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John Anthony West: Old, VERY Old, Egypt

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  • Rick Osmon
    Hello Loopers! In this issue: This Week s Show: John Anthony West: Old, VERY Old, Egypt Op/Ed: Crackpots Other news: Uncovering a diver’s dream - Indiana
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      Hello Loopers!
      In this issue:
      This Week's Show John Anthony West: Old, VERY Old, Egypt
      Op/Ed: Crackpots
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      This Week's Show:  John Anthony West

      John Anthony West is a writer, scholar and Pythagorean, born in New York City.  He is the author of The Traveler's Key to Ancient Egypt, and consulting editor for the Traveler's Key series.  His previous book, Serpent in the Sky: The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt is an exhaustive study of the revolutionary Egyptological work of the French mathematician and Orientalist, the late R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

      In The Case for Astrology, John Anthony West presents compelling new evidence that proves the astrological premise: that correlations exist between events in the sky and on earth, and that correspondences exist between the human personality and the positions of the planets at birth.

      Mr. West has published a novel and many short stories; his plays have been produced on stage, television and radio, and he writes articles, essays and criticism for The New York Times Book Review, Conde Nast's Traveler and other general interest and specialized newspapers and magazines in America and abroad.  He won an EMMY Award for his 1993 NBC Special Documentary The Mystery of the Sphinx, hosted by Charlton Heston. 

      The ancient Egyptians themselves attributed their wisdom to an earlier age going back 36,000 years. West set out to test the hypothesis that the Sphinx was much older than its conventional date of 2500 BC. His findings provide the first hard evidence that an earlier age of civilization preceded the known development of civilization in the Nile valley.

      John Anthony West is today the leading authority and proponent of the 'Symbolist' school of Egyptology, an alternative interpretation of ancient Egyptian culture advanced by the French scholar and philosopher, R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz (1891-1962). In the Symbolist view, Egyptian architecture and art disclose a richer and more universal wisdom than conventional Egyptology has assumed.

      Mr. West lectures extensively on Egypt and personally leads several in-depth study tours to Egypt every year. 

      If you're interested in travelling to Egypt with John Anthony West, click here.

      Please tune in .  Please call in. John has answers this Thursday at 9 Eastern.
      Op/Ed Crackpots
      I watched an episode of The Universe on the History Channel a couple weeks ago and they were expounding the virtues of the Big Bang theory. I won't go into details because this newsletter concerns an entirely different branch of science, but suffice it to say that one speaker in the program stated flatly that anybody who did not agree with the Big Bang theory and its attendant expanding universe is considered a "crackpot". Excuse me, but if it's a theory, aren't scientists supposed to question it and look for alternative explanations? Well, apparently the folks who buck the conventional wisdom of any scientific field, not just archeology, are crackpots.
      It just seems to me that constantly refreshed questioning of hypotheses is the best possible form of scientific method. However, egos being what they are, the folks who form the hypotheses, morph them into theories (often with misinterpreted evidence), adapt them to doctrines, then promote them as scientific dogma are not very open to anyone questioning their logic.
      I guess I'm a crackpot. I question everything...
      This op-ed section is wide open to contributors. Have an opinion? Write it up and send it to me!
      Other news: 
      The Pleiades carved by prehistoric people in the Alps - 2 days ago Two groups of man-made cup markings carved on a pair of boulders found in the Italian Alps may represent the Pleiades star cluster, according to the archaeo-astronomer Guido Cossard. The... Ancient Miami circle will remain buried - 2 days ago Nine years ago, an array of people rose up to save the Miami Circle, a 2,000-year-old artifact that many embraced as America's own Stonehenge. But today, the Circle — a... Tongan site dated oldest in Polynesia - 2 days ago  Using pottery shards, archaeologist David Burley says they have confirmed Nukuleka, just east of Tonga's capital, Nuku'alofa, is Polynesia's birthplace. The confirmation comes as something... Study points to 500 BCE Kerala maritime activity - 2 days ago  Kerala (southwestern India), may have had maritime contacts with far off lands as far back in time as 500 BCE or even earlier, archaeological studies now suggest. The Kerala Council... Controversial scrub clearance at Old Sarum - 2 days ago
      Events AKHA has meetings scheduled in January and February.
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