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End of Pleistocene into Holocene---gradual or drastic changes

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  • Susan
    All, Many of you know I am more and more considering the region called Nova Scotia a second home. The Penningtons have had such regard for decades, and my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 23, 2009


      Many of you know I am more and more considering the region called 'Nova Scotia' a second home.  The Penningtons have had such regard for decades, and my interests there are very recent.

      But a site I found out about through Ancient Waterways member here, Terry Deveau, is the NSExplore group.  I try to avoid cross-posting, but am going to send a link to a Post I sent there this morning.  I am very much interested in the end of the Pelistocene into Holocene and possibly some day will pick up some of what Fred Rydholm has been talking about (as he did the other day on the telephone with me)...that "intelligent people were living here"....in very geologically different lands and waters of what we call the north American "Great Lakes" and waterways southward into the gulfs for a very long time.

      No reply needed, just inserting the time periods within the waterways, coasts,   and shorelines I am personally most interested in.  And belief that people were at least as intelligent, possibly more 'spiritually' attuned and 'loving' of the cosmos and each other, than perhaps societies who are technologically advanced and even those who have walked the walks of religious texts the past two or three millinnea.

      I only mention the last statement because I seems to me the majority of people do not value the ancient past beyond mild occasional interest, as perhaps when going to zoos and museums.

      Perhaps few believe there are great legacies for us to carry forth into our lives and our societies byond religious text which carries great wisdom and ways of living beyond the materialistic/physical  ways within this world.  For those who consider/explore  the possibliites of such things---I also look for avenue in the very ancient past where human beings also lived multidimentionally, quantumly, and as though they and this world were very much part of the Creation/Creator.  Sorry for the languaging and areas of thought that scientists and rational people 'fear to tread'.   But I have come to believe in many things beyond the scientific and physical that I also need consider the possibilities of, which seem to coincide with the more archaic or ancient times.


      I don't know much of what "is" gospel in this world.  But I do like to find that which "isn't".  And if people blow holes in beliefs I cherish or hold onto which are not universals or are very erroneious or show human beings as devolving, spiritually, societally, physically....then I am very glad to cross such beliefs off my own 'list' of what I value and hold as true or considering possible.

      Thanks.  Not calling for a reply, just showing the time period I am most interested, hence why I am not too involved in museums, fund raising for, even artifact collecting.  Time periods I look into, lands are submerged, and people were not materialists as now, nor lands and peoples divided/bordered by tribes and nations.  



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