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  • Stan St. Clair
    Susan,   I am currently on vacation, and have not had the opportunity to view all of the videos, but will complete the viewing this coming weekend. What I
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 18, 2008
      I am currently on vacation, and have not had the opportunity to view all of the videos, but will complete the viewing this coming weekend. What I have seen is fantastic. I
      appreciate the efforts which you have made both at the conference, and on this list to make others aware of what was accomplished by bringing together the great selection of experts in Halifax.
      My best,

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      From: Susan <beldingenglish@...>
      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: Atlantic Conference
      To: ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, November 17, 2008, 10:25 PM

      Ended a nursing assignment early this AM and watched the six Atlantic Conference DVD's back to back while stripping woodwork here.
      I'd missed many parts of the talks while tending to a few little side room details during the conference, so heard some things I missed in this highly professional set of tapes.  I need to order a second set as am about to be talked out of mine.  Several people close to me will be attending and wanting to assist with the next one.  Anyone can watch these tapes and feel as though they have been there.  Believe me, they put you right there and as a viable member of ongoing conference.
       Once again, am deeply moved, feeling more wholly a part of a larger picture of the world and human civilization. Same thing occurred the week in Nova Scotia.
       Steve, nice surprise to see the personal acknowledgement during the credits.  I'll be happy to cheerlead for the Conference and each of you within this Ancient Waterway Society----anytime. 
      I  also appreciative the non-competitiveness of this  group and how so many of you ncourage each other's efforts. I'd mentioned earlier Herb Wagner and David Johnson acknowledging each other's webs sites.  And this web group.
      I observed powerful acts of selflessness among speakers and participants from the Atlantic Conference, often when Steve was MC'ing the conference and Terry Deveau leading post-confernece field trips.  At their own expense and countless hours.  Clearly another example of passing off credit is in Stan St. Clair's post below my salutation. Humility was powerfully  evident in talks by First Nations conference speakers.
      I just heard it again in Scott Wolter's Kensington Rune Stone/Templars conference DVD  where he insists credit for the geology of authenticating the KRS be given to the work  done by Minnesota state geologist, Professor Newton Winchell during the early 1900's.  Despite working years 'for free' and five trips to Scandinavia working on the highly controvertial Kensington Runestone, Scott at best is only replicating Winchell's geology.  
       Open, cooperatative sharing rather than team rivalry and secrecy seems to increase the synergy within this work. Particularly during times when changes seem to be escalating worldwide which call for us to look for long lost legacies from the historic and ancient past. 
      Coincidentally, I accidently clicked upon this very brief video of Niven Sincliar the elder,  who sat quiety in the front row and had invested dearly in the Atlantic Conference.  The interviewer looks to be from National Geographic. Niven is not a member here but I don't think he would mind my putting this on as a prime example of the power of humility:      http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=dE9XI2ndUvc
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      I would like to give credit where credit is due here. Steve St. Clair spent many grueling hours formatting these videos, improving the sound quality, and getting the Power Points inserted in the proper places to make this the best possible rendering of the speakers' presentations. Certainly, everyone with an interest in Pre-Columbian crossings should order this amazing set of videos.
      > Stan
      > --- On Thu, 11/13/08, Terry J. Deveau aa376@... wrote:
      > From: Terry J. Deveau aa376@...
      > Subject: [ancient_waterways_ society] Atlantic Conference
      > To: ancient_waterways_ society@yahoogro ups.com
      > Date: Thursday, November 13, 2008, 12:08 PM
      > Last night I watched DVD#1 of the 6 DVD set of the Atlantic Conference.
      > http://www.Atlantic Conference. org
      > The quality is amazing, especially the audio. I can hear the speakers
      > better on the DVD, actually, than I could when I was present live at
      > the actual conference. The mics even picked up most of the audience
      > questions, even when the questioner didn't use the hand-held mic.
      > Also, the merging in of the speakers slides with the video stream was
      > very well done.
      > I really encourage you to take advantage of the at-cost offer to
      > purchase the DVD off the web site. It's certainly a top quality
      > product, and the content is well-worth the cost, to anyone with an
      > interest in this field.
      > Regards,
      > Terry

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