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new YouTube of Atlantic Conference, Halifax, NS

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  • Susan
    Stan, Rick, and All, The next Atlantic Conference is nearly two years away, but gives some of you from the Ancient Waterways Society and other groups plenty of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2008

      Stan, Rick, and All,

      The next Atlantic Conference is nearly two years away, but gives some of you from the Ancient Waterways Society and other groups plenty of time to plan for hopefully at least a week in Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotian member of our group here, Terry Deveau, generously offered again to lead several days of free post-conference tours of early historic/ancient and sacred sites throughout Nova Scotia.  Since so many from the Midwest were sponsoring, assisting with, or speaking at the conference (and made up the majority of US people attending the conference), one of the Sinclairs mentioned the possibility of a bus from the Midwest to and from Nova Scotia.  If they don't organize one, perhaps we could set one up ourselves. Imagine how much work and fun we could share together, maybe make a couple of field stops en route.

      Please click on large photo of Mi'kmaq Chief Steve Augustine's photo at left of the Home Page under The Definitive Gathering of World Experts on the Possiblity of Early Trans-Atlantic Contact to view the brief YouTube video of the conference   Some of you may recognize a few friends from last October's THOR/MES/AAPS conference in Ohio, Ancient American conferences during the 80's in Utah, and other events in the States: http://www.atlanticconference.org/

      Also updated since last month's conference at$ the top of their main web page, click "2008 Overview", "The Future".  Most of us assisting are sitting comfortably around the dinner tables in the third set of Photo Galleries from the conference. Hope to be having fresh lobster and lamb with many of you at the next one.  The Sinclairs said they will be much more in the backdrop next conference, but promised to fulfill my request for bagpipes.


      also sent to THOR: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/thor-thehuntersohiorock/

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