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Pre-Columbian Discoveries Symposium 1998 & coming again October , 2005

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  • Susan
    1998 Pre-Columbian Discoveries Symposium When I was put on leave six weeks from Visiting Nurses Association with a severe ankle injury (1998), necessity
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      1998 Pre-Columbian Discoveries Symposium

      When I was put on leave six weeks from Visiting Nurses Association
      with a severe ankle injury (1998), necessity sparked the idea of a
      large Pre-Columbian autumn gathering of researchers at a natural
      setting along a Lake Superior shore. Fred and June Rydholm went
      forward and did a lion's share of the work, assisted by Wayne May
      of Ancient American Magazine, a number of other friends, and an
      impressive list of speakers engaged in diffusionist research. All
      volunteered time, travel and lodging expenses, assisted in promoting
      the upcoming event, or acted as hosts/hostesses for the "Pre-
      Columbian Discoveries Symposium" held in Big Bay, Michigan.
      Admission fees to the event were nominal and, at the Rydholms'
      suggestion, all proceeds given to Bay Cliff Camp for disadvantaged
      and disabled children which also provided a meeting room and
      snacks the second day of our event. The first day's room and meals
      were provided at the famous old Thunder Bay Lodge, where Anatomy of
      a Murder (starring Jimmie Stewart) was filmed. Most attendees spent
      overnights in Marquette.

      Attendance to a conference put together within weeks at a remote
      location along pot-holed roads leading northward from Marquette was
      overwhelming. It is estimated that between 100-150 local people and
      tourists attended all or part of the conference.

      Many researchers and friends are calling for another conference. The
      Rydholms and Bay Cliff Camp staff have set a date for the second Pre-
      Columbian Discoveries for Friday through Sunday nights, Oct. 7, 8, &
      9th, which should be at the height of the 2005 autumn foliage.

      We, of many associations which including Ancient Waterways Society
      correspondants, members of the Pre-Columbian Cultural Research
      Society, Ancient American Magazine staff and subscribers, the
      Ancient Artifacts Preservation Committee, and possibly members of
      the Ancient Earthworks Society will be hosting a second symposium at
      Big Bay, Michigan. We hope to draw speakers from the Midwest
      Epigraphic Society (Ohio) and other related groups. We will again
      keep the symposium affordable, and admission proceeds will go to Bay

      For the 2005 conference, the Bay Cliff Camp staff will reopen cabins
      and the dining hall for lodging and meals. Fred Rydholm said there
      are three "packages" being put together for attendees. Alternative,
      independent reservations may also be made and there is an elegant
      old lighthouse Bed & Breakfast nearby. I have not yet checked web
      site accessability to accommodations in Big Bay. There is at least
      one campground within walking distance. Lodging and meals are again
      available at Thunder Bay Lodge. I do hope the 2005 event will
      maintain the same hospitable accessibity and "non-clicque-ish"
      warmth between speakers, tourists, locals and professional and lay
      researchers as did the 1998 event. Rental spaces will be available
      for individuals displaying collections or research or for those
      promoting books, magazines, or displays.

      Longtime friend, Dr. Jim Scherz has suggested the group put
      in a call for papers prior to this event. We would like to hear
      comment about these matters.


      ...connection people to people and to resources
      M. Susan English
      Ancient Waterways Society
      suzenglish@... or beldingenglish@...
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