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Future of the Atlantic Conference & possible trips eastward

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  • Susan
    All, I have been back from Nova Scotia two weeks, somewhat tending to a blood clot here at home which is lodged near my knee and has not killed me yet.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2008
      I have been back from Nova Scotia two weeks, somewhat tending to a blood clot here at home which is lodged near my knee and has not killed me yet.
      Apologies for my usual long renderings which seems to be welling up here once again. I warn some of you to take leave of this post if you wish.  I have even more time now that my leg is in the air with fingers flying trying to keep from disengaging here again after a rigorous field trip yesterday following up on a rock wall in the next county.
      Still impacted by the international Nova Scotia conference attended by a smaller percentage of US citizens than I am used to within groups and confernces, that made it all the more international and cross-cultural, as is my intent in most things these days.
      Next actual Atlantic Conference, will probably be two years from now. Hopefully that association, which I and others from various groups here in the US are very much aligned, will continue to maintain integrity and current broad-reaching aims as a 'gathering of experts [and others] who share information between a variety of disciplines regarding early trans-Atlantic contact....a "cross pollination" of sorts', and post-conference on-line meetingplace that also welcomes a skeptical approach and demands proofs'.  I don't believe that differs from the direction of many at this Ancient Waterways Society and other web sites which may be more active in dialogue than our web group.
      Below is a latest link added to Atlantic Conference web site, which I hope some of you will be interested in attending a year or two from now, possibly joining some of us in car-pooling. One of the Sinclairs suggested a bus might be dispatched from the Midwest to Nova Scotia, and I would hope it would be for possibly a ten day to two week trip around the next 3 day conference at a university setting near Halifax again. 
      Hope you see yourselves directly within this association, as it continues to evolve and become more globally inclusive, scientifically re-examining and 're-writing' the early historic and ancient past. See "Future of the Atlantic Conference":
      I will look into trying to find group lodging, meal sharing, though a university room on-site at St. Mary's University was around $40/night including breakfast and taxes during the weekend Speaker/Conference part of the event.  The five days after the conference, meals and lodging was high, sales tax I believe 14%, Terry and the Penningtons at JoLeProductions took on most of the gasoline expenses (at $5.50/gallon).
      If individuals at this site (and others) can afford to travel from home to beautiful place with many pristine archaeological and early American historic sites related to what many of us are researching, the trip might prove very worthwhile to save for and invest in between now and then.  To be among and a viable part of a courageous and diverse group of explorers from many cultures and what I might well call Diffusionists Beyond Borders.  Certainly in respect to looking across ancient, transAtlantic, global waterways...
      The conference is ongoing: http://www.atlanticconference.org/
      Watch for updates and an at-cost DVD of last month's event. AWS member Terry Deveau of Halifax was field trip director and will be leading the next five day post-conference tours throughout Nova Scotia fjiords, etc. Here is his update: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NSExplore/message/9072
      Perhaps in the future we will receive invitations for inexpensive group lodging, even floor space, or reciprocal hospitality from folks out there.  Many Canadians are only vaguely aware of US ancient moundbuilding sites and would probably love to see the interconnection to the Atlantic and to the Gulf and MesoAmerica and visit some of us near related ancient waterways/ancient earthworks within the United States.
      Brief runs to ancient, historic and scared places on Terry's lists showed possibilities of many virgin ancient sites...dolmen seen predominantly by 200+ year landowner families, several copper mines still open, untouched a century after being abondoned by historic miners.
      Another spring-off from the August, 08 conference:
      a few members of Ancient Waterways and other Atlantic Conf. attendees are looking into the feasiblity next spring or just before the next conference on the NE Coast of a possible road trip along early historic and ancient water routes from N. Minnesota to the Atlantic. It would include stopovers at Peterboro, Nippsing and Quebec as invited guests to lodge with aboriginal descendents, a chief, Mi'cqmac whom we met at the conference, and a host of Canadian others. As mentioned before, Native Americans were at the helm equally with the Sinclair Clan and other organizers throughtout the Atlantic Conference in Halifax, and also had been at the first Atlantic Confernece in the Orkney Islands.  In fact, in scientific DNA studies by Steve St. Clair from NYC and international Sinclair family members,  many tribal members at the conference and others throughout Canada and the US are genetically related to the Sinclairs, whose direct predecessor was in Canada nearly a century before Columbus, with possible two way cross-continental contact long before that.  The Sinclair clan also are direct descendents of William S., who founded Roslyn Chapel. I am told by many scientists there unrelated to the Sinclairs solid evidence backs these factors, and I laugh to think it is all far more intriguing and synchronistic than any of us even considered the possibilities of. A book being released next spring but based on scientific fact may prove an ever greater blockbuster than the "DaVinci Code" may be coming out from years of research of a mutual friend to many at this site,  geologist Scott Wolter.  It is based on solid scientific evidence and verification, open to scrutiny by others, hopefully some of you here if you get into personally knowing AtlanticConferenence.org people here in the Americas and abroad.
      Such fun,
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