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Welcome new members Margaret and Stan

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  • Susan
    I d like to greet another new member who also joined last night. Margaret, you have signed on with a remarkable group with whom I am proud to have been
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2008
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      I'd like to greet another new member who also joined last night.  Margaret, you have signed on with a remarkable group with whom I am proud to have been affiliated the past few years.  MinnesotaStan set up the web site after a conversation we had prior to an Ancient Earthworks Society meeting at the UW-Madison campus a few years back,  thank goodness stays on as host.  I'd been loosely using the term from the work of Dr. Jim Scherz, Fred Rydholm, and Ancient American writers, and then hanging wooden signs up at campsites during travels around the country.  My second sign "Ancient Waterways Cafe" wafts in larger numbers of fireside conversants during mealtimes.

      Judi Rudebusch, and David Hoffman who writes/gives talks frequently on "Ancient Waterways" have been wanting to join, but I couldn't recall how to to do so until discovering the "Invite" button left of the Home Page yesterday.

      Some of you joined whom I did not know previously, but, until recently your Yahoo Profiles introduced each of you who filled one out and could be accessed under your postings.  Recently, from the four or five YahooGroups I belong to, it appears all Profile information was removed.  I created a new one myself this AM (mostly favorite affiliations) and hope members such as Marti in Washington State will re-do her Profile which included hundreds of photographs of breathtaking Native wilderness landscapes.  Now newcomers and oldtimers to this group are unable to know even first names, or that some of you live in places such as the SW US,  New Zealand, Canada, etc.  Any information of your choosing, associations, hobbies, and hopefully your nearest "ancient waterway" could be reestablished within your Profiles so that those who choose to do so can more easily  interconnect and intercommunicate.

      As I recall, Margaret is an educator with an wide background of talents and is or has been affiliated with some of Chicago's most prestigious universities. Yet is a person of profound humility and heart who values highly the wise, esoteric teachings and natural sciences lived by people of many cultures which she comes across in her global interests.  One of her group affiliation near my area is the Hanwakan Center: http://www.hanwakan.org/About/about_hanwakan.html

      I first met Margaret at an AAAPF conference in Big Bay, MIchigan a few years ago, I believe it was one I needed to camp/cook along a Lake Superior bear haven below Bay Cliff camp where the conference was held.  Margaret has had a longheld interest in very early explorers as well as Native peoples in the Americas.  Following that conference, I led the way ahead of Margaret in one car and writer Jay Wakefield from Washington State (How the Sungod Reached America) in his, and for at least an hour or two after darkness set in, got us all lost in Ford wilderness country north of L'Anse/Baraga, MI near Pequaming Point where some of the AAPS post conference visitors last week visited to see the ancient cairns on the Carmody property. Click two small photos bottom of page at this site, for possible future small group trip there by anyone interested from this group: http://www.canr.msu.edu/~baraga/staff/jim/photo.htm 

      Margaret, Jay, and I never made it to the Point but managed to get over to talk into the night with researcher Ron Stiebe who lives south of the Pequaming/Picnic Point cairns along Keweenaw Bay of Lake Supeior north of the Father Baraga statue. (I own two copies of Ron Stiebe's Mystery People of the Cove-A History of the Lake Superior Ouinipegou which I can mail anyone wanting to borrow it.)

      I assist with surveying yet can't figure out a compass and am still embarrased to have gotten Jay and Margaret lost, plus each of us probably went through half a tank of gas in wild Yooper country and we could have spent a cold October night outside. I am happy Margaret signed on here and thus, no hard feelings. Knowing some of Margaret's other interests, I'll bet the bank she is another who will be at the next Atlantic Conference where Native people of dozens of tribal affiliations are also at the helm throughout and with whom many of the Sinclairs/St. Claires are related by blood. 

      I see Stan Sinclair just joined Ancient Waterways.  Welcome, Stan.  I will say more later but temperatures suddenly went over 50 degrees in C. Wisconsin and I need to finish putting up storm windows and plastic before dark and the next snowfall.

      Something to chew on first, though.  Some of you may recall AWS member from Georgia, Jamie Clark, and his intercommunications with "Melissa" and her family to PreColumbian Inscriptions and here about the Highland Rim of Tennessee and the thousands of ancient stone bird heads, giant skeletal remains found in caves and sinkholes down there which Jamie thought at the time night have been dinasaurs of some sort, one Melissa had said was the size of a truck hood.   Then a week or two later in the group conversation, another PreColumbian Inscriptions member who did not know Melissa but lived very near her along the Rim said he had the same kinds of stange things on his property. I'd gotten very excited about the entire activity because in researching, found early 1900's archaeological journals referencing the area for ancient metals mining, one I believe sated 3000-5000 years ago aboriginals had mined copper, gypsum, other minerals miles back in Mammoth Cave.  I've been suggesting to the Penningtons from Louisville, KY and others down to help set up a mini Ancient Waterways meeting near their area or the Highland Rim so we can do a little fireside chatting about some of these very ancient possibilities. Waiting for a cab at the Halifax confernece this August, I was talking to writer Stan St. Clair (who just joined our group here!) and discovered he lives near the Highland Rim and his mom grew up near Copper Town/Ducktown, TN almost gave me a heart attack on the spot. I am probably the one most excited by the fielding of information and research Jamey was doing down that way. 
      One more item for the group here, if newcomers or older members tire of receiving Ancient Waterways post in your Yahoo mailbox as well as at the group site,  at the top of the Home Page click "Edit Membership",  at Step 2 select Web Only or Special Notices, the latter of which will send you only important email notices from the group moderator.
      Thank you new members, and old.
      Susan English, co-host
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