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Re: Copper culture lecture - Madison, Wisconsin

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  • Susan English
    Stan & Ancient Waterways correspondents, AES founder, retired UW prof. James Scherz, another friend Laurie, and I met this afternoon, discussed Ed Grondine s
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 29, 2006
      Stan & Ancient Waterways correspondents,

      AES founder, retired UW prof. James Scherz, another friend Laurie,
      and I met this afternoon, discussed Ed Grondine's "Man & Impact on
      the Americas". Jim purchased five copies of Ed's book and included
      exerpts into his own "working paper". Ed was a speaker at the
      October, 2006 Ancient American Artifact Preservation Foundation
      conference in Big Bay, Michigan.

      We also viewed Robert Starling's taster DVD which he presented at the
      AAAPF conference; Starling is looking for sponsors, hopes soon to
      begin filming: "They All Discovered America".

      We viewed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", then phoned the
      Rydholms in Marquette who were planning on watching the Al Gore video
      this very evening. The Rydholms have taken trips to the Arctic
      circle, are also very actively involved in mining issues impacting
      the environment around their Lake Superior house and 'camp'.

      Fred said he was looking forward to speaking via teleconference next
      month at the Ancient Earthworks Society meeting on the UW Madison
      campus. He was unaware of the date and time, said a Matt Morrison
      from SuperiorHearlands.com is handling the arrangments. From the web
      site is information for contacting Mr. Morrison:

      393 West Crescent Street, Marquette, MI 49855
      Phone: (906)226-9849

      Fred said he would appreciate it if I would copy and paste your note
      from the Ancient Waterways Society site. I asked him to let either
      of us know if there will be changes in the AES schedule.

      I'd mentioned Fred's book in a post yesterday to this Ancient
      Waterways Society; books and CD's can be purchased at superior
      heartlands web site: http://superiorheartland.com/

      Jim Scherz will be working an hour or two south of Madison January
      18th, plans on driving up for the meeting. Following a night shift
      at a Madison hospital, I will stick around that evening to attend the
      meeting before returning to Central Wisconsin. Hopefully the group
      will meet two or three hours earlier for dinner (and let us out-
      of=towners know ahead of time).

      I read your post to Jim Scherz, Stan. He said to mention to all of
      you that Gary Maier is an exceptional speaker and not one to miss,
      either---whenever it is he will be scheduled to speak at the AES

      Yours truly,
      M. Susan English
      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan English"
      <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > Stan and all,
      > Just home for the holidays from Madison the evening your note
      > about the possible Fred Rydholm teleconference talk at the January
      > Ancient Earthworks Society meeting in Madison. I will be in Madison
      > doing clinicals most of January, yet that Thursday evening is free
      > and I would enjoy attending the January meeting.
      > Tonight I phoned one of the Ancient Earthworks Society founders,
      > retired Prof. James Scherz who lives part of the time here in
      > (also, Madison and Sauk City). He hadn't heard yet of the upcoming
      > teleconference, told me to check further for him. We will meet
      > downtown tomorrow for lunch and use my cell phone to call Fred.
      > When Jim visited the Rydholms in Marquette last month, Fred gave
      > a copy of his new book to pass on to me. I need to personally
      > thank him for it. The book is so popular Fred is scheduled to give
      > considerable number of talks as well as media programs since its
      > release. The 2006 book by C. Fred Rydholm is titled: "MICHIGAN
      > The Untold Story-A History of Discovery"
      > I pulled up the Ancient Earthworks Society web page this evening
      > do not see anything about the AES January meeting:
      > http://www.madison.com/communities/aes/index.php
      > If you have another AES web site as well as further information on
      > alternate/or February speaker, please pass that along also.
      > Most appreciative of your recent postings, Stan. Hopefully will
      > time to delve a bit more deeply during the two weeks of vacation
      > classes and hospital clinicals.
      > Respectfully,
      > M. Susan English
      > --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "minnesotastan"
      > <minnesotastan@> wrote:
      > Fred Rydholm will be the featured speaker for the January meeting of
      > the Ancient Earthworks Society...
      > 7:00 PM Thursday, January 18th, 2007
      > Retired Prof. FRED RYDHOLM: "The Copper Culture and Wisconsin, UP
      > Michigan and Great Lakes History"
      > You won't want to miss this exciting presentation. Fred will be
      > to us via video conferencing from a university in northern Michigan.
      > (Bring on the technology!) The video is live from both ends so there
      > will be interaction and the ability to ask questions. The last time
      > Fred spoke to AES we went until 10 PM and people said they could
      > stayed all night listening to Fred!
      > In the event Fred Rydholm is not able to present on January 18th,
      > Gary Maier has graciously agreed to be our backup speaker. If Fred
      > able to present in January, Gary will present at our February
      > An announcement will go out closer to the meeting with final
      > We will be meeting at the UW Health Science Learning Center, 750
      > Highland Avenue, Madison, room 1309, on the first floor. This room
      > right next to the entrance off the small (permit at all times)
      > lot right off the building, in case you are dropping someone off. We
      > hope to meet in this room for the next few months. Park free after
      > 4:30 in nearby Lot 76, or right next to the HSLC in the regular
      > hospital ramp for $1 an hour.
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