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Re: This Week: Lloyd Pye

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  • bigalemc2
    Aha! Rick, THAT is a great guest to have on. Lloyd Pye is one of my favorites. For any that don t know about Lloyd Pye, DO visit his web site Lloydpye.com
    Message 1 of 2 , May 14, 2008

      Rick, THAT is a great guest to have on.  Lloyd Pye is one of my favorites.

      For any that don't know about Lloyd Pye, DO visit his web site Lloydpye.com .  You WILL learn something new.  YES, everything we have been taught is not true - with very few exceptions.  Just as the scientists of today look down their noses at scientists of yesteryear, those of the future will look at us and laugh at our quaint little ideas.  Most of the errors of science today are errors of omission: things they dare not take into account, because if they did, their precious paradigms will come toppling down like a house of cards.

      Well, one person who is not afraid to look at the things that just don't quite fit into today's paradigms is Lloyd Pye.  He is out there on the front lines, and fighting battles that won't be won for generations.  But when they are won, they will look back and see that one guy was a man far ahead of his time.

      Now, Pye is not the only guy who is ahead of his time.  All of the folks here are, too.  Pye is a giant among us, though, because he is wrapping up his whole life around it all and really working to get the true information out to the world.

      Evolution?  Creationists?  Lloyd Pye does them all one better and shows that neither one is right.  In a twist of things, actually, both are right - but not in any ways that either side would recognize here in the early 21st century.  For those who haven't heard him, I won't spoil the discovery of listening to Rick interview him.

      Tune in!  I love this guy!


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Osmon" <ozman@...> wrote:

       Hello Loopers!

      In this issue:

       This Week's Show: Lloyd Pye
       Lloyd Pye is an author, researcher, and lecturer in the field of  alternative knowledge. He calls on over 30 years of experience to write and  speak about the origins of life, human origins, Hominoids (bigfoot,  sasquatch, yeti, and others), and the work of Zechara Sitchin. His classic  book about these subjects, Everything You Know Is Wrong -- Origins of Life  and Humans, has been fully revised and updated, and will be available from  bookstores, Amazon, or direct www.BellLapBooks.com 

      Everything You Know Is Wrong (Book One: Human Origins)

      I hope you can give a listen this week: Thursday at 9 PM ET


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