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  • metismartin
    Thank you for the kind entry Susan. Your heartfelt openness to the research and unveiling of the more humane and earth based memories of how we all are in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 17, 1938
      Thank you for the kind entry Susan. Your heartfelt openness to the
      research and unveiling of the more humane and earth based memories of
      how we all are in the same boat is comforting. Peace and learnng do take
      a constant effort to not get caught up in supporting the status quo and
      just listening to that small part of our own mind. We all have taken a
      fall to our own needs sometimes and the willingness to stand up again
      and just be ourselves is really our only way to peace. I am enthralled
      to be amoungst such focused researchers and students commited to letting
      what waits for us in the earth and artifacts to actually speak and move
      our hearts to insightful understanding of a very real and marvelous

      I wish good will and beauty to everyone,

      Martin Carriere
      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan"
      <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > Welcome to new member, Martin Carriere, whom I believe lives in near
      > ancient shorelines of Toronto, and was a speaker at the August, 2008
      > Atlantic Conference in Halifax. From the Speakers List of the Atlantic
      > Conferenece-Halifax web page listed earlier this week when Romeo
      > Hristov joined, this too may provide a helpful introduction to Martin:
      > http://www.atlanticconference.org/AtlanticConference-2/speakers.htm
      > <http://www.atlanticconference.org/AtlanticConference-2/speakers.htm>
      > Martin Carriere is a highly tenacious, forward thinking, accomplished
      > business professional and social community builder. Past involvement
      > professional marketing and corporate fundraising, Metis and Native art
      > promotion and marketing, International Games Industry, Corporate
      > Exhange owner and manager, independant contractor, lazure artist,
      > percussionist and community growth facilitator. Over 30 years
      > in genealogical and historic Metis and related research, Previous
      > involvement in a variety of indigenous and social community boards and
      > committees. Current executive member of the Canadian Metis Council,
      > member of the advisory councils for the Sinclair Family DNA Research
      > Project and the Atlantic Conference, and the Metis Community
      > Corporation. Currently heading a Metis and Native dna research
      > Also currently involved in protecting traditional historic and sacred
      > sites. With a strong belief that service is the key to community
      > progression and that by building strong and healthy community we
      > a quality experience for our grandchildren and future generations.
      > I see a link in a central column on the AC Home page that Rick Osmon
      > interviewed Martin during a Thursday evening Oopa Loopa Cafe internet
      > radio programs, which is one of the conference sponsors :
      > http://www.atlanticconference.org/
      > Martin's web ID and email address aptly states "MetiMartin" and prior
      > the conference and many new friendships out east with First Nations
      > peoples, I was not not well familiar with the term "Metis". Ssince the
      > Halifax conference have been running into many references on Metis and
      > emails of persons identifying themselves as such, which most of you
      > know is oftentimes the case when one's mind and heart is opened to new
      > concepts, lands, peoples, ideas...
      > I don't think Martin will mind my inserting a link, letter he entitled
      > "WHO OR WHAT IS A METIS?": http://mytwobeadsworth.com/Metis907.html
      > <http://mytwobeadsworth.com/Metis907.html> (scanned below for friends
      > who cannot access links)
      > Martin drove to the conference with his son, Ben Carriere, who also
      > gave me a calling card. Between now and the next conference, which I
      > hope will again be within in the Canadian Provinces, young artist Ben
      > is designing a sketch of one or more ships or water vessels that I can
      > use on a personal web page and stationary in regard to my ancient
      > waterways and global peace correspondence. Ben will have fine ideas of
      > what will well represent the many cooperative ancient and early
      > transcontinental peoples who navigated to and from ancient Great
      > Lakes-Mississippi Riverways between the Gulf and NE Atlantic Coast.
      > And, I believe deeply, intermingled and traded peacefully with
      > aboriginal peoples and maritime peoples en passage and trade.
      > Conference Master of Ceremonies and member here, Steve St. Clair said
      > from the podium that Ben Carriere has been designated to design the
      > for the next Atlantic Conference. So I may have to be patient awaiting
      > mine.
      > Again, scaned & pasted for at least two (who happen to be Wisconsin)
      > readers of our Posts unable to access web links, the article by new
      > member, Martin (MetisMartin):
      > The question of who or what is a metis is the $1,440,000 question.
      > A lot has been said of the Metis and even put on paper through dealing
      > with the foreign governments. These definitions serve some purpose yet
      > lack the indigenous origins and boundaries of self definition from
      > all Metis must stem. Our original families are the only true source of
      > boundaries from which we can properly form a definition.
