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Video producers, The Penningtons' U.P. visit & ancient copper trade

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  • Susan
    All, Next month video producers Prof. Lee & Joy Pennington from Louisville, KY whom some of you met at the AAAPF/THOR/Midwestern Epigraphic Society Conference
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2008
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      Next month video producers Prof. Lee & Joy Pennington from Louisville, KY whom some of you met at the AAAPF/THOR/Midwestern Epigraphic Society Conference in Ohio last October, will be spending two+ weeks in N. Wisconsin & Upper Michigan on their documentary about the Ancient Copper Culture. A history of the couple:  http://www.joleproductions.com/history.html

      I spoke with Lee this weekend and am arranging opportunities for short field trips, small gatherings, informal talks, socializing, and viewing of tapes the weekend of May 16th. Anyone interested in attending, perhaps even riding from Central Wisconsin up and back with me and probably Jim Scherz, we will leave Friday noon and be back in Wausau early Sunday evening. There also may be futon space for one or two, or if you drive, it is semi-wilderness up there and one can usually just pull off from the main routes. I have spent many nights atop windy Brockway Mountain viewing auroral borealis or watching the lights of domestic and foreign ships passing between Duluth, MN and the "Soo Locks" (Sault Ste Marie).

      The Penningtons will resume filming in Keweenaw, Baraga county, and N. Wisconsin at the headwaters of the Wisconsin River prior to the start of tree foliage.  Probably fifteen to twenty people will gather up there that weekend.  Any of you interested in more information, please email or phone:

      Susan English, Wausau, WI  715 212 5659 (CP) or 715 845 8395 (home)

      A couple more excellent web sites indicating at least 5000-6000 year old dating:

      1. Wisconsin Historical Society unpublished photograph from the office of the state archaeologist: "Turning Points in Wisconsin History-Old Copper Culture Tools from Northern Wisconsin, 4,000-1,200 B.C." :


      2.   "Copper: A World Trade in 3000 BC" , by Phil Coppens (1999): http://www.philipcoppens.com/copper.html 

      Last paragraph, Coppens interestingly  mentions the Orkney Islands. If I recall,  Stan, and maybe Jamie had mentioned that region in posts to AWS a year or so ago.

      My apologies if  over-posting here but  I need to put in one more w/web site tonight, too.


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