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Judi Rudebusch

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  • Susan
    We have a new member from South Dakota who joined this morning whom you may recall mentioned in previous posts at this site: #649, 653, & 654. Welcome Judi
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 14, 2008

      We have a new member from South Dakota who joined this morning whom you may recall mentioned in previous posts at this site:  #649, 653, & 654.  Welcome Judi Rudebusch. She'd given permission to post her excellent 2006 collaborative article, "These Stones With Holes Have More to Tell" (Pt. 1 by Judy & Pt 2 by Valdimar Samuelsson of Iceland) . Unfortunately the photos did not transfer and someone told us her she needed a "link".  On a web Search of Judi Rudebusch today, I did find her wonderful blog "New Thinking of the 'Mooring Stone' Theory" w/numerous stone hole photos, and phone number should anyone wish to write or find more information on the subject matter: http://mooring-stone-theory.blogspot.com/

      Judi is also a member of the THOR group and NSExplore that Terry Deveau helps co-host, has a post there in reply to Terry that she too is enjoying Atlantic Conference tapes.  I said to us here not along I'd bet the bank Judi would be at the next Atlantic Conference, and here we are...

      This name search which I do for all of you when you join has a number of interconnections in regard to Judi's research and various associations:


      And, along with at least seven or eight other Ancient Waterways members here, she has been a guest on Rick Osman's Thursday night Oopa Loopa Cafe radio interview program and has phoned in on many discussions.  He is always looking for volunteers who like to talk about their research.

      For many years Judi worked closely with old Viking Researcher to 5000 years ago", Marion Dahm who had a great deal of respect for her and spoke frequently about her when I transported him to camp sites along southern Lake Superior and western Lake Michigan shorelines.  Marion would set up his traveling museum on picnic tables, give hours of impromptu talks while I made a hobo stew and campfire coffee to bait fishermen and travelers who would come along...

      See or briefly borrow my Pennnington DVD Tribute to this bright and kindly old Vikings & Kenstington Runestone researcher who at nearly ninety still went scuba diving for underwater evidence,  flew an old cropduster, and did on-location work across the country for the Missing Childrens Foundation using maps and dowsing rods, occasionally with considerable accuracy.  Last summer Rick Osman purchased the old plane and pulled it behind their vehicle through downtown Minneapolis-St. Paul.  Not sure if Scott Wolter was riding shotgun or not. Marion Dahm had died suddenly two years ago of West Nile Virus and Judi and many of us lost a very dear friend.

      Judi, I haven't mentioned this to you, but retired Northwest Airlines pilot and mechanical engineer from SD and Minneapolis, Jeff Bennett called to introduce himself last week, said he was driving from a navigators conference in Duluth to an area near Sturgeon Bay of Lake Michigan and would like to take me for breakfast.  He had sent a copy of the Powerpoint presentation he'd given at the educator's part of the AAPS Conference last month in Marquette, Michigan, which I was unable to attend.  His paper is titled : "OCEAN MIGRATIONS Foundations-The Motives & Mechanisms" and he needs to work on a few references before it can become a link for us to put up here and elsewhere.  He took up my offer for safe couch space here where Marion Dahm used to stay and you all have an open house for mid-week if passing through...and we had a couple of good meetings and I had a fine dinner at the Wausau Mine Company designed after historic UP copper mines.  (Coincidently,  behind a showcase was a wooden diorama of a mining scene donated years ago by a David Johnson whose address the new owner said he'd been looking for, for years.  David happens to be an AWS member, recently relocated from Kentucky to Minnesota, and who told me later he made the scene decades ago.  The Johnson site, as mentioned frequently at this site, can be accessed on a search anywhere under the one word term "copperculture".  But the reason I brought this subject up is that at the meeting with Jeff re: his work with AAPS, Myron Payne, and the "Copper Road" the group is researching, in my giant black bag of diffusionist PR stuff and manilla envelopes with various researcher names, I had two of Marion Dahm personal correspondence, photos, drawings, etc. I'd not gotten to, which Jeff was very interested in.  I needed someone to go through it, most of Marion's things he sent me were duplications of correspondence he'd sent to countless others, but I asked Jeff to sort out any items he thought might be useful to Judi Rudebusch and the Kensington Runestone people doing commemorative work on Marion.  I'd not had a chance to look at it, years now, so perhaps there might be an interesting item or two which Jeff said he will sticky-note when he mails the items back.  I am encouraging Jeff also to join the group.  He and new member Ted Sojka have sailboats and I'd initiallyh mentioned the THOR group to Ted, and now Jeff because of their work on early historic navigation and member Crichton Miller's book on the Celtic Cross and ancient navigation.  I am waiting for Crichton's book to arrive and have recommended 'the old Scot', as he referred to himself, for the next Atlantic Conference. 

      Any of you here, please feel free to add welcoming or encouraging comments about each other's work, ask questions, etc.  I am sure most here are weary of the verbage of all my posts.  I don't want this site to be so much me here,  though am sorry not to have welcomed and greeted many of you early members when MinnesotaStan first set this up and I was new at web sites.

      In initial posts here, MiinnesotaStan calls this site an "online meetingplace". I agree and find this brilliant group to be as well-mannered and serious assortment of dedicated researchers as I've ever met, and who use the highest science, integrity, ethics and non-competitive, collaborative work possible.  We began as a spring-off from the PreColumbian Inscriptions epigraphy group. Many of us here remain as members of that group and MinnesotaStan, Rick Osman, Vince Barrows, and I try to follow guidelines similar to those host Mike White lists on their Home Page: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/Precolumbian_Inscriptions/

      My carpenters ran $1000 over the estimate and I won't let them eat the additional costs, so need to travel away for a few 12 hour nursing night shifts and may not get near a computer or be awake much until early next week.  I know everyone has loads of other activities, but in my absence  if anything pops up, please acknowledge each other so no one feels slighted or omitted. 

      My kids read some of these posts and about this group...think I am making some of this stuff up, and I've not even touched on the work, ideas, associations, research of you individually here, and infinite possiblities of you collaboratively here through so many of our upcoming conferences, associations, and online sharing.


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