      > My attempt here is to cut through the political fiduciary based
      > definitions used for dealing with government agencies and create an
      > indigenous family based definition. This may not please everyone yet
      > what I may also add may surprise many Metis and other interested
      > *Metis definition*
      > A Metis is a blood descendant of the original Indigenous Sovereign
      > families of Turtle Island and a blood descendant of the original
      > families.
      > Prior to 1817 our families were descended from and united as allies to
      > the Indigenous Sovereign Families under the identifying names such as
      > Bois Brule, Coureur de Bois, Otipemisiwak, The Free people, Metis,
      > Voyageur, Norwesters, Great Plains Michif, Michif speakers, Louisianna
      > Metis, Acadians, Cajuns, Creoles, the flower bead people, half breeds,
      > breeds and others. Following 1817 our families united as the Metis
      > Nation with a blue flag and white infinity symbol.
      > All who desire to identify as a member of the Metis Nation may do so
      > from direct Metis descent or from allied family descent. Allied
      > include the Sovereign Indigenous Nations - refered to alternately as
      > North American Indians, South American Indians, Native Americans,
      > Natives, Aboriginals etc. and families related by kinship to the
      > original allied families.
      > The original allied families are those families not originally from
      > region of Turtle Island (Greater North and South America ) who within
      > the last millenium joined their families as allies with the families
      > the Sovereign Indigenous Nations and who identify as being of Metis
      > descent.
      > Following the definition and living within indigenous traditions
      > the Metis in a very responsible position. As allies to our families of
      > origin we hold a reciprocal responsibility to help and support them as
      > family. When we are in our original family territories our traditions
      > bind us to deal honourably with our extended family and work with them
      > as allies. As such we do not own the land - we are responsible to the
      > land and to the peoples (four leggeds and two) within the territories
      > choose to reside. We hold sovereign indigenous title to the shared
      > territory in joint responsibility with our cousins. Only by working
      > together as joint sovereigns with all of our cousins do we keep within
      > our traditions.
      > Defining who or what our original families are is an additional
      > I put forward here. The understanding of the origins of sovereignty in
      > the other lands of origin are also of importance to the Metis. Many of
      > the branches of our family stem from certain Norman, French, Celtic,
      > Danish, Spanish, Italian and other families who hold inalienable
      > sovereign rights in their own lands of origin. As Metis we inherit
      > sovereignty and responsibility to the other lands of the world. As
      > we are truly responsible for the health of the world on both sides of
      > the ocean.
      > What we choose to do with our responsibilities is up to each of us and
      > every action we take affects all of us and our future descendants.
      > Walking together peacefully with our allied families is the one sure
      > we can guarantee a future world based on peace, love and friendship
      > our children to grow within. Balancing what we do in this world with
      > women of our nation is the true indigenous way. When our women are
      > strong and sit in the council behind the men who must consider our
      > impact on the world and how our children will look on what we have
      > is when we truly become Metis and sovereign in the land.
      > If families have questions please forward them to My Two Beads Worth.
      > Questions for Martini Carriere <mailto:webmaster@...
      > Respectfully
      > Martin Carriere
      > Red River/Acadian Metis
      > For further reading and study:
      > Canadian Metis <http://www.canadianmetis.com/>
      > If you are interested in other viewpoints visit:
      > Atlantic Conference <http://www.atlanticconference.org/>
      > Related reading Maine Metis
      > Contents <http://mytwobeadsworth.com/Contents.html>
      > September 2007 Reports <http://mytwobeadsworth.com/September2007.html>
      > Last updated on September 13, 2007
      > _________________________________________________
      > Martin, I also see all kinds of fine Peace activities you are involved
      > with which ties to my global peace studies minor, but myself sometimes
      > not a good example of peacemaker.
      > Thank you, Martin (and Terry Deveau) for helping me find some
      > folks from the conference to lodge with last night in Halifax when I
      > low on funds and had to grab a standby flight a few days early. Within
      > the next seven or eight months I will drive a rental car to the
      > of my Mi'kmaq spiritual brother Hunts of twenty-five years, put myself
      > on what recovery friends call "Indian Time" and may stay weeks driving
      > and camping along unfamiliar ancient water routes between here, Gaspe
      > Peninsula shores of my friend, the Bay of Fundy and St. Margaret's Bay
      > home of conference friends, Stella and Bill McNeil who are the ones
      > who provided warm hospitality and a spin to the airport and set them
      > late at the start of their art show. See photos of beautifyl NS
      > scenes by Stella, and poems by Bill who is going to look for bagpipe
      > players next conference @ www.patchofbluephotos.com
      > <http://www.patchofbluephotos.com>
      > Once again, welcome Martin and the new members.
      > Susan
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