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Re: Welcome, Lee & Joy Pennington; good post, Terry re: Atlantic Confernece DVD's

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  • ancientwaterpathways
    Hi Steve, Thanks. I must say Joy and I were in awe of the Atlantic Conference in Nova Scotia. What a great job you and others did pulling it together. I took
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      Hi Steve,

      Thanks. I must say Joy and I were in awe of the Atlantic Conference
      in Nova Scotia. What a great job you and others did pulling it
      together. I took more notes there than I've ever taken at any
      conference! Now that you and your group have produced that six set
      DVD of the conference, I'm in seventh heaven. I'm watching while
      holding onto my notes and making additions and corrections. Really,
      Steve, the confrence was of the very highest level and the DVD set
      the best I have seen done on any conference.
      Also, I want to mention that Terry Deveau's archaeological tour
      afterwards was amazing. Joy and I have been coming to Nova Scotia
      since 1970 (our first trip out of the U.S. together)and Terry had
      information/sites we never would have found otherwise. A great touch
      to have that tour set up after the conference. Nova Scotia, we feel,
      was both a jump on and jump off spot for sailors traveling the
      Atlantic in ancient and not so ancient times.
      By the way, during that trip in 1970, I was able to photograph and
      gather information for an article on Oak Island. I was able to find
      ca copy of the article, and negatives and copies of those nearly
      forty year-old photos and have shared them with Danny Hennigar (who
      gave a presentation at the conference).

      Busy times right now. That's just the way we like it!

      And so it goes.

      Lee Pennington

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      <stanstclair46@...> wrote:
      > Hi Lee and Joyce,
      > When I met you at the Atlantic Conference I didn't have the
      opportunity to spend much time with you, and was unawwre of your
      wonderful work. It's good to know that you are now on this list!
      > Stan St. Clair
      > --- On Fri, 11/14/08, Susan <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > From: Susan <beldingenglish@...>
      > Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Welcome, Lee & Joy Pennington;
      good post, Terry re: Atlantic Confernece DVD's
      > To: ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Friday, November 14, 2008, 12:41 AM
      > A hearty welcome from our group to retired University of Kentucky
      professors, Lee and Joy Pennington whom some here know
      through conferences or their international
      travels filming documentaries on early historic, ancient and sacred
      sties.  See History page of their web site, scroll to list of films:
      http://www.joleprod uctions.com/ history.html
      > Lee and Joy were the focal point around our Ancient Waterays
      Society gathering last May in the Keweenaw Peninsula (open invitation
      to all here). Nearly twenty folks spent a three day weekend
      together at a resort on Lake Superior just south of Copper Harbor. 
      Included were AWS members Char Bruns, Rick and Pat Osman, Vince and
      Sherry Barrows, and geologist/author Scott Wolter and scuba diving
      friends who hauled out an agate the size of a softball, retired
      professor Jim Scherz and two HoChunk tribal members, Jeffers
      Petroglyph photographer/ engineer Chuck Bailey, author Roger Jewell
      (Pennsylvania) , author/historian Fred Rydholm, writer David Hoffman,
      myself, and others....
      > In August the Penningtons drove out for two weeks in Nova Scotia
      for the Atlantic Conference, Terry Deveau's  field trips, and filming
      around some of the provinces.  Lee and Joy consider Nova Scotia their
      second home.
      > They recently completed a documentary tribute to ancient Copper
      Culture & Old Waterways researcher, Fred Rydholm. To the delight
      of Fred, his wife June and conference attendees, the Penningtons
      premiered the DVD two weeks ago at the three day AAPS Conference &
      Educators' Workshop.
      > A surprise to me is this web site of Kentucky's Poet Laureates:
      > http://www.kdla ky.gov/resources /kypoetlaureate. htm
      > 1984 Lee Pennington (b. 1939 - d.)
      > A native of White Oak in Greenup County, Pennington is known for
      his poetic images of Eastern Kentucky and Appalachia. Pennington's
      interest in writing began in his teens, while he was attending McKell
      High School when Jesse Stuart was principal. Pennington's work is
      often compared to the easy lyrical style of Stuart. Like Stuart,
      Pennington is a also renowned storyteller, named Chairman of the
      Board of a national order of storytellers. In 1977, his book of
      poetry, I Knew a Woman, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. A writing
      instructor at Jefferson Community College, Pennington has had more
      than 1,300 poems published. During the early 1980's, his students
      lobbied the legislature to have Pennington named Poet Laureate; he
      was so designated in 1984.
      > Thigmotropism. Louisville: Green River Writers/Grex Press, c1993.
      Call number: K811.54 Penn
      > The following is for all of you at this site who could very
      well some evening find yourself at a coffeehouse or campfire with the
      Penningtons during a conference,  or filming on-
      location almost anywhere in the world where there are early historic,
      ancient, or sacred sites.  Fitting for an Ancient Waterways
      Society,  Lee and Joy founded in the 70's the Corn Island Story
      Telling Festival named after 'the tiny Corn Island, now covered by
      the murkey waters of the Ohio River, where George Rogers Clark led
      Louisville's first settlers.':
      >  http://www.cornisla ndstorytellingfe stival.org/ fest05.htm 
      > I've not even touched upon their Appalachian folk music background
      and what fun that could be for upcoming conferences should some of
      you remember to bring along an instrument or two.
      > ____________ _________ _________ _________ ___
      > I'm sure the Penningtons are enjoying the Atlantic Conference tapes
      as much as I and others who emailed that they also received the set
      of DVD's from Steve St. Clair during the past day or two.  
      Good post, Terry, and please keep the commentaries coming about the
      tapes.  I just completed Tape#2 with talks by Scott Wolter and Quebec
      tribal leader Stephen Augustine, the latter of which I missed
      altogether when called out of the room helping with small conference
      details).  Soon as I finish the DVD's, they will be available for
      loan to members of this group, I'd suggest for a couple of weeks at a
      time and the cost of postage.  Thanks Steve (St. Clair), Stan and
      other organizers, sponsors, speakers, and young man filming the
      tapes for this highly professional set of DVD's and teaching tools.
      > Susan 
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