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Re: Welcome another new member & how to edit membership/emails rec'd

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  • Susan
    Welcome to another new member to our group this evening, h.snyder52 ! We are glad to have you with us. For the
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 23, 2008

      Welcome to another new member to our group this evening,   h.snyder52 ! We are glad to have  you with us.

      For the recent  new members and any others not wishing to receive individual posts from the Ancient Waterways web group  in their Yahoo mailboxes, you can have that option removed or changed by clicking Edit Membersip located above the Ancient Waterways Society logo. Then scroll down to Step 2. Message Delivery....'Yahoo! Groups lets you choose how you stay in touch [by clicking one]:

        the option to choose if you want to get each group message and special notice individually and immediately, as it is posted.

      the option to choose if you want to see all messages but limit the amount of email you receive. We'll compile an email of up to 25 messages and send daily (special notices too!).
      - receive only important email notices from the group moderator.
      -won't get notified of the latest happenings. Read messages only on the web.'
      I listed an incorrect web link from David Johnson's web page. I had meant to put in the link from his Profile, "Mining Artifacts & History" with all of his sites listed: www.miningartifacts.org

      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan" <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      Generally host MinnesotaStan, myself, and Yahoogroup members here are
       alerted with ___ new member when newcomers sign on, but that didn't
       happen on 4/19/08. So, welcome to new member David Johnson who I know
       is in the process of moving to Minnesota. Under "Members", David is
       listed in our Members link under starbats
       w/Yahoo profile: http://profiles.yahoo.com/starbats>
      I had just sent the Johnson's copperculture web site to member Herb
       Wagner who I know would appreciate another former Wisconsinite 
      including Wisconsin, and Minnesota as a viable part of the Old Copper
       Culture. I'd previously mentioned David Johnson and his parents,
       retired Wausau, Wisconsin veterinarian Dr. E. W. and Mrs. Johnson to
       other groups. The Johnsons opened their basement "Copper Room", copper
       culture artifact collection and gem and mineral collection to thousands
       of people, including groups of school children and countless
       researchers, educators and professors from great distances. I have
       taken groups there several times. Due to the health of David's parents,
       he is moving them to a nearby apartment and the basement collection to
       Minnesota. We can see the collections on display at the following
       sites: http://copperculture.homestead.com/
      "The Old Copper Culture-North America's First Metal Miners & Metal
       Artisana": http://copperculture.homestead.com/
      A scroll down the above page, David lists his other links (which
       includes excellent photography). See "Collecting" about
       responsible/ethical artifact collecting. For some of you heading into
       the Keweenaw Peninsula next month, I am sure many of the Johnson's
       photos were taken in that area. Recently, too, I'd sent the Kentucky
       Coal mining site to Lee & Joy Pennington and a couple of friends in that
      While on the topic again of the ancient copper culture, I am sending a
       web page set up by AAPF member Jim DeCaine, also known an "Hoolie" and
       the founder of the famous Upper Peninsula world-traveling musical group
       "Da Yoopers". http://www.dayooper.com/CopperCulture.htm
      A person who is known to bring a group to its knees laughing, Hoolie is
       dead-serious when it comes to ancient copper. He too has some wonderful
       artifact collections, has donated the same to the AAPS efforts for a
       copper museum in the Keweenaw. For more information on the: Ancient
       Artifact Preservation Society, formerly AAAPF, of which I have been
       associated since before its start:
       <http://aaapf.org/scripts/openExtra.asp?extra=1> See past conferences.
       Next one will be in Marquette, MI October 23-27, 2008.
      Once again, welcome to the group, David, and introduce yourself when
      comfortable. To read more about some of the members here, I suggest
      clicking Members at left and then into the profiles of those who have
      them. Our membership is twenty-five, most from the Midwest, but we have
      several who span the globe and may also sometime personally connect us
      to their nearest ancient waterways. Every time that occurs, it make us
      more of a global, ancient waterways society of reserachers and friends.
      Thanks for signing on, David. Same with each who comes here and
      continues with us.

      M. Susan English, co-host

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