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Welcome Steve Steigerwald, webmaster of Aztalan websites

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  • Susan
    All, It is a privilege to have with us another new member, Steve Steigerwald from the Aztalan Mounds/Museum near Lake Mills, Wisconsin, fifteen or twenty
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2009

      All,  It is a privilege to have with us another new member, Steve Steigerwald  from the Aztalan Mounds/Museum near Lake Mills, Wisconsin, fifteen or twenty miles east of the UW Madison.

       Many of you longer term members may recall correspondence I had with Steve that I'd shared with this group, included correspondence from Steve and a very moving letter he had included from Native American, Jim Stevens. I cannot find the earlier summer correspondence but here is a Post with their lettersng letters I'd sent from the St. Mary's dorm during the Atlantic Conference in Halifax (skip down to their letters  below mine):


      Steve is webmaster at Aztalan which has a considerable number of great sites, three here are  "Ancient Aztalan": http://www.orgsites.com/wi/aztalan/_pgg8.php3  

      Scroll down this link to a photo of the Princess Mound, then  below that is a photo of AWS member Jim Scherz and the Offering Stone, which I believe is still missing since the Independence Day public events  at Aztalan:


       This link with old maps of Rock Lake, Lake Mills, Aztalan and other mounds is interesting:   http://www.orgsites.com/wi/aztalan/_pgg4.php3

      AWS members Lee and Joy Pennington have an excellent DVD, The Moundbuilders which shows very clear footage of Aztalan's  Offering Stone but not sure which of their links lists it:


      Steve, one of our young  members, Brad Olsen of CCC Publishing  (California, formerly Illinois)  has several books out on Sacred Sites, all of which are generously accessible on-line.  I take the one on North America everywhere I go.  But along the right column of the following link are the results of Search results for "Aztalan" that others here also might find these interesting in considering possibilities abaout this intriguing ancient site. Thank you again, Brad:


      Once again, Steve, welcome and feel free to add more about yourself if you wish.

      Host of this group is MinnesotaStan, retired MD, UW Medical School. Co-hosts are myself, and new co-host, engineer Vince Barrows who moved from the Cahokia area to New Orleans-Poverty Point area since I sent you his web site earlier, Historiography of Cahokia (Monks Mound) with a numerous links on tablets, symbols, etc:  http://www.freewebs.com/historyofmonksmound/

      Since only one or two members here have anything on the YahooGroup Profiles, I am asking other AWS members here to include their web links (or groups/links they associate with) beneath some of their posts so people can more easily make interconnections.  Especially now that the membership is growing and so many of you have some extensive involvements, books, articles, associations that would be helpful for others here and nonmembers reading Posts.


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