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THOR site teachings this afternoon Crichton Miller's Celtic Cross, Smith, et al.

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  • Susan
    All, Very interesting theme(s) going on at the THOR site all afternoon (Tuesday 12/16), many Ancient Waterways members included and Crichton Miller (Scotland)
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 16, 2008


      Very interesting theme(s) going on at the THOR site all afternoon (Tuesday 12/16), many Ancient Waterways members included and  Crichton Miller (Scotland)  whose book I am reading, as mentioned here a week or so ago.  The Golden Thread of Time I thing beautifully relates to our group, and the author has been kind enough to answer many inquiries I have sent him re: this group and the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association and its once public Forum.  I am just entering Chapter Three of Crichton's remarkable book:

      ...'The Wheel Cross allows the navigation of the planet without a time piece, the discovery of Natures mathematics and the construction of ancient sacred buildings using astrology. The philosophy behind all the great religions rest within what the cross reveals.

      From: http://crichtonmiller.com/Crichton_Miller.htm

      Without the need for  duplicate or repetitious posts here, please click into the THOR yahoogroup site  on the current topic and 'teachings' by Crichton and some of our mutual AWS friends at the THOR/Ohio Rock site (host & founder,William Smith): http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/thor-thehuntersohiorock/messages

      Wish I could keep tuning in to the great discussion next door but am heading south in an hour to do  two more 12 hour graveyard nursing shifts.  A Scottish blessing unto whomever provides warm hospitality to newcomers and/or anyone posting a message that responding to would further grace us all. 


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