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Re: Ancient? "Waubansee Stone" from Chicago riverfront. Also---the "Bayer Stone"

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  • Susan English
    Pam,and all, Thanks for the information that the Waubansee Stone is still connected with the Field Museum; I hope to seek it out. A couple of old Chicago
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 13, 2007
      Pam,and all,

      Thanks for the information that the Waubansee Stone is still
      connected with the Field Museum; I hope to seek it out. A couple of
      old Chicago items:

      Here is the "W" page from the Encyclopedia of Early Chicago; one can
      see Native American Indian names for many of the streets, buildings,
      parks...(as is true throughout the Great Lakes and much of the

      Early Chicago web site- Waubansee also Wabansa, Wabansie, Wabansee,
      Wapunsy, Waubonsa, Wabonsia, Wahponseh—the...Wabansa stone a
      glacial boulder that appears to be red granite. Scroll down to
      Waubansee Stone for the site's description and photo:


      From the Directory of the City of Chicago, Obituaries
      (August0December, 1843): Wabansee, (Indian chief), died, Boonville,
      Mo., fall 1846, aged 80:


      Chicago parks, streets, a school are named after Chief Wabansee.

      Also, another chief w/similar name is a descendent of long ago giant
      cultures mentioned occasionally in the "Precolumbian Incriptions" web
      site. Same source= Wabinsheway 'White Elk', a Potawatomi chief of
      unusually tall stature'....

      I am having trouble since the last letter inserting the
      AmazonOnlineReader link to view p. 200 which shows a clear photo (and
      article) of the stone, from "Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient
      America: Lost History And Legends, Unearthed And Explored". May be
      too long:


      I was born not far from the Miami Circle mentioned earlier, but grew
      up in the Chicago area and frequently visited the Field Museum. I
      later resided along water routes in Colorado, Lower Michigan, N.
      Dakota, SW Lake Superior shores, now overlooking the Wisconsin
      River. Funny how many of us live along/travel old or ancient
      waterways, then develop a passion for retracing these signinificant
      paths which have linked 'global others' throughout the millinnea and

      Most significant in my personal pursuits, though, is not merely
      studying historic seafaring historic cultures, but ancient
      descendents who inhabited, traded, & traveled water routes of the
      Americas which many know linked world peoples to lands and cultures
      across the world....times when water levels, waterway routes,
      climactic and geographic conditions, etc. varied greatly from today.

      I see from the profile and previous letter, one of the members
      here, "Marmot", that you live in the NW part of the state. It would
      be wonderful to learn more from you about that part of the continent.
      I did not take good time to read or respond to you, or earlier posts
      from other very well.

      As you can tell from this month's posts, I initially had little time
      to commit to this site when the set-up person of this site,
      MinnesotaStan, kindly followed through with my request at an Ancient
      Earthworks Society meeting a few years ago. I hope to be able to
      continue part-time hours so as to further ancient socio-culture
      studies which strongly includes scientific "diffusionist" views and

      The beauty about groups such as this is that collectively, through
      correspondence, we can directly learn about, sometimes even visit
      each other's waterway areas w/their accompanying ancient legends
      which often seem to carry larger truths than historical accounts.
      The more people who write posts about the old waterways they frequent
      or have researched, the names and legends surrounding them, the
      greater the historical record can thus be extended far into the
      ancient past.

      For some years I have been asked to join cooperative research with
      Native American grad students and others of various cultures in
      researching, surveying, preserving the few remaining ancient sites
      left around this part of the country. I suspect this will increase
      the more I become semi-retired.

      I seem to be learning more about the pre-history of particular
      regions and waterways by way of aboriginal, "Indian" and Native
      American names such areas were originally known by. Unfortunately
      most records are limited to post-Columbian historical accounts, as I
      am finding currently in researching the Wisconsin River. I wonder if
      we might get far enough back into ancient history, prior to the
      divisions and schisms of nations, even before the times of worldwide
      nation states, that we may also find no tribal and nation
      differentiations and conflicts that are often carried from earliest
      historic account and verbal legends of the Americas.

