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Re: Hi Everyone (new member Steve-AtlanticConference.org)

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  • Susan
    Welcome, Steve. I am delighted you have become a member of our group. I know Rick Osman, Terry Deveau, myself, and a few non-member onlookers (Lee Pennington,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 29, 2008

      Welcome, Steve. I am delighted you have become a member of our group.  I know Rick Osman, Terry Deveau, myself, and a few non-member onlookers (Lee Pennington, Wayne May, etc.) at Ancient Waterways Society were honored to be part of the Atlantic Conference this past August at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and undoubtedly will be very much involved in the next.  A good introduction to Steve and co-organizers of the Atlantic Conference is found top of the Home Page: "About Us": http://www.atlanticconference.org/AtlanticConference-2/aboutus.htm

      The Atlantic Conference web site and continuous scientific research by dozens of scientists and dedicated explorers makes the Conference an ongoing one.  I sugggest anyone wishing to be involved click into the site periodically.

      AWS member Terry Deveau led five days of post-conference field trips, already volunteered to do so again next conference in Nova Scotia. Terry's "2008 Overview" of the conference may be accessed top of the Home Page: http://www.atlanticconference.org/index.htm 

      I see this evening the 6-DVD set of the Aug, 2008 Atlantic Conference speakers just became available at cost via the Home Page. Soon as the set arrives here I will be re-playing the conference at my home to several interested persons.  After that, anyone from this group wanting to borrow the set for two or three weeks, I'll be happy to send it to you if you pay return postage, or to the next requesting AWS member.

      My apologies to you all here, that photos in Judi Rudebusch's Mooring/Marker stone article did not show up in my  post.  She sent her email address to the NSExplore group but said she does not know how to post a link of her article to web groups. She said she did not know how to join this group so I sent an invitation to her and several others, including Steve.  Maybe Judi will also join and keep us updated on her research.  I'd bet the bank Judi,  in lieu of her work with Valdimer from Iceland, will be part of the next NE coast Atlantic Conference. Perhaps will want to get involved in what seems to me would be an unprecedented cross-continental 'road trip' with those scientifically mapping and documenting early historic and ancient routes across ancient Upper Great Lakes and Canadian waterways to the NE Atlantic coast. The idea came to me flying over Niagara Falls and westward on the flight back from Halifax. Retired professor and filmmaker Lee Pennington said that to do this trip right would take at least two weeks-one way.  Perhaps the group could plan to meet interested East Coast Canadian and US researchers part way who would also be routing and mapping from their end.

      This is still just in the idea stages, perhaps the trip would be better taken up by a university.  I said once before it would be like an inland Thor Heyerdahl-type excursion to demonstrate how many groups, cultures,  multiple purposes could have made suchs excursions over countless millinnea.  Those of us in the Mississippi Riverways-Great Lakes areas will of course 'push' the ancient or Old Copper Culture as one of the main draws to this once-remote part of the world. As this group well knows, waterways and water levels would have varied drastically and varyingly between "early historic", "ancient" times, and now.  The scientific group documenting would have to establish what the time periods would entail, then work with maps and people intimate with the land and waters along the way who know the transcontinental portages and water passages well....

      Dr. Jim Scherz called tonight, is still surveying ancient sites along Lake Superior following the AAPS conference (which I missed this year) in Marquette.  He is intrigued by the possibilities of a future road trip by members of this group, since May has been talking about a trip in the spring to Lake Nippising the the Peterboro Petroglyphs with Jeffers Site (MN) investigator, engineer Chuck Bailey of Duluth who atttended the 3-day Ancient Waterays weekend in the Keweenaw Peninsula last May.  Scherz invited me accompany them and help survey.  A few Atlantic conference tribal members from that area offered invitations to anyone in their area of Ontario.  This could be a very mutual extension of some of the cooperative sharing  and good will that took place at the three day conference in Halifax.

      Before closing here, Jim Scherz said he made up several dozen copies of a paper he sells through Ancient American Magazine Bookstore but he will be glad to give a copy to anyone here who is interested: "OLD WATER LEVELS & WATERWAYS-During the Ancient Copper Mining Era (about 3000 BC to 1000 BC)", by James P. Scherz, Prof. Emeritus, Dept. Of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Surveying and Mapping Section)
      University of Wisconsin, July, 1999.  With Jim's permission a year or two ago I had copied and posted part of it into a discussion at the PreColumbian Inscriptions web site but will include it again here soon since it relates to many of the conversations here.

      My apologies for being long-winded again here. Thanks again, Steve for signing on here, and especially for generous amounts of yourself that you put into the wonderful Atlantic Conference association, from your busy life in New York City.


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "anitastclair" <saintclair1398@...> wrote:
      > I show up as AnitaStClair, my wife, because I'm on her yahoo account
      > to prevent spam to my work address.
      > I am, in fact, Steve St. Clair. I know a few folks here from the
      > Atlantic Conference and I'm just delighted to have received your
      > invitation to join.
      > Your group and the work you do is of great interest to myself and my
      > family. I feel like I know a good deal about you already from your two
      > cheerleaders, Susan E. and Terry D.
      > Here's to mysteries uncovered and secrets revealed.
      > Kind Regards,
      > Steve

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