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Re: travel writer Brad Olsen re: Sacred Places Books & Norway

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  • Susan
    Brad, Thank you for your introductory post (#721): http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_waterways_society/message/721
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2008


      Thank you for your introductory post (#721): http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ancient_waterways_society/message/721

      I am assuming what you said here is Norwegian....I'll be looking forward to our "opdagelsefard" together ("voyage of discovery" from the Ken. Runestone.) and a term perhaps new member Frode will know.  Thanks, too, Judy for welcoming Frode.

      I emailed geologist Scott Wolter (KRS researcher & author) with your KRS quote, Brad, trying to entice him to join  and keep this site here personally updated re: his highly scientific book on early historic transcontinental origins, navigation, the Templars, Sinclairs, Rosslyn Chaple, First Nations peoples, etc.  Which could  pale the largely ficitional DaVinci Code in sales when it comes out in the Spring.  Scott talked more about his research during the  second talk not yet included in the 6-DVD set from the Atlantic Conference last August.   A second set of Atlantic Conf. tapes  just arrived at this address yesterday which Dr. Jim Scherz had had me order.  He will be attending the next conference, whenever they set a date, had missed the Halifax conference because he had forgotten to renew his passport, which  takes months these days.

      Brad, a few years ago when AWS founder and host, MinnesotaStan  set up this web site, his initial posts suggested guidelines for members new and old,  and he aptly referred to Ancient Waterways Society as an "online meeting place".   The site also seems a good place to  'trade links', as you requested in your post.  I heartily agree with what you said, too...the more we blog, make postings, and link each others' websites, the more visible all of our work will become.  Each of you is personalizing and adding further to the developmen and enjoyment (exponentially) through the synergy  of this interesting group of friends,  serious inquirers,  researchers and/or world travelers.

      With several  organizers, sponsors, and supporters of The Atlantic Conference-Halifax, NM  and East Coast members here, perhaps Stan will have time to find and help put up a second map alongside the current one showing an early Atlantic two & fro migration.  My apologies to  Stan and all her for still being  computer-illiterate beyond  basic word processing. 

      Stan R. and I met at an Ancient Earthworks Society meeting on the Univ. of Wisconsin Madison campus when I was a one person Ancient Waterways Society. He kindly set up this fine site and continues on as overseer (of spam, YahooGroup tech. problems that pop up once in awhile, etc.) and as AWS host.  Thank you, Stan. And, Jim Scherz for founding the Ancient Earthworks Society and authoring the Old Waterways paper which led, in part,  to the name of our group here.  He will join the membership soon as he gets here this week, though hasn't and  operating computer or a DVD player/TV to view his new Atlantic Conference tapes!  The only home he owns is an 1859 log cabin near Sauk City/Devils Lake, WI  full of mice which hasn't changed much in 150 years.  But stays in Madison and winters with HoChunk friends near Tomah/Baribou.  Mail and emails sit  a long time between stops at his Pony Express stop at my branch of the Ancient Waterways Society here in Wausau. Jim continues to dedicate his life to surveying and protecting ancient and sacred sites and has dozens of papers he has written through the years and generously hands out to whoever requests.  He said he just passed out thirty 28 page Old Waterways papers he sells via Ancient American Mag.  to friends near Keweenaw Bay he had photocopied at Kinkos that he had had made up to pass out to all of you if you want one, and he said he will have more complimentary copies made up again..

      Please feel free to use the Ancient Waterways  term personally, inclusively,  largely as each of you members here feel fit.  I have heard about Judi Rudebusch's wonderful South Dakota hospitality many traveling researchers continue to enjoy at her home.  I told her if she would like, I will have one of my flea market vendor friends make her a wooden  sign like the one on my kitchen wall "Ancient Waterways Cafe" for her SD 'branch' in honor of her cooking and nearest old  waterway.

      A couple of more things here, Brad.  I was unaware all  your books were available for online viewing,  only the Sacred Places North America ...ebook, because of references by Steve H.  Could you send the link for the other books? I will also  purchase one for international traveling.  I also  see online there are copy-and-paste restrictions, which I will be more careful about and try to  insert links rather than quotes (as I tend to do in this and most of my Posts to groups).  I always do my best  to carefully  to cite references, maintain verbatum quotations, and use caution in paraphrasing. Most difficult of all is not to take segments  of authors' works out of context.  So members here, please whack me if I do injustices here to your ideas, work, etc.

      And, which of your several international books refers to Sacred Places in Scandinavia, esp. Bergen and some of the fjiords of Norway where the sun never sets, where I spent part of one summer half a century ago.   Could you post the links to your other online version books?  Next overseas trip I take I hope will be the Orkney Islands and Scotland of  my ancestry where I'd like to search for sites most ancient,   possibly sacred/vortexes. An artist  friend who once invited me to stay with her family in Sweden speaks of ley lines which she attributes to  vortexes and which oftentimes show  layers upon layers of  ancient sacred sites of many cultures.  Most in the US speak in whispers under our breathe over such terms as ley lines and vortexes. 

      Welcome again, Brad, and thank you for the generosity of making all of your books available free via the worldwide Internet, probably at consirable monetary cost.   That kind of international voluntary redistribution exemplifies  the possible new global civilization I and many of you are already helping set into motion as what this nurse and mother would call  love-based, rather than fear-based people.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "bradolsen26" <bradolsen26@...> wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > Looks like interesting stuff, right up my alley! I just joined your
      > group per the invitation of Susan English. I am Brad Olsen, author of
      > "Sacred Places North America: 108 Destinations 2nd ed." (forward by
      > David Childress) along with six other travel book titles. They can all
      > bee seen on the home page to my publishing website.
      > Susan complimented the fact that I make all of my books available for
      > free viewing on my site. Have a look at "Sacred Places North America":
      > http://cccpublishing.com/sacred-places-north-america-108-destinations
      > As you may know, the more we blog, make postings, and link each others
      > website, the more visible all of our work will become. I have a
      > special link page on CCC Publishing for sites that I find useful for
      > my readers:
      > http://cccpublishing.com/links
      > Can we trade links?
      > I'll be looking forward to our "opdagelsefard" together ("voyage of
      > discovery" from the Ken. Runestone.)
      > regards,
      > Brad Olsen
      > CCC Publishing

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