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Re: from THOR site # 2866 Rowing the boat [or Digging for clues]

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  • Susan
    I should have listed the THOR site links when I pulled out my message below from their site: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/thor-
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 17, 2008
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      I should have listed the THOR site links when I pulled out my message
      below from their site:


      Temporarily due to THOR site research resady to be published?, I
      think one has to become a member via permission of the host at THOR
      to read messages. Steve also just listed our and the THOR group's web
      lins in a post to PreColumbian Inscriptions (where we all began!).

      The Home Pages of the three groups, which many of you are already
      members or click in to follow posts:

      THOR: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/thor-thehuntersohiorock/

      Ancient Vikings in America:

      Pre-Columbian Inscriptions:

      And, the Yahoo's "My Groups" link might be useful for you who are
      members of more than one Yahoo Group. The link puts them all on one
      page to click into and lists # of New Messages:

      Yahoo Groups/My Groups: http://groups.yahoo.com/


      --- In ancient_waterways_society@yahoogroups.com, "Susan"
      <beldingenglish@...> wrote:
      > Ancient Waterways members,
      > Here is a letter I sent to the ralated THOR group that might be
      > interesting in our archives. Their group (Wm. Smith host) and
      > Vikings in America (host Steve Hilgren) has had some good, mutual
      > exchanges and clarifications which might be of interest to our
      > group membership of investigators whom I've found of the utmost
      > integrity and respect to each other, in personal research, and
      > work. I also address thesee inquiries from Native American and
      > friends who don't get on the Internet much to our group:
      > _____________________________________
      > William, Steve, Judy and All,
      > Hi All,
      > You know I oftentimes read posts from many of these cooperative
      > groups, plus additional ones. This week am especially enjoying the
      > depth and integrity of what you are by keeping egos in check and
      > clarifying with one another at this site. I commend your humility in
      > learning new ways of looking at things from each other. Which
      > shows me and perhaps others how excellent, collaborative research
      > from non-competing friends and groups can further 'synergize'
      > innovative investigation in times which increasingly seem to be
      > calling for such. Proud to know you all, these many years.....
      > Just one comment here since people at the moment from both the THOR,
      > AVA, and PI are in another related discussion.
      > I have a number of 'recovering' Native American friends (and several
      > more who don't need to be) whom I get together with and have talked
      > into going to a library reading posts from various sites. Moreso
      > lately since finding a laptop from my children under the Christmas
      > tree when I had asked for a pancake griddle. But it is difficult
      > finding y-fi or other access in small towns or pristine, wild
      > shorelines places where we prefer to meet.
      > More than once one of my friends asked me about or expressed
      > anger by the frequent use of the term "digging" or "keep digging"
      > know metal detectors are used here both in Internet discussions re:
      > your collective work and, especially, on-site fieldwork looking for
      > artifacts and evidence.
      > I've not seen this from anyone in the Internet groups I belong to,
      > but in the short time I have been interconnecting people in
      > diffusionist investigative inquiry, especially along Lake Superior,
      > have seen some terrible middle of the night raids desecration of
      > mounds, sacred sites, wilderness areas by 'researchers' using metal
      > detectors, back hoes, shovels, etc. And the prices of artifacts,
      > collections of 'pot collectors' up north are growing. The reason I
      > know is I was surprised when I ran into investigators from both the
      > BIA and FBI having coffee together at a little restaurant I stopped
      > at in Copper Harbor when doing a bit of interconnecting up there a
      > few years ago. Not sure they found any artifact hunters to make
      > excaplles out of, and I don't keep up with the news that far north.
      > I noticed Steve you didn't include a shovel or back hoe as your
      > list of 'tools', but do hope some of you all will clarify here or at
      > your sites once in a while how you use metal detectors in exploring
      > ancient sites on public and private lands. And the fluidity of your
      > use of the word "digging", which may make people surfing the web
      > sites and those who don't know you here very well nervous.
      > Thanks,
      > Susan
      > ....still paddling along ancient, global waterways, sometimes
      > stopping to dig into the root/radish/radical roots of who we human
      > beings really are :)
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