming together at the 'grass roots' (or 'deep International Waters')  of understanding in order to 'brainstorm' some of these viable options as alternatives to poner.   Hopefully also 'heartstream'  these matters, too,  to avoid some of the isolationist, boundaried,   or fear-based errors of past history that seem to repeat itself over and over.

      Am only home again to catch a few hours of sleep, am checking, responding to emails while having a late afternoon  breakfast.  Got called out on a Red Cross fire call which raged for six hours with non English speaking Mexican family standing in the cold without coats, etc. in the terrible wind chills some of you might be hearing about on the news in Central Wisconsin the past 24 hours.  So am a bit ditzy here, again.  Then rushed off to a nursing job.  But still, this Ancient Waterways group very dear to me and at least where  two or more are gathered looking heartfully and rationally at the past, present and future, for inter-continental, practical, intelligent solutions.  Not based upon fear, paranoia, superstitution, and erroneous history and science.  

      Found a couple of  starters elaborating more on Seasteading, might be interesting especially to you sailing and boating buffs:



      Thanks much, Rick. (and Lee, to today's Post you sent).  All at this web group,  please feel free to put links such as this, or any of your related personal ideas and insights into this site.  Anything that has brilliant, innovative future applications such as this, is a further boon to scientific innovation and diffusionist explorations into the past.  Especially those which help further bring about viable, peaceful, global options in a changing world.

       I work as an oncall volunteer for three disaster relief organizations...being a practical, preventative nurse, I feel wiser working  as a volunteer with you who are doing scientific  research helping prevent or provide viable alternatives to the devastating effects of disasters and toll on human life/homes.  Than in merely doing mass care disaster relief aid, and the disasters seem to be mounting in number, worldwide.  And I feel better supporing those of you making diffusioinist inquiries into the distant past looking for wise legacies from people attuned to Nature who knew how to work within the drastically changing  elements of climate, geology, and essentials basic for living.  Not only to survive, but prosper peacefully in avenues of living  most alive today may not realize has been done many times before, in the very ancient past. 

      Essential to me are some of your ideas here, epecially if it appears climactic trends will continue  longterm, globally.  With inland waters flooding, sea levels rising, if the trend (For whatever reason(s),  possibly great numbers of homes and peoples will be  displaced.  Ideas and innovations are very astute on line, and in places like New Orleans and other shoreline communities which have no supportable land beyond.  Or funding for large scale relocations of peoples.   Anyway, I find these discussions and groups such as Ancient Waterways Society, the Oopa Loopa Cafe,  not just drivelous  bloggings,  or frivilus  hobbies to most with whom I am acquainted.

       Well written note and provacative ideas, Rick.

      A question to this group, too.  Does anyone recall about ten years ago either a Canadian government site or group of Canadian geologists who had an animated map showing progression of ice/land and waterway/ changing seas and shorelines, etc.?  I used to sent it out to groups ten or fifteen years ago and I believe it went back at least 20000-30000 years ago, based on very solid science.  See below the little hunting map showing recession of ice over land...keep your eye on the NE provinces.  Not sure how scientific this generalized map is, but the little exposures of land/seas 18,000-10,000 years ago are exactly where my Mi'qmac friends are telling me about when their people started returning to their ancient lands from much greater SE north American land masses, via waterways around what we call 'Florida".  I am just re-inserting this little map as do not know what such movable maps are called so as to try to find the Canadian one.  I may ask the NSExplore site.  I had inserted it into a PreColumbian Inscriptions post long ago, but am not longer a member at the now-closed PreColumbian Inscriptions site, and all Messages are closed to non-members. 

      It is not my intention that that happen to this group.  They have over 350 members and fortunately ours is just less than fifty, with quite a number of you inserting web sites, information about related groups, upcoming conferences, meetings, etc.  Or  responding to each others' posts/ideas  from time to time here. 


      I also have written a few personal replies  to Lee Pennington re: the email  he sent which is a wonderful  Post today to this group abaout AAPS.  I'd forwarded it a few days ago  to Judy Johnson and the AAPS Board, so will not reply in a specific post here.   But thank you again, Lee for writing directly to the Ancient Waterways Society and including/trusting all here, your thoughtful and well-written letter.  Very appicable a subject for a group as this, and hopefully you will sent it to other groups related to the subject and AAPS organization. And keep us posted here.

