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A New Dawn, A New Deal, or a Dead End?

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  • Rick Osmon
    Investigating pre-Columbian contact, lost races, ancient astronomy, navigation, and migration, cultural oddities, associated diffusion evidence and the truly
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2008


      Investigating pre-Columbian contact, lost races, ancient astronomy, navigation, and migration, cultural oddities, associated diffusion evidence and the truly unexplainable. Oh, and the odd musician, band, or comedian may stop by. Some are really odd…


      Hello Loopers, Yoopers, and Scoopers 


      In this issue:


      This Week's Show:  AAPS Re-Cap and announcing the Copper Trail Project


      Op/Ed:  A New Dawn, A New Deal, or a Dead End?


      This Day in History:   6 November


      Possum Holler News A thumb lying on the table saw


      Other news:  Ancient iceman probably has no modern relatives



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      Last week's show:   Mr. Semir "Sam" Osmanagic & The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.



      Next week's show:  Seeing the Elephant, Jumbo Comes to America


      Site of the week   Archeology meets politics





      This Week's Show:   AAPS Conference Re-Cap and announcing the Copper Trail Project




      Op/Ed:   A New Dawn, A New Deal, or a Dead End?


      Now that the US election is over and the democratic party has their "supermajority", what will it mean to archeology in general and difussion in particular? Will it be a period of "change" as espoused by Obama the candidate?


      Another democrat, FDR, gave us Columbus Day to pacify the Italian American lobby and after a few generations, only Columbus is recognised as sole "discoverer" of the Americas, despite the fact that many maps extant long before Columbus' voyages seem to depict or at least allude to the western continents.


      Will the US "change" its official attitude regarding other, earlier explorers? Will it "change" the way funding for such research is allocated? Not right away, so don't expect a big grant to investigate Prince Madoc real soon. Mande speakers in Central America are a maybe, however.


      What I predict will likely happen within the next two years:


      NAGPRA will be expanded and result in US domestic pre-historic archeology coming to a virtual standstill. Historic archeology will either have to absorb all those who now specialize in pre-historic archeology or those folks will go elsewhere (either go to digs overseas or leave archeology altogether).


      Marine archeologists will find themselves following rules devised by UNESCO and those archeologists, salvors, and treasure hunters will only be able to work under the direct supervision of a UNESCO -approved agent. They all will have to pay the UN for that agent's "services". Any wrecks and cargo salvaged in international waters will be the property of the UN with up to 12% of the value for salvors' expenses. The UN will not require curation, only financial record keeping. In other words, no one is going to be anxious to explore any new wrecks. At least, not openly.


      So that covers the immediate "change" for three different professions. What about those of us who are armchair or avocational researchers? We just keep doing what we do. The only up side is that all those out of work archeologists may have more time and be more inclined to read our stuff. Now THAT would be a change.




      This section is for you, the audience. You are welcome to contribute to it. Submit your "stuff" to





      This Day in History:   ...


      1500: Nicolaus Copernicus observed a Lunar Eclipse while in Rome.

      A former Illinois congressman, Abraham Lincoln, defeats three other candidates for the presidency.
      1861: Jefferson Davis is elected to a six-year term as president of the Confederacy.
      1869: The first intercollegiate soccer game is played (Rutgers 6, Princeton 4).
      1917: Russian Bolshevik revolution begins.


      1995: Pioneer 11 - USA Jupiter/Saturn Flyby - 259 kg - (April 6, 1973 - November 1995) left the solar system.





      Possum Holler News

      My dad severed his left thumb five hours before last week's show. My kudos to the physician, Dr. Sopporum, she stitched it back rather nicely and the color is fairly good. Then he reacted badly to the antibiotic. The thumb looks good, but his eyes are still quite swollen. The prognosis is for complete recovery. He now has a matched pair...same saw. Might be time for a new hobby.

      It's been great weather here this week, although it's clouding up now and a south wind smells like rain.



      Other news: 

      Floating ramp' to preserve Welsh hillfort - 3 days ago Vital work has been carried out to prevent erosion damage to a historic hillfort in Wales. As part of a lottery-funded project, footpath improvement and erosion control work has been... Excavations prove İzmir was much older than thought - 3 days ago New excavations have revealed that İzmir (Turkey), once believed to be 5,000 years old, may be as old as 8,500 years. Associate professor Zafer Derin of the Ege University archeology... Ancient iceman probably has no modern relatives - 3 days ago Oetzi, Italy's prehistoric iceman, probably does not have any modern day descendants, according to a recent study. A team of Italian and British scientists who sequenced his mitochondrial DNA -... Earliest example of Hebrew writing found on a shard - 3 days ago Five lines of ancient script on a shard of pottery could be the oldest example of Hebrew writing ever discovered, an archaeologist in Israel says. The shard was found by... 7000-year-old mound excavated in Iran

      Events: Send your organization's events to  oz@...


      Ancient Kentucke Historical Association


      Nov. 23rd, 2:30 PM  AKHA Meeting at Marilyn Michael’s home 

                              Lee Pennington update on trip to Welsh Caves in Ft. Payne, AL.; update on the        Ancient American Conference in Marquette, MI.


       Nov. 29th, 2:00 PM  Falls of Ohio


       It is one of the great ironies of archaeology that the country thought now to be the   very place where human history began would for many years be considered  to have no real history of its ownFrom medieval times on, the spectacular ruins of the southern African kingdom of great Zimbabwe could not be accepted by European settlers as having been built by Africa’s native people. 

       European “experts” proposed instead that Zimbabwe was built by everyone from wandering Phoenicians to the biblical Queen of Sheba, but certainly not Africans.

        A different story has now emerged not only of the fabulous “lost city” of Great Zimbabwe, but also of the amazing Swahili Coast, which was a thriving trade center of  gold and ivory until the 16th century.

       After centuries of racial prejudice and neglect, the world has come to realize the extraordinary achievements of Africa’s indigenous people


      New England Antiquities Research Association




      NEARA Fall Meeting Registration and Conference details are ready for download here (pdf) or here (WORD doc).   November 7-9, 2008.  Newport RI.  Register today!


      Last week's show:  Mr. Semir "Sam" Osmanagic & The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids.

      Next week's show:   Seeing the Elephant, Jumbo Comes to America

      November 20th show: Giants and Pygmies and Hobbits, OH MY!


       Site of the week:  Archeology meets politics


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