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ponderings from travels along the Rock River

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  • Susan English
    Ancient Waterways, Funeral and family actitivies out of town last week prevented computer access. En route, followed the Rock River from Aztalan mounds east of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2007
      Ancient Waterways,

      Funeral and family actitivies out of town last week prevented
      computer access. En route, followed the Rock River from Aztalan
      mounds east of Madison, southward into Illinois past areas of deep
      ravines and sedimentary cliffsides to Dixon and westward to the
      Mississippi River. Got me to thinking...

      Stepped back from time to time to look at remnants of very ancient
      riverbanks and shorelines. Kept noting visible evidence of drastic
      geographical changes in terrain and that major water routes carried
      people for tens of millinnea. Well before the post-glacial historic
      peoples, traders, settles described on roadside markers and within
      museums along the route. There are few references to anything beyond
      1000-2000 years bp at a time now when many of us are looking for
      larger pictures of life, wiser, healthier human understandings more
      conducive to our design and the natural environment. Who were the
      various peoples who traveled through the waterways of the world along
      shorelines, banks, settlement sites at varing elevation, climatic and
      geographical conditions differing greatly from what we know of today?
      One needs to expand ones mind and world-view to continually encompass
      such considerations...

      Diffusion-minded researchers are becoming many delving deeply into
      the very ancient past, in broad-field fashion across the span of
      academic fields. In so doing, are even more scientific "considering
      possibilities" in scope re: the 'waves upon waves' of ancient
      aboriginal peoples and transcontinental seafaring visitors
      that entered the Americas from all directions, coursed by water
      routes through the central areas of the continent. Created earthen
      mounds and settlements near riverbanks, sacred sites on vortexes and
      moutaintops. If we go back far enough, I suggest many cultures
      engaged relatively peacefully, simply, abundantly, and intelligently
      within the bounty of Nature, altered it little, left few traces. What
      physical evidence was left: remains buried in sand/volcanic
      sediment/sea; was erased by deluge and time. And, another
      consideration: evidence and insights will lie undiscovered until we
      see, sense more comprehensively and intimately between the worlds and

      I had a sense of this studying 'universals' within the natural order,
      and the mathematics indicated in ancient designs, cave art, and
      inscriptions. Culture runs akin to the way groups and larger
      societies express and organize their thoughts though such means as
      art, language, social arrangement. The mathematics, geometric, and
      numerical arrangements people use are woven into languaging and
      culture from their beliefs, ideas. One sees expressions of this in
      geometric and linear inscriptions of many peoples of ancient times.
      The ways they viewed the world, lived within the natural order
      differed drastically from those of us in modern, high tech societies,
      evidentent also in the languaging and mathematics we use and apply in
      our technicalogically-oriented societies. Professional & academic
      researchers are not alone in continuing to use so called 'advanced',
      but linear understandings and current mathematics of our 'mental
      ordering' to try to comprehend and value peoples of ancient times.

      Long periods in nature trying to align more 'like the ancients', I
      sought examples of a mathematics or science which clearly aligns with
      the natural order of life and shows "universals" which transcend the
      tests of time and culture. Which parallel markings, inscriptions, art
      left by people long ago tuned to the arrangment and patterns of the
      natural order. A mathematics I found closest to this has many names:
      The Golden Mean/Triangle, Phi, pythagorean math..showing all things
      interrelated, 'as above, so below'... A few Native friends,
      naturalists, & environmentalists think similarly to the mental
      ordering above, seem to operate from both sides of their brains and
      live between the worlds of various societies.

      I also find interesting articles and posts from some of the world's
      finest mathematicians via the Great Pyramic of Giza Research
      Association web site. See: http://www.gizapyramid.com/

      Scroll down to the list of Board members, many of whom are among the
      world's foremost researchers, often in the world media---in
      the US: the National Geographic station, PBS, Nova, History Channel,
      etc. Most are clearly 'diffusionist' within their range of
      knowledge and insight. Yet have confidence and wisdom ample enough to
      know that one need not be a 'diffusionist" in exclusion nor
      opposition to other kinds of views. Wouldn't be scientific to do so,
      anyway. On the same home page, click "Messages" and one can
      read a variety of discussions going on at one time. Moderator, Dr.
      John Salvo removes old posts at certain points every year or so. Not
      sure what happens to those from years ago, but hopefully are on a
      data base.

      Thanks to Ohio resident Pam Giese, a member of Ancient Waterways and
      the other sites mentioned earlier. Pam is responsible for introducing
      several of us to the fun World Explorers Club spring conferences.
      Through Pam, many are affiliated with the Giza Pyramid Board of
      Directors, most of whom are not conntected with the World Explorers
      Club but WEX clubhouses, bookstores, and conferences are run
      independently in nearly a dozen cities around the world (Canada,
      Peru, Denver, Amsterdam, England, are a few).

      Oftentimes attendees of various conferences tell of their
      experiences with caves along ancient post-glacial runoffs and rivers,
      bring artifacts, are part of preservation groups for various
      earthwork and sacred sites. Would be interesting to engage informally
      in discussions around Cahokia/St. Louis, also along waterways of the
      eastern S. Illinois border.

      Finds continue around the world along the highest elevations of
      existing terrain, settlement sites and buriel grounds of even more
      ancient peoples. Perhaps many stayed wisely 'inter-tribal'
      and 'global', particularly if there was a continuous flow of sea-
      faring people to and from their ports and shores where people found
      trade and other interests in common. Waterways left openly accessible
      to all passing through: "international waters" brought forth a
      continuous diffusion of cultures, ideas, genes...

      It is difficult to divide, hate, and think in heirarchal terms
      of: "advanced peoples", "savages", or to believe in "'races' of low
      intellect" when people are economically, socially, and genetially
      inter-related. And look at what DNA evidence is discovering...

      Conditions within the present seem to be calling for a cooperative re-
      write of the past and wise, intra-academic, globally-oriented
      community rather than egoistic competitiveness among lay and
      professional researchers. Action rather than merely adding further to
      the mountains and decades of databanks. It is my personal hope wisdom
      among elders will bring about further sharing and "undoing" of some
      of history's heinous errors. The old addage 'history tends to repeat
      itself' may hold some truth, but not of necessity where 'history' has
      been drastically in error. Where violent disregard of groups of
      peoples and cultures have occurred, we need to re-think historical
      assumptions and greatly undo their accompanying world views. Then
      readily put INTO ACTION such corrections into our social order. The
      times are changing and many seem to be opening the boundaries of
      their minds to new insights.

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