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Two more members + Introductory posts by MinnesotaStan

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  • Susan
    Earlier this weekend our group acquired two more members. A warm welcome to Jen from Lower Michigan and Char(les) Bruns from Duluth & Ottawa, Canada. I became
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      Earlier this weekend our group acquired two more members.  A warm welcome to Jen from Lower Michigan and Char(les) Bruns from Duluth & Ottawa, Canada.

      I became acquainted with Jen and two or three traveling companions in August at a Peoples Festival at Prospectors Paradise Rock Shop in Allouez, Michigan, where back part of the property is a tract of land with a reported 'energy vortex' with juniper-like trees twisted and gnarled similar to those on 'vortexes' in Sedona, Arizona. Jen's group viewed Lee and Joy Pennington's "Moundbuilders" DVD via my laptop computer in the rock shop with the type of eagerness which told me they were my kind of people.  Jen is a longtime friend of Norm from our web group who is a memer of AAPS, a spelunker and educated in geology, also a silversmith of considerable expertise who was displaying pieces of his sterling jewelry disigned w/ancient & esoteric motifs at the festival in Keweenaw. 

      The weekend's second newcomer is Char(les) Bruns who has attended AAPS conferences and is member of Wm. Smith's Ohio Rock THOR web site.  He was one of over twenty who attended a three day Ancient Waterways Society gathering at a resort on a Lake Superior shore just south of Copper Harbor, Michigan in May when the Penningtons traveled from Kentucky to the Keweenaw Peninsula to work on a DVD of ancient copper mining and the "Old Copper Trail".

      Char's good sense of humor is evident in a paragraph from a September.  I am sure the following offer would apply to any of you who might join a future expedition between Minneapolis, Lake Nipissing, the Peterboro Petroglyphs, Ontario and north shore of Lake Superior... for starters.  Folks from two or three groups are interested in tracking and mapping old historic and/or ancient water routes between the Great Lakes and NE Atlantic coast.

        From Char:

      May I make a suggestion for next spring traveling from mississippi falls to maritimes provinces?  I own some acres on a spring fed lake north of Duluth a couple miles.  when i first saw the land a large boulder on the western ridge set off bells.  in close proximity is a cave and spring.  the land is undeveloped, but cleared near a cabin for camping.  the group would be more than welcome to stay and poke around.  right across the st louis river is the fondulac reservation.  i have some connections over there at their museum which specializes in birch bark canoe making.  sure am open to discussion - couple good roadkills can last a small group quite awhile if the weather isn't warm. char bruns

      I may take you up on everthing except the road kill, Char. 

      Vince, your recent post and the "Historiography of Chahokia from the Earliest Times to European Arrival" were much appreciated.  I will have to chew on the 'house of wild' article for some time.  Maybe Chris from this group can translate some of that information here. New links lie at the top of Vince's Histiography home page--a photo gallery of tablets, artifacts, also a blog link for those wishing to comment. The web site and "About me" provide excellent introductions to Vince and his wife, who recently moved to New Orleans area. They had made their first trip from St. Louis to Lake Superior lfor the May AWS weekend gathering.

      The addition of several new members here provided opportunity for me to re-read host MinnesotaStan's first five posts and #8 about the photo on the Home Page and recall that Stan spent considerable time and thought in setting up this web site.  The intentions of this group are in the first paragraph:

      This website was developed to provide an online "meeting place" for both lay and professional persons with an interest in selected aspects of the ancient world, especially with regard to the spread of people and their cultures from Europe/Africa/Asia to the Americas.

      There is ample space at the site for members to include their own related links, photos, events, papers, even a Poll if anyone wants to try one. 

      I post often here, but my talents don't extend much farther than making introductions and iunterconnecitons here and there, adding links, news items, conferences, and mutual support--which I hope many of you will continue--to encourage others here, and the group as a whole.  Many here tie into a number of other groups and large organizations. Any of you,  please feel free to enjoy some hospitable co-hosting here as you feel inclined.  As I did last week, I believe members here may click the "Invite" link left of the Home Page, but I agree with Stan in one of his initial posts here:

      Please feel free to share this board's URL with those you know would be interested or have something to contribute, but please don't post it widely where it might attract spammers.

      Thank you for your time and skills, Stan. Welcome again to the new members. SusanFor 

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