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Introduction, establishment of Ancient Waterways Society web page

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  • Susan
    Saturday, November 20, 2004 Dear fellow researchers, friends, and newcomers to this newly- created Internet `meeting place called Ancient Waterways Society. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2004
      Saturday, November 20, 2004

      Dear fellow researchers, friends, and newcomers to this newly-
      created Internet `meeting place' called Ancient Waterways

      I apologize for a slow response following the establishment by Stan
      Rehm (MinnesotaStan) of the new Ancient Waterways Society web page.
      One of my twins sons (Stephen) was married last weekend in
      Minneapolis, I was in Madison mid-week, and am needing to maintain
      twelve hour work days until August 31st on an Americorps assignment.

      Wednesday, November 17th, Fred Rydholm (retired educator, former
      three-time mayor of Marquette, Michigan, historian, author,
      diffusionist researcher), UW Madison professor-Emeritus Jim
      Scherz, author-researcher David Hoffman, retired educator Laurie
      Zei, and I drove to Madison to attend the monthly meeting of the
      Ancient Earthworks Society where Fred was guest speaker. Prior to
      the meeting we visited several effigy mounds on the grounds at
      Mendota State Hospital with Jim Scherz who is one of the founders of
      the Ancient Earthworks Society. We also toured effigy and linear
      mounds at a sacred site within Madison's Arboretum and provided
      ancient teachings by Iroquois guide, Larry Johns, former student and
      longtime friend of Dr. Scherz.

      At dinner prior to the Ancient Earthworks Society meeting we met
      Stan Rehm, a retired physician from Minnesota who generously
      offered to set up a web page for an Internet-based "Ancient
      Waterways Society" which several of us loosely affiliated
      ourselves with so as to constantly consider ancient waterwau
      passageways, shorelines, and waterlevels when doing diffusionist
      research. Please read Stans's initial five postings and sound
      suggestions for the new, no-cost web site, feel free to sign on as a
      `member', and add your own postings, related links, chat
      discussions, photos, data, etc. To vary a bit from the fine Pre-
      Columbian Inscriptions site and other organizations, I suggest
      Ancient Waterways Society include, yet extend beyond
      "Pre-Columbian" and the Americas and include consideration of the
      global impacts of ancient diffusion and trade between continents. In
      so doing, our site would be enhanced by input from correspondents
      living outside the Americas.

      It is my hope this site will promote correspondence, field trips,
      and even intercontinental travel along what were once ancient
      waterway highways. I hope Ancient Waterways Society encourages a
      friendly, intercontinental `membership' akin to the worldwide
      tradition, freedom of passage, and spirit of what is
      termed "international waters".

      Please pass on the url address of our new Ancient Waterways Society
      web page to others who might enjoy and add to the idea and substance
      of an intercommunicative, intercontinental Internet 'meeting place'
      to promote discussions and research along some of the guidelines
      suggested by Stan who researched some related groups. Again, please
      check out his letters, introduce yourselves within the site, and
      feel free to add input.

      The web page of Ancient Waterways Society is: .

      It is my hope Ancient Waterways Society will not be competitive with
      nor in opposition to other affiliations nor individuals, and a free
      flow of ideas and mutual respect will transpire between members.

      Thank you, Stan for starting this link and ask you to stay on with
      us, as time allows you. Hopefully there is interest in this link,
      and good, solid research as well as powerful friendships and
      associations with other groups will transpire through our


      M. Susan English .....connecting people to people and to resources
      Ancient Waterways Society
      suzenglish@... or beldingenglish@...
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