      I believe we are in a significant era of cooperative rather than
      competition where we are beginning once again to interconnect
      peacefully, globally----neither excluding nor degrading any culture.
      Answers to our many current social problems may well be found only
      within the integrity of deeper truths of our very ancient past. Then,
      not just studying and archiving these truths, but living them.

      It has long been my hope that by traveling ancient, global Americas--
      starting from each of our own personal water route regions
      of 'visitation'--that we, as a very open-minded/hearted Ancient
      Waterways Society group, can help find and bring intimately into our
      lives many legacies of the wisdomkeepers of ancient times, waiting
      to be handed forth to us, into the historical record for us now, and
      our ancestry.

      My deepest thanks for being here at this web site.

      M. Susan English
      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Pam" <pgiese@...>
      > Hi Susan!
      > Last I heard, the stone was at the Chicago Historical Society
      Museum. I visited it there about 2 or 3 years ago. At that time it
      was positioned outside of a permanent exhibit on the streets and
      development of Chicago.
      > The stone is of the scale of some Mayan and Olmec sculptures I've
      seen. It also seems to me I remember reading a description of a
      signalling stone that seemed similar to the Waubansee Stone...if I
      remember what that was, I'll send more.
      > Pam
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      > From: Susan English
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      > Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 4:56 PM
      > Subject: [ancient_waterways_society] Ancient? "Waubansee Stone"
      from Chicago riverfront. Also---the "Bayer Stone"
      > Following ancient waterways, this week to the Chicago
      riverfront ...
      > Years ago when checking out archaeological excavations at
      the "Miami
      > Circle" over a several day period, I saw an article and diagram
      > what seemed to be mid-to post-glacial era high water runoff from
      > area we call the Mississippi River. It split off in several
      > one channel roared through Chicago and southward into an area
      > where we were working. When this was, and for how long a period
      > time, I do not know.
      > The younger archaeologist assigned to the highly-policed Miami
      > site told me during one his breaks that the inside channel walls
      > the Bay of Biscayne have many layers of civilization--far older
      > the surface site under investigation at the "Miami Circle". But
      > Bay is so darkly poluted, toxic, and corrosive to gear that
      > have long been unable to research the underwater areas. He also
      > that many more interesting archeological sites probably of very
      > ancient significance long ago were buried under parking lots,
      > sky scrapers.....back when few were interested in the type of
      > so many of us are doing.
      > Many sites which could shed light on our very ancient past are
      > water, rest beneath hundreds or thousands of feet of sand, dirt,
      > permanently covered over by tons of concrete and steel.
      > I was doing a follow-up following a discussion I had earlier this
      > week with a professional man from Chicago who is researching
      > about Chicago as a very ancient water and trade route.
      > I recall articles in Ancient American Magazine regarding ancient
      > travel or habitation around the Chicago riverways and waterfront.
      > One article in the late 80's had a photo about an ancient stone
      > which seemed to resemble Olmec, Middle Eastern, perhaps African
      > features was found on a large slab down there.
      > I did an Internet search, then emailed a request to the Ancient
      > American staff, received a reply from Wayne May today, then
      > back to Wayne and Frank multiple links about the Waubansee Stone.
      > From an Amazon.com ReaderBook I discovered, is article about the
      > that readers here can read online:
      > "Discovering the Mysteries of Ancient America: Lost History And
      > Legends, Unearthed And Explored", by David Hatcher Childress,
      > Zecharia Sitchin, Wayne May, Andrew Collins, Frank Joseph (some
      > you reading Posts know several of the authors personally).
      > Page 200 in the on-line book shows a photo w/brief description of
      > Wabansee (Waubansee) Stone found somewhere along the Chicago
      > riverfront. If anyone hears where it is now, or what room of the
      > museum !, please reply. P. 200:
      > http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/1564148424/ref=sib_dp_pt/002-
      > 9302459#reader-link
      > Another possibly ancient "Bayer Stone" was found in NY or VA; The
      > December, 2006 article--an interesting article in and of itself--
      > letters of reply end of the web site. #8 parallels the stone's
      > inquiry to that of the Chicago Waubansee Stone. I mailed the link
      > Ancient American to investigate, pehaps do an article on Stone
      > http://www.cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/bayer-cont/
      > Susan
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