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Dr. Tom Van Flandern, Artificial Structures on Mars

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  • Rick Osmon
    A Proud Sponsor of the Atlantic Conference Hello Loopers! In this issue: This Week s Show: Dr. Tom Van Flandern, REALLY out of place artifacts Op/Ed: 10,000
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2008
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      A Proud Sponsor of the Atlantic Conference
      Hello Loopers!
      In this issue:
      Op/Ed: 10,000 B.C.
      Possum Holler News
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      Next week's showParadigm Shift

      Tom Van Flandern received his Ph.D. degree in Astronomy, specializing in celestial mechanics (the theory of orbits), from Yale University in 1969. He spent 21 years (1963-1983) at the U.S. Naval Observatory in Washington, D.C., where he became the Chief of the Celestial Mechanics Branch of the Nautical Almanac Office.


      During the past decade, Tom has been a Research Associate at the Univ. of Maryland Physics Department in College Park, MD, and a consultant to the Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, MD, working on improving the accuracy of the Global Positioning System (GPS). He and his wife moved to Sequim in 2005 to be nearer children and grandchildren and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific NW.


      In 1991, Tom helped form an astronomy research organization, Meta Research, to foster inquiry into worthy ideas not otherwise supported solely because they conflict with mainstream theories in astronomy. Among the organization’s significant contributions are:

      ·      Evidence against the Big Bang and for a better theory of the origin and nature of the universe

      ·      Experimental evidence that gravity propagates much faster than light, and a new model for the origin and nature of gravity

      ·      Prediction of asteroid and comet satellites years before their discovery

      ·      New evidence favoring the exploded planet hypothesis, and new models for the origin of asteroids, comets, and the solar system

      ·      Strong hints that certain anomalies seen on Mars are not of natural origin


      Tom is editor of the Meta Research Bulletin, which specializes in reporting anomalies and evidence that does not fit with standard theories in astronomy. He also authored the book "Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets" about his original astronomy research, and organizes astronomical expeditions to solar eclipses, meteor storms and other celestial events.


      During his career as a professional research astronomer, Tom has been honored by a prize from the Gravity Research Foundation; served on the Council of American Astronomical Society's Division on Dynamical Astronomy; taught astronomy at the University of South Florida and to Navy Department employees; been a consultant to NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab; and done several spots for the "Project Universe" series for public TV.
      Op/Ed: 10,000 B.C.
      This piece is, in part, a compare and contrast between the Hollywood film 10,000B.C. and the History Channel segment,
      Journey to 10,000 B.C. (neither yet available on home video)
      First, I want to talk about the computer animation used in each. The Hollywood film will almost certainly be nominated for an Oscar for its special effects, though it will be up against some true heavyweights in the voting. The depictions of Columbian Mammoth, saber tooth, and the mixing of those with ancient humans was superbly seamless, visually stunning,  and utterly convincing. The History Channels renderings of same will not win nor even likely be nominated for any awards. Budgets matter in special effects.
      In the film, the mammoth hunters are shown using fire-hardened sticks, pit traps, and very large nets. In the History Channel production, they are portrayed more accurately making and using (Clovis point) atlatls.
      Next, for any who have seen neither production, I need  to tell you that both portrayed the possibility of ancient Atlantic crossings. The film didn't do so blatantly, but only through inference. The combination of Columbian mammoth and maize portrayed as being present in the North African desert 12,000 years ago was an obvious and intentional plug for transoceanic trade hypotheses. I won't give away much of the film because it is great entertainment and I hate spoilers, but the writers and production staff more than alluded to the theories of the monuments of Giza being built at that time and the construction being overseen by "gods" either from another star or from some unnamed sunken island continent. There were significant errors in the climatology and topology portrayed, however.
      The History Channel segment was blatant about the Atlantic crossings. Dr. Dennis Stanford of the Smithsonian Institution was featured prominently between some of the lackluster re-enactments, speaking to the evidence, inferences, and informed speculation that Clovis points were a direct descendent of Solutrian points. Dr. Stanford is also one of the seven scientists who successfully sued the United States Department of the Interior to continue scientific study of Kennewick Man rather than placing him in an unmarked grave and lost to further inquiry.
      While I enjoyed and recommend both productions, that's not the point of this writing (pun intended). Both represent an important  paradigm shift; One from a major film studio and entertainment venue for popular consumption and the other from a television entertainment venue, also for popular consumption, but from a more scholarly direction. Both are needed to achieve that paradigm shift and both are applauded by this observer.
      This section is for you, the audience. You are welcome to contribute to it either as a letter to the editor or an editorial. Submit your "stuff" to
      Possum Holler News:
      I was up and watching at sunrise for the equinox. Within a quarter degree of where I had marked due east. My declination must have been off. Immediately, I saw the sure sign of spring's arrival; a housefly -- it won't be procreating...
      The flood waters are receding slowly. Making room for the next round, no doubt.
      Pat only has one more week to work at the factory, so the studio is likely to be much cleaner and more organized soon.
      We are arranging the trip to Norway for the summer solstice. Watch for an email, Frode.
      The BIG news is that I have been in discussion with the organizers of the Atlantic Conference and the Oopa Loopa Cafe will be a sponsor for this important event! Also, many of the speakers at the conference will appear on OLC leading up to the conference to give the listeners a taste of what will be presented there. My thanks and congratulations to Steve St. Clair for being such a diligent and dedicated organizer.
      Events: Send your organization's events to  oz@...
      William Smith, Vince Barrows, and I discussed the evidence that indicates Monks' Mound was built by a highly organized, truly massive workforce from diverse areas of North America, that  they did it in a single season, and discussed why it was built. I received a message from a listener who lives on the bluff near the mound and he pointed out that I made an incorrect statement, saying that the mound was the highest point for many miles. His bluff is. We'll come back to that subject around the first Thursday of May and I have invited that listener, Rob, to participate. Thanks, Rob.
      Next week's showParadigm Shift
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