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Re: Fwd: Historical Society should return remains

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  • Susan
    Excellent letter, Ted. Once again, nice to have you part of this web site and sharing your extensive and heartful outreach. All here---I d gotten a phone call
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 12, 2008

      Excellent letter, Ted. Once again, nice to have you part of this web site and sharing your extensive and heartful outreach.

      All here---I'd gotten a phone call last night from two fellows last night asking for our web site and Ted's first post w/YouTube so it could be shown at the start of a meeting in Baraga, MI last night.  I hope they also read Rick's newsletter as well as some of the fine posts and excellent web sites from many of you via this and other web groups.

      The research group and two or three day field trip  is being led by author Ron Stiebe and includes engineer Ted Johnson, former president of AAAPF, Dr. Jim Scherz and David Hoffman (both of whom title their talks/write extensively about Old or Ancient Waterways), Ritchie Brown from SW Wisconsin who spoke on the Medicine Wheel at the THOR?MES/AAPS conference in Ohio last year, plus several members of various tribes had a meeting last night and are continuing into today.  They had heard about and  wanted to show the brief YouTube video to the larger group.  I hope they also see this post.

      I mentioned Ron Stiebe earlier...after I had gotten new Ancient Waterways member Margaret Lutz and author Jay Wakefield lost for a couple of hours following the last Big Bay conference,  we ended up on the doorstep of Ron's Keweenw Bay home and spent an hour or two there.  Ron's tour through the snow up at Sand Pointe today will pertain to his book and work he has been engaged in since.

      Mytery People of the Cove: A History Of The Lake Superior Ouinipegou   "The book is a discussion of the early inhabitants of Sand Pointe. Ron through careful study has identified these Woodland Indians and has changed the Nicolet theory. His section, "Nicolet Myth and The Real Journey" will give you a clear understanding of how the historians placed him in Green Bay when in truth he was here in Baraga County! The book contains many interesting photos and side stories, including the rock chirns of Pequaming, The Bentzen Stone, carved in 1647, The Mystery Stone a Dolmen found in the Huron Mountains along with documentation of early traders and missionaries."  (From Baraga County Historical Museum website)

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Ted Sojka <tedsojka@...> wrote:
      > Pass this on to whomever does your newsletters or who might write to
      > the new administration.
      > If you have not seen Presidential elect OBama's address on you tube
      > to the Native Americans, write, and it is below this message.
      > They spend years returning our veterans bones from wars in China,
      > Korea, Viet Nam, and elsewhere. It is about time to show the same
      > respect to the first residents of this continent and also the remains
      > of those who fought during the revolutionary war on our side, who were
      > First Nation peoples. Some of their remains along with the remains of
      > ancestors and descendants, are still in museum storerooms.
      > Ted Sojka
      > Art Educators of Iowa
      > Native Earthworks Preservation/ Iowa.
      > Begin forwarded message:
      > > From: "Patricia Mason" pmason@...
      > > Date: November 12, 2008 8:20:43 AM CST
      > >
      > > Subject: Historical Society should return remains
      > >
      > > From the Cols Dispatch:
      > >
      > > Historical Society should return remains
      > > Wednesday, November 12, 2008 2:57 AM
      > >
      > > When members of the Native American community of Ohio saw the Oct.
      > > 30 Dispatch article on the "withering" of the Ohio Historical
      > > Society, many felt that the withering was self-inflicted. To a
      > > substantial extent, the 70 percent of funding that Ohio taxpayers
      > > provide to the society goes to "curate" the 6,549 sets of human
      > > remains, all of them Native American, currently gathering dust on
      > > shelves.
      > > Some more of it goes to "curate" the more than 100,000 grave goods
      > > taken from the same graves of our ancestors. The supposedly
      > > scientific necessity of disinterring Native American remains died
      > > with the pseudoscience of eugenics, so that the Historical Society's
      > > retention of these remains is not only expensive but also racist.
      > > The Native American Alliance of Ohio believes that, by simply
      > > complying with the federal Native American Graves Protection and
      > > Repatriation Act of 1990, i.e., by returning the human remains and
      > > grave goods to Ohio Native Americans for respectful reburial, the
      > > society's expenses would pare themselves down.
      > > Instead of neglecting the sacred Indian mounds or, worse, allowing
      > > them to be misused as a private, members-only golf course, as is the
      > > Newark Octagon complex, the Historical Society could use remaining
      > > funds to protect the mounds along with the invaluable sites of other
      > > groups in the state.
      > >
      > > Northern director
      > > Native American Alliance of Ohio
      > > Toledo
      > >
      > Barrack Obama sent a video message to the Indigenous Nations of the US.
      > http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=OWocEgu3bPk
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