       Though not a member of AAPS myself, I am among the founders of the earlier PreColumbian Cultural Research Society, attended and assisted with previous conferences during the fledgling organization,  which became AAAPF, now AAPS with focus on preservation of artifacts and the funding of and establishment of a museum.  I shall continue to promote AAPS  among others I believe are helping unlock a very fluid, remarkable past.  My focus are on those groups which have great implications toward  a more loving, global community Without Borders.  Hopefully the sea-faring communities stay as such, too.

      Sorry again for countless typographical errors, but try to  respond as many posts as possible here, when able.  If things get quiet here, I also don't post and just do my part in Ancient Waterways Society being a nice place to insert a web link or upcoming activity.  There are many other very, very large groups similar to and related to our group, and this group does not need to be an active, ongoing "disucssion group" if many of you are really tied up in jobs, family, and numerous other groups and committments.  The majority of groups do not welcome newcomers either, so my overposting might be most unwelcome.  I do get dozens of private letters from members here, which I appreciate, but most great links and insights I do not feel good passing on second hand to the group.  So they get dead-ended with me.  I am, after all, an interconnnector rather than a sound researcher able to carry sound research forward personally, except by a few hopefully not out of context articles and web sites.

      Headed for a snooze then long drive back to a remote village to work another 7-7 night. Most of last night, 35-below zero F. windchills actually shook  the building.

      Thanks, all.  Susan

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Osmon" <ozman@...> wrote:
      > Not at all related to "ancient", but certainly related to waterways.
      > Back at the time that Susan was about to head down to volunteer for
      > Katrina relief, she and Steve Hilgren were speculating about the
      > possibility of providing emergency housing / habitat in the form of
      > floating shelters that could be moved into place rapidly. The other
      > day I became aware of a group that is pursuing floating "independent
      > societies" and the two ideas, in my mind, at least, have something in
      > common. Below is the content of my email to Suz and to the principals
      > of The Seasteading Institute. Susan encouraged me to post it here.
      > =============
      > Yes, Susan, I still recall your post-Katrina speculation about
      > floating emergency housing. The cc's are the principals at The
      > Seasteading Institute. Your emergency habitat idea and their
      > freedom-based, Libertarian community idea has some common, well, not
      > common ground, I guess. More like common technological solutions. Read
      > more about TSI HERE
      > The Seasteading Institute needs a way to finance more research and
      > development. FEMA needs emergency housing plans for Katrina-style
      > coastal disasters. I can think of no sweeter irony than for the US
      > Federal Emergency Management Agency financing the technical R&D for a
      > stateless society. No, I haven't been smoking anything more than my
      > usual Turkish blend tobacco, a freedom I hope to retain. There really
      > is a way to get the the US to sponsor the tech development of both
      > needs and it's all legal. Stay with me here.
      > There is a little used provision in Federal contracting law (Federal
      > Acquisition Regulations or FAR) regarding "unsolicited proposals".
      > There is also another Gov't program called Small Business Innovative
      > Research or SBIR. The nuts and bolts of neither FAR not SBIR belong in
      > this email, just be aware that there is a lot of money to be had if
      > you can fulfill a need for the Government in a manner that no one else
      > can. Do a web search on the terms for a quick run down.
      > Funny thing about the Government's needs, they often don't realize
      > they have one until there is a way to fulfill it. FEMA has long relied
      > on mobile housing, but road-mobilized, not seafaring. This is where
      > the unsolicited proposal comes into play. If I need to elaborate, then
      > I shall be glad to do so.
      > The SBIR requires a "commercialization plan". TSI has one built in to
      > their philosophy. SBIR also relies, to some degree, on multiple "end
      > users" or "customers". So I'm leaning towards rapid deployment troop
      > housing, Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence center,
      > technical and tendering centers for naval support, international aid
      > bases, etc. Yes, the DoD could end up co-sponsoring a technical
      > research program leading to a Libertarian community. Irony is
      > sometimes the spice of life.
      > If you need more, please feel free. I have no money, but I host two
      > talk shows and I have a decent intellect. I also have 15 years
      > experience in US Navy technical contracting. Advice is free. So is air
      > time. Hands-on labor, such as proposal writing, needs remuneration,
      > however

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