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Re: diamond dot symbol

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  • Chris Patenaude
    Hello Vince, Ted, All... Whether this complicates or clarifies anything... If we are convinced of diffusionistic contact from the Levant to the Mississippi
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      Hello Vince, Ted, All...

      Whether this complicates or clarifies anything...
      If we are convinced of diffusionistic contact from the Levant to the Mississippi River and Tributaries in pre-colon times...
      If we trust the oral histories of the Natives themselves to say they had Semitic contact...
      If we trust our own experience, eyes, ears and observations that many SEastern tribal customs have rootwords, symbologies of the Levant woven into their current cultures...
      Therefore, i do conclude that many symbols seen in the Woodland and Mississipian era artifacts could have values and interpretations in parallel with the archaic aleph-bets of the Bronze and Iron ages from the Levant.
      That point being taken, i went to my own charts and lexicon.
      A Diamond represent(s)(ed) the letter Peh or "P" sound.
      Peh has an individual meaning of "Mouth", meaning to speak, sing or project sacred Words. This would account for why the Drummers (who were singing as they Drummed) had it on their foreheads.
      A Dot signifies the letter Nun or "N", however it designates that it is a terminal or 'end' sound to the word or syllable. A Dot would not start a syllable, but would finish it.
      So Peh + Nun has only a few possibilities in the Semitic root word panoply.
      "PehN" is a conjunction = that not, lest  (as in "we not forget")
      "PaynAY" as an infinitive = to turn to, to look
                      as an imperative = to drive away, to clear
      "PaynEH" m.noun = face, countenance
      "PinnAY" f.noun = pinnacle, pillar, chief, prince
      "PanEEN" m.noun = coral, pearl
      The diamond with dots inside could remind one of pearls within a shell, or mother-of-pearl. Which may add a new depth to the fact that many sacred gorgets were made of mother-of-pearl. The word for Pearl would be semantically linked by phoneme to the concepts above.
      Wearing or displaying the material could have been a message by itself, regardless of what was carved into it.
      The Diamond/Dot pattern might then be: A symbol placed on the face, to clear ones mind, to prepare to emit The Words of highest meaning. "Pearls of Wisdom" as an idiom is older than writing. It could have traveled amongst the initiates of all contacts.
      A thot.

      --- On Tue, 8/12/08, Vincent Barrows <v_barrows@...> wrote:

      From: Vincent Barrows <v_barrows@...>
      Subject: Re: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: diamond dot symbol
      To: "Ted Sojka" <tedsojka@...>, ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 11:54 PM

      According to Ophiliolatrea -

      Horapollo, referring to the serpent symbol, says of it:---"When the Egyptians would represent the Universe they delineate a serpent bespeckled with variegated scales, devouring its own tail, the scales intimating the stars in the Universe. The animal is extremely heavy, as is the earth, and extremely slippery like the water, moreover, it every year puts off its old age with its skin, as in the Universe the annual period effects a corresponding change and becomes renovated, and the making use of its own body for food implies that all things whatever, which are generated by divine providence in the world, undergo a corruption into them again."

      --- On Wed, 8/13/08, Vincent Barrows <v_barrows@...> wrote:

      From: Vincent Barrows <v_barrows@...>
      Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Re: diamond dot symbol
      To: "Ted Sojka" <tedsojka@...>
      Cc: ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 12:41 AM

      Ted Sojka;
      What a facinating question and several examples are shown in the following compilation of diamond dot tribal symbolism, located at the following link.
      > http://s243.photobucket.com/albums/ff280/Marburg72/diamond%20dot/ <

      As shown by Frank Speck in the Delaware Indian Big House Ceremony , the diamond dot was used as a style of Face Paintings worn by men taking part in social dances, and only permitted for use by the drummers in the Big House Ceremony. These are commonly known as warrior's or fancy dress paintings.

      The second photo is a hohokam palette with the diamond crosshatching symbol covering one side, while the other side has a symbol of a decapitated hourglass shaped human torso falling from the sky, a winged four legged kneeling animal, and two other figures of perhaps a turtle and human torso? The circle beneath the top figure appears to be a dot for an oracle head with single line drawn for the mouth.

      The third is a ferocious catlinite engraving from the Bastian site. Three diamonds adorn the lower left hand corner at varying angles. A circular sun image radiates from the central eye of the creature

      Next is an Osage dark Catlinite pipe with a carved diamond dot shape circling around the pipe. The stem of the pipe would connect with the center of the diamond dot shape. Smoking ceremonies must have been powerful.

      Next is a piece of pottery adorned with diamond and circular shaped fabric impression. This tripple plaited fabric impression from a salt pan was found south of Valmeyer, Illinois nearby Cahokia Mounds.

      Last is a hohokam palette that is shaped like a diamond with numerous dots in the center.

      My research indicates that the diamond with a dot in the center is highly symbolic of the eagle eye. I have read of a bespeckled serpent scale that is to represent Mu Aquila surrounding by Aquila; which means that is very many eagles surrounded by the great eagle.

      Another layer of symbolism can be seen in the diamond as the shape of the mounds that form Cahokia Mounds with the central dot that may represent Monks Mound.

      Best Regards;

      --- On Mon, 8/11/08, Ted Sojka <tedsojka@mchsi. com> wrote:

      From: Ted Sojka <tedsojka@mchsi. com>
      Subject: diamond dot
      To: "Vincent Barrows" <v_barrows@yahoo. com>
      Date: Monday, August 11, 2008, 10:07 AM

      I remember climbing the 7 story bird mound at Poverty Point years ago,
      and for so early a time period it was an amazing effort to buiid, and
      the village circles that are near it are even more astounding.
      done before agriculture
      as claimed, they had a mission for a hunter/
      gathered society, equivalent to building a French cathedral. I am a
      retired art teacher and took photos for R. Clark Mallum, who was an
      archeologist who worked at Effigy Mounds National Monument near here
      in NE Iowa.

      What do you know of the diamond with dot or slash pattern and its
      relation to the burial society or death cult , as well as the
      connection to cahokia?


      PS Thanks so much for the information you sent today.
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