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Re: SRAC "River, Rocks, and Time" GRIDS pt 1

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  • Susan
    Chris and All, Chris, Thanks for the four posts and great photographs. Not sure if what you are referring to by grid extends beyond the visual patterning
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 30, 2008

      Chris and All,

      Thanks for the four posts and great photographs.  Not sure if what you are referring to by 'grid' extends beyond the visual patterning of the artifacts. I believe Pam Giese from this group has mentioned the term in previous analyses of ancient sites and symbolism.  I have seen the term brought up in discussions of ley lines and other geological or geographical contexts. My apologies that my knowledge base is wimpy and comments often elementary in response to thought-provoking posts  such as yours, Chris.  Fortunately that is why we are a group here, more self-governing than most Yahoo message groups, with members of diverse backgrounds and localities.  I hope people feel free to post ideas, research and respectful comments to each other at this fairly broad-based web site.   I appreciate the time you and others take to make thoughtfulm comprehensive analyses and personal comments on significant subjects to this small, yet dedicated group.
      The reorganized Ancient Earthworks Society listed our web site in one of their informational letters recently. AES has interest in forming a message board/web site, and several emailed they were going to read posts at our site for awhile before deciding whether they'd invest time in their own. 
      Retired engineering professor Dr. James Scherz who has long surveyed ancient earthworks and waterways for Native American groups and others was a founder of the Ancient Earthworks research group, of which host MinnesotaStan and I are members and where the idea of the AWS web group began several years ago. Prof. Scherz' research was the main inspiration for the term "Ancient Waterways Society".  Jim has said more than once that probably all ancient earthworks, stoneworks are along or near an ancient waterway. He and I do not believe information on ancient earthworks, petroglyphs, and stoneworks to be off-topic with old or ancient waterways.  I am always be checking maps and terrainne for signs of current or former waterways, erosion, water markings, 'mooring stones', etc. Who looking for 'diffusion' among ancient cultures and sites does not find it wise to always be looking for signs of trans-continental,  even intercontinental waterway trade and migration possibliities?
      Below, I am re-listing the Equinox Project web site you included in your posts, which it looks as though you are part of the intriguing group: http://www.equinox-project.com/
      My mom and siblings moved to San Bernadino County decades ago, so I am somewhat familiar with the adjoining Inyo County next door, which includes the highest Sierra Nevada peak of Mt. Whitney and lowest terraine in the state at Death Valley.  I'd be interested in further analyses on the symbology of the photos there and on the Equinox Project. For those who need visuals and are looking for more background information on stoneworks/art works from the sitenear the sites Chris listed, top of the Equinox Project web site is a ten minute videotape, "Intro to INY-272" by Roderick Schmidt:
      Top of the Equinox Project page has numerous other topics.  Chris, the sun signs in the videotape and article "An Ancient Zodiac from Inyo" by Dr. Barry Fell might be of great interest to research the THOR group is doing, if you have not already sent the site. (Chris, Vince, Rick, Pam, myself and others from this site are also members of William Smith's
      THOR/Ohio Rock group).  A number of retired engineers are part of that group which oftentimes works out of an 'engineering lab' doing extensive work on sun symbols and ancient navigation:   http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/thor-thehuntersohiorock/

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, Chris Patenaude <yacrispyubetcha@...> wrote:
      > PLEASE FILL ME IN!! :-D
      > What are the going theories about these grids??
      > See attached. We (The Equinox Project; TEP) have lots of them going on at the INY-272 inscription site in CA.
      > >   http://equinox-project.com   <
      > I found and photographed #QM254 myself.
      > Since Yahoo only lets me attach 5 pix per send, what i have to share on this matter will take more than that. So watch for Grids Pt 2.
      > #254, which i call "my grid" with some sense of possession, LOOKS like a loose tablet, but is actually part of a huge, buried boulder and is going nowhere. Which is a good thing. Most of the ingravings at Inyo are Sun-Specific. They interact with the surrounding boulders and landscape in a dance of gnomen shadows and light daggers. A moved engraving is a dead one, devoid of telling anything more than that it is a rock with lines on it. Left in position, there is the potential that it will someday reveal a day-count for some purpose, like an sundial that runs by months, not a day.
      > Or it may have something to do with sighting from that specific position of the worship enclave upon the stars or lunar movements. The whole site is so complex, having developed over 2 millennia, that we can't be sure what all it contains unless someone were to live up there 24/7-12.
      > I've personally been thinking these grids being found in various locations may have something to do with the calculation methods seen pan Mexico-S.Am Andes, showing trade connections and construction calculations with those civilizations, too. This calculation system is known as the Yupana Count. Attachments to explain that also included in pt 2.
      > But also, since a lot of the grids at Inyo are spaced out to the number 6, one way or another, and the bulk of the Site there deals with calculating the solar calendar based on the Equinox, i'm thinking 6 months between Equinoxes or Solstices??... just a brainstorm speculation up in the air.
      > Also it must be noted there are a lot of Arabic and Semitic notations at the INY site, and Arabic math went thru a 6-Base phase before adopting the India-system of 10 Base. One wonders if the math was 6-Based because of the calendar months or if the months finally settled down to an even 12 because of the Math. Or if there was any correlation at all in that manner. Ach, again, no basis other than intuitional guessing.
      > What's the scoop on the Grid Stone talked about at SRAC?
      > Where is "Spanish Hill"? Who is Deb Twigg?
      > What ideas are being suggested for that stone?
      > An inquiring mind wants to know! lol
      > -chris
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      > FYI;  This is a highly anticipated upcoming presentation.
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