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    Good Sunday Morning Hi Susan and thanks for your reply. It is always good to hear from you. My internet is wireless and portable but seasonal and when I get to
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 7, 2007
      Good Sunday Morning

      Hi Susan and thanks for your reply. It is always good
      to hear from you. My internet is wireless and portable
      but seasonal and when I get to rural minnesota it
      stops. BUT a new coffee shop has just opened in
      Alexandria and I will now be able to get online a few
      minutes a week. Here in california I live next to the
      silicon valley and have the best ,,but then the north
      woods of minnesota is the dark side of the moon.

      ...I do not have much interest in the west coast
      waterways other than walking along them but I do try
      to use it for it,s cutting edge tech and it gives me a
      bit of time away to correspond,read, etc.

      Susan wrote: "Steve, did you indicate that you
      purchased an entire
      set of the mid-1800's survey maps of Minnesota? Dr.
      Scherz is
      working with a survey group researching the origins of
      Mississippi River and we wondered if a single survey
      map can be
      I have only 4 maps and they sell for $6 each and can
      be purchased separately. It would take you about 10
      maps for the upper mississippi. At their site you are
      given a map to chose from: Minn,
      #1,2,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,19 and iowa #1. are the numbers
      I would guess???that would get the river bottom of
      please,,NOW,however you need to see the world a bit
      different than you may be use too...I am trying to
      paint a new picture for EVERYONE based on the
      discoverys of this last year. There is NO upper
      mississippi river BUT it is a center and deepest point
      of a LARGE inland sea. The west shore of this sea is
      here in west central minnesota and the east shore is
      not yet visible and may be near Duluth. When I put all
      my maps together and put it up on the wall,,,out
      jumped the new sea and the beaches along the edge of
      that sea are marked on these maps. Here in west
      central minn is two large islands and a cluster of
      smaller islands on witch is the KRS.
      ALSO,,,please note,,,there is no old upper
      mississippi river valley before 1400,s,,,,Schoolcraft
      was the indian agent who found itasca BUT Zebulin Pike
      found the source somewhere else and I have a map that
      also shows it in west central minnesota. Itasca was a
      good place for a park, thats all! The lake in west
      central minn is higher than itasca and also flows 3
      directions and to the missippi,red river and hudson
      bay and to lake superior.

      you also wrote: "mailed back to David that I believe
      one must first sign on as a
      member of Yahoo groups, which includes obtaining a
      Yahoo email
      that is probably best but not maybe necessary,,,but i
      do notice that it is easyier to load photos to FILES
      rather than photos.
      I also belong to Thor and Pre columbus and American
      runestones etc.

      This week I will be trying to scan my maps and
      sattelite photos into my laptop and then post to your
      sites and mine.They will give you a better look at
      these maps. I spend hours looking at them and trying
      to defind these ancient shores. ODDLY too,,these maps
      have all the log cabins at the time and now have led
      me to finding many of them too.

      I look foreward to discussions in the coming month.
      There is so much to do,,,as the picture on the puzzle
      box gets clearer and clearer and bigger too. The beach
      I found on this hillside this last summer is a WHOLE
      NEW WORLD,,or old. This is maybe the highest watermark
      of that greatflood on this inland sea.

      I would call this new sea,,, Lake MARION or the
      Marion OCEAN or the marion sea?????and i did get to
      show him that sea last summer and we drove along it,s
      beach. Here is the small bay which is a swamp today
      and has my ship and also along this great new beach I
      took the mooring stone photo with marion and leland.

      I wish that some of these unused buttons on here
      could be used and one was an excitement button,,,as I
      would be pressing it often. I have learned to read the
      KRS and the map on it. I would be pressing that
      excitement button again...!?

      Also i would hope that you and your friends know
      about the free google earth and the new updates that
      make flying obselete. They make tracing the river
      simpler and it,s always a clear and sunny summer day

      have a great day


      ps,,susan...i got poor grades in english and my typing
      skills have now graduated to two fingers....I took
      shop class ,,,and have been building new homes and
      remodeling for 25years. sorry!

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