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2008 Ancient Artifact Preservation Society Conference, Marquette, MI

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  • Susan
    2008 Conference on Ancient America Oct 23-26, 2008 Marquette, Michigan Holiday Inn, Hwy 41 West (special rate: $99/night) ph 906-225-1351
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      2008 Conference on Ancient America
      Oct 23-26, 2008
      Marquette, Michigan

      Holiday Inn, Hwy 41 West
      (special rate: $99/night) ph 906-225-1351 
      DOWNLOAD Conference
      Registration Form Below

      From: http://www.aaapf.org/scripts/prodview.asp?idProduct=38 (See web site for details).  Some of the  presenters:

      Lee Pennington, Secret of the Stones, a 36 minute documentary. "It's our quest for Viracocha, the legendary bearded figure who brought arts & civilization to the Americas."
      Fred Rydholm,
      UP Copper and World Connections
      Wayne May,
      Publisher, Ancient American Magazine: updates on new cave discoveries
      Myron Paine,
      author, researcher: handling Teachers Symposium, Friday a.m.
      Jay Wakefield, author, researcher: Updates on "Timeline Library- and a collection showing the History of the Axe"
      Gregory Cavalli
      (largest private Pre-Columbian Collection in N America) New Discoveries- Royal Tombs in Panama
      David Richarde
      The Search for the Holy Grail of archeological finds-The Ark of the Covenant. Subtitle-Disciplining our search of ancient historyand artifacts
      Dr. Sam Osmanagich
      of Bosnia- Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids
      Chris Reinhold; Ancient model ship-builder- Ships and Shields, slide show of his work and of travel by seas.
      Crystal Trickle- Kansas Inscriptions and Archaeo-astrology
      Karl Hoenke- Evidence for Asiatic Exploration of America
      Beverly Mosely- How to build museum exhibits that draw and handle visitor traffic, so that the facility is popular and profitable to operate

      Ancient America Teacher's Symposium with presentations by Ida Jane Gallagher, Myron Paine, Fred Rydholm,  and more. Topics: Seafaring, Copper Trade, Chinese explorations, Algonquin language connections to Old Norse, Other world artifactual connections to N. America. Invitations are being sent to school administrators all over the U.P. and northern Wisconsin.
      More to come!

      Programming, with buffet meals interspersed
      * Friday 1:00 to 10:00 pm
      * Saturday 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
      * Sunday 9:00 am to noon
      Registration for full conference,
      all programs & exhibits - $100
      7 Meal package only $115.00/person including tax/tip

      Mail checks to:
      AAPS, PO box 216, Skandia MI 49885
      Further info: phone Judy- 906-942-7865
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