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MES article (James Scherz) Old World Units of Measure

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  • Susan
    Jim Scherz is driving up here this morning for an all-day catch-up as happens every couple of months. And to pick up a few items of research-related mail
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      Jim Scherz  is driving up here this morning for an all-day catch-up as happens every couple of months. And to pick up a few items of research-related mail which comes to this address.  The only place he owns is an 1859 log cabin full of mice that hasn't  been updated other than a electric line since the Civil War.  He has various places where he keeps research and belongings but is gone for weeks at a time surveying in remote areas.  

      He always takes an hour or two to read Ancient Waterways posts (not mine because he hears enough of me) and will enjoy reading about the newcomers and friends he knows from conferences or updates on some of the intriguing things some of you others are involved in at this site.  I must say, you are a unique group.  I listed the web pages from some of you the other day for and at least a couple dozen of you have some fascinating web sites and Google links.

      Scerz went many times downstairs to Doc Johnson's basement collections here in Wausau. He and David Hoffman always  enjoy David's copperculture sites. Wausau Mine Co. will be a fun place to meet and treat any of you who stopover here.  Jim's  Atlantic Conf. DVD's arrived and he doesn't own a DVD and needs perhaps to get one today so as to watch them evenings from motel rooms.  Nice to carry DVD's and laptop  to play at conference and related group meetings and the Atlantic Conf. YouTube picques much interest at the end of meetings of related groups. 

      A First Nation speakers from Ontario referred to a term, "squaring the circle' during his talk and another from Quebec during a break-off conversation at the Nova Scotia conference. As long as I have known Jim Scherz, he talks not only a lot about the mathematics within the "Golden Ratio" (Golden mean, Divine Proportion, etc.) but the thought processes which accompany or underlie it....said he thought he was going insane when he first entered into it.  Those are my terms or how I understand what he was saying.  He gave a one hour talk on the subject at an Institute of Noetic Sciences meeting in Wausau a few years back and as usual handed everyone a copy of  a paper. Eengineer and astronaut Edgar Mitchell was one of the founders of IONS and, stayed in town for a two day conference another time, related to IONS.  He too aligns some of his work  with such mathematics and ancient underpinnings and was always accessible to researchers, especially those who went out to have a smoke with him, at that time.

      He is another up there in years and we won't have  these late-70 and 80-somethings around forever.   I was just telling that to Philosopher's Stone and Giza research assoc. friend from Ben (Bernard)  Pietsch.  He must be at least 80's, maybe close to ninety, writes me often,  reads our AWS posts here, and will also like Jim's contribution to this group this fine morning: 

      Sherz' paper, from a  Midwestern Epigraphic Society link:

      [This article appeared in the Volume 16, Number 1, 2002 issue of the Midwestern Epigraphic Journal.]

      Old World Units of Measure
      Found in the Layout Geometry of Prehistoric Earthworks at Newark, Ohio, 
       By Dr James P Scherz


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