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  • Susan
    Welcome to the web site, Larry. It appears you signed on about the same time I was mentioning your name earlier today. I had been writing to Steve
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2008
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      Welcome to the web site, Larry.  It appears  you signed on about the same time I was mentioning your name earlier today. I had been writing to  Steve Stegerwald and Jim Stevens at the Aztalan Mounds about the excellent teaching tours at effigy mound sites you led Ancient Earthworks members on two or three years ago. I understand you have had longtime personal interest in the Elephant Mounds, had learned about recent discussions on that subject here within our group.  We look forward to learning about your own research and insights.  The AWS conversation had come about  following Internet radioblog conversation Rick Osmon, Vince Barrows and others engaged in two or three weeks ago.  I still have not had a chance to tune in to the Oopa Loopa Cafe archived program.

      I also saw you acknowledged for your surveying and mapping skills in the Midwestern Epigraphic article on "Old World Units of Measure.." that was posted here a few days ago:  http://www.midwesternepigraphic.org/scherz.html   In some of his public talks, Dr. Scherz has spoken  highly of you as a research fellow and very close friend.

      Ancient old Mississippi Riverways sites between Cahokia and Poverty Point have been mentioned here a number of times, and in a three-way phone conversation over the weekend ith Vince Barrows,  living in New Orleans now.

       Halfway down in this 1990 report by Dr. Cyclone Covey of Wake Forest U., the sophisticated mathematics of the Hopewell is exemplified in the segment on Lizard Mound Park in SE Wisconsin where you assisted in the survey. Thanks to Midwestern Epigraphic Society again for public access to one more of their fine articles,  and for your involvement in this survey, Larry:     "POVERTY POINT TO MISSISSIPPIAN"


      Great to have you here at Ancient Waterways, and I hope I didn't  embarrass you detailing a few of your activities. Thanks again for your teaching tour of ancient effigies in the City of Madison, for helping me tread a little more lightly, and for opening my eyes and heart to things I did not see before.

      co-host, Susan